Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Krishna giving bath to baby. Suhani asks Krishna to get the towel she kept. Krishna goes and takes the towel. Saiyyam asks what’s happening. Suhani surprises Krishna with Anshika’s child’s photo with a sweet message. Krishna and Saiyyam thank Suhani. They smile. Dadi gets the message and sees the baby with some lady. She gets shocked seeing the same lady coming home. She asks her to get lost. Servant says she is my sister, she came here to stay. Dadi thinks how to send her away. She asks her to come. The lady stumbles. Suhani holds the baby. Dadi looks on. Suhani says that’s your mummy, go there. The baby smiles seeing Suhani. Dadi asks the lady Rekha to go. Rekha thanks Suhani and goes. Suhani smiles.

Dadi goes and calls someone. She says I have

no time, send money and tell your man to give money in my hands. She says that baby can’t stay here, I have to send her away. Rekha’s baby cries. Suhani goes and asks her name. Rekha says I m Rekha. Suhani helps her and calms the baby. Dadi books plane tickets. Servant says no need, they will go by bus. She says they will go by plane and airport car will drop them to village. He thanks her. Dadi says its good if Rekha and baby go soon. Suhani says see she slept in AC, even my husband used to sleep well in AC. Rekha goes to get milk. Krishna gets Anshika there. She says they look like me and Yuvani. Suhani says yes. Rekha comes and says your daughter is very beautiful. Suhani says all children are beautiful. Rekha says my saas is annoyed, as my baby is wheatish, none is dark in my family. Suhani says it does not matter, nature should be good, even I m wheatish, but I did not stop in life, you have to explain this to your daughter, my parents are very good, they did not make me feel I m wheatish, they always supported me, Lord made all of us. Servant asks Rekha to pack bags, Dadi booked her ticket to village. Rekha asks how, trains were running full. Dadi comes and says I booked plane ticket. Suhani says no, how can baby travel in plane, let her stay here till she gets new house. Dadi worries.

Suhani makes food. Rekha gets baby and says I think she has allergy with tadka. Pratima comes and sneezes. Suhani says this baby has allergy like you have. She calms the baby. Pratima asks what happened. Suhani says I told you I don’t feel anything for Anshika, but I feel something when I take this girl in lap. Pratima says its because your baby is taken away from you. Suhani says I gave child to Krishna by my wish. Pratima says when you accept this on own, everything will be fine.

Saiyyam plays with both babies. Bhavna laughs. Bhavna changes baby’s clothes and nappy. Saiyyam smiles. Dadi says I want a house for them. She gets angry and throws phone. Rags asks what happened. Dadi says I don’t want servant’s relatives here, I don’t like that baby. Rags says because she is wheatish, like Suhani. Dadi says she is not Suhani’s daughter. Anshika went in Yuvraaj, so she is beautiful. Rags says if baby was like Suhani, I would have asked Suhani to give baby to someone, we would have got beautiful baby from orphanage.

Suhani sings lullaby for both babies and smiles. She takes Anshika. Rekha comes running and asks what happened. Suhani says Anshika is crying. Rekha says I thought she is my daughter. She calms Anshika. Dadi worries. Suhani thinks she can calm my daughter, I can calm her daughter, how is this possible.

Dadi says if Suhani knows about baby, she will try to keep her baby. Krishna comes with cradle. She says I was taking them out, will you come. Dadi’s friend comes and says no, she will be with me. She sees the babies. Krishna says other baby is of guest. The lady says this would be Suhani’s child. Suhani looks on. Dadi says no, this is Suhani’s daughter. Krishna says she is Anshika. Dadi says she went on Yuvraaj. Dadi sees Suhani. Dadi says I can’t bear dark skin baby, this should end now.

Suhani says why am I hurt when that baby went away, I feel like she is my daughter. Rags steals jewelry. Yuvani asks Rags where is she going.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. loved the episode.. both babies were cute and lovely.. ohooo yuvani is back.. even rags didnt change at all.. as dadi said this shud end, s tis will end happily only if dadi dies… saiyyam was so cute with both babies..

    1. You’re so correct Abi. The series should end with dadi’s death, because there is no way anyone (except Rags) will have a happy life as long as she is around with her backwater thinking.

    2. Which scene was that where saiyyam is there with both babies

  2. OMg plz make suhani find out that it’s her real baby plzzzzc who agrees with me?

  3. Dadi never loved Yuvraaj. How can she do this to Yuvraaj’s baby ? Rags and Dadi will never change. I guess this plot is better that baby and baba. At least the whole family is happy .

    1. Do you not watch the show? Dadi loved yuvraj and he was her most favorite grandson out of the two brothers. Dadi never hated yuvraj nor did she ever say no to him. He was her most favorite grandson and whatever he said then dadi would do it. How can you say that dadi never loved yuvraj. You need to go back and watch old episodes

      1. Wo pyaar bs kenhy ka hi thaaa kisi ka kisi bhi cheex par inkaar na krna uski hr bt manaa dosent mean ky wo ussy true luv krty hain. Agr asa hota tu shaid wo bht phly hi suhani ko accept kr leti. Suahni ir yuvi ky bachoo ko aik dosry sy door na krti jhoot boool krrr. Somu or yuvi ka relation bnwana chahti just bcz ky somu whit theeee. And at the end ab tu yuvi es dunya sy chla hi gya haiiii tuphir bhi whit black ki discrimination main yuvi ki akhri nishanni ko hi kisi or ko dy dia just bcz wo fair na thaaa
        I dont think this is love.
        Dadi yuvi sy zada white or black ki discrimination ko pyaar krti hqin yah yh kehna zada better ho gaa ky unky liye white zada meaning rakhty hain.

  4. When this show ends, I hope it ends with Suhani forever distancing herself from Dadi. I don’t care if she changes at the end, she should be left alone with her fair skin and dark heart to die a lonely life. If you can give your grandson’s baby away after he died, then you are not worth to live with family but by yourself. It they show happy happy ending family with her still in the picture, I think the show will end incomplete because if Yuvraaj’s death didn’t change her, then she will never change and will always come up with new evil plans.

  5. Baby is angry on director coz she was not given chance

  6. This whole “wheatish” nonsense is disgusting. If you go outside of India, “wheatish” still looks white. I can’t stand such ignorance and I hate that this is still perpetuated in the show when it is ending soon.

  7. Todat if we see our socity they only give damn to Persons apperance if She/he is white then it doesnt mean that he/she has good nature or pure heart and vice versa. If we have a white skin and Have bad nature,arrogancy and all bad habits then whts the use of this white skin. I accept this flaws that Colour of skin matters in one’s apperance but at the same time it is also the truth that character mattrers more than Apperance,colour. ONE’S NATURE,CHARACTER ARE ONE’S TRUE REPRESNTATION…….feeling bad that this show has come to an end but Suhani is not able to change dadi’s metality even Yuvi changed everyone changed except Dadi. I dont know when will sge understand that being whitish is not enough to judge someone…..

  8. Is there any problem between srishti and manjot i saw some pics which she put in instagram

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