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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling princess story to Krishna and Yuvani. She says every mumma loves daughter a lot, and makes them sleep. She sees Yuvraaj and Krishna’s pic. She thinks this is right, Yuvraaj can’t meet Suhani, I hope Suhani moves on in life. its morning, Suhani wakes up Yuvaan and have a talk. He says I will get ready and come. Sharad comes and Yuvaan asks him to become game referee and take his side. Sharad says he is match fixing. Suhani says he went on you, I don’t cheat and…. Yuvaan says Papa also does not cheat, Mamu cheats. Suhani gets sad.

Rags asks Menka to manage her son. Menka refuses and asks Rags to manage. She says I will take revenge from Krishna and then Menka should take care of her son. Menka agrees and says I hate Krishna. Rags tells Menka that

Krishna should look beautiful to win Dadi’s hearts, once she looks like Soumya, she will become Dadi’s fav. Krishna hears them.

Sharad calls Birla house. Dadi answers the call. Sharad ends call. Krishna gives green tea to Dadi. Dadi asks where is maid. Krishna says maid is cleaning place, so I got tea. Dadi takes the tea. Krishna thanks Rags and goes. Rags smiles.

Sharad calls again and Pratima answers call. Suhani calls out Yuvaan. Sharad ends call and goes. Pratima sees the number and thinks who is calling, and calls back. Suhani answers call and cries hearing Pratima. She thinks she can’t talk to Pratima and ends call. Krishna and Rags see Dadi making Yuvani ready. Rags says I will help you in looking beautiful. Krishna thanks Rags. Suhani hears Sharad telling Bhavna about some meeting and thinks what is the meeting. Sharad packs bag and says you will not tell this to Suhani. Bhavna agrees.

Dadi’s friends come to Birla house and compliment Dadi. Dadi praises Soumya. Dadi asks maid to get Yuvani. Rags sends Krishna. Rags tells Menka that I m sure something will happen. Krishna and Yuvani come there. Dadi’s friends look at both the girls. Dadi asks Yuvani to sit and says she is my grandchild Yuvani, and this is Krishna. The lady says Krishna is very beautiful, she looks a fairy. Rags asks Menka to see what happens. Menka says I asked you to make her ugly, I can’t see her getting praised. The lady says Krishna went on Soumya, but on whom did Yuvani go. Soumya says Yuvani also went on her mumma, they both are my princess, they are best daughters. The lady says her color. Soumya says color does not matter, Krishna is fair, but Yuvani’s features are better, Yuvani is very talented. Krishna agrees. Dadi smiles. Rags gets angry as her plan failed.

Suhani and Bhavna make a blocks train for Golu and Yuvaan. Golu says this is tough for girls, you manage house, my friends told this, that girls manage house and Papa manages office. Yuvaan says my mumma goes office. Golu says one who don’t have Papa, their mumma goes office. Bhavna gets angry on Golu. Suhani explains Golu that person should do work which they want to do, no difference between girl and boy. Goly says I m hungry. Bhavna makes him run.

Bhavna and Suhani talk. Suhani says I know Sharad has gone to Birla house, if he knew that I know this, he would be upset. Krishna gives water to Dadi. Dadi gets angry on maid. Rags asks Menka to see there. Soumya and Pratima see Dadi scolding maid. Dadi tells Pratima that Krishna got ready and came infront of my friends, did she think I will introduce her to my friends. Soumya says she is little girl. Dadi asks her to shut up. Menka smiles.

Rags tells Dadi that Krishna asked me to make her ready so that you like her, I m sorry. Soumya says there is nothing to be sorry, Krishna wants Dadi’s love, Dadi can love Krishna too, don’t know why Dadi does not like her. Dadi says because she is your first husband’s daughter, I don’t hate her, else she would have not got comforts here, Yuvani’s heart broke, why did you not feel bad for her, Yuvani is your and Yuvraaj’s daughter, how can you ignore her…. Dadi goes. Soumya asks her to listen. Rags smiles.

Its night, Suhani makes Yuvaan sleep and thinks Sharad went to Birla house. She goes out to see. Bhavna wakes up and sees…… Suhani calls Sharad and gets his phone off. She sees Sharad’s bag and says he came back. Bhavna sees Sharad crying. He tells her truth. She cries and asks Yuvraaj…. He says yes, I could not go inside house, that house changed a lot, Yuvraaj married Soumya and they have a daughter too. They cry. Suhani comes and asks Sharad what happened, why are you crying.

Yuvaan tells Suhani that boys laughed on him, and asked who is his father. He says I don’t know who is my dad, and asks Suhani to tell him who is his dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So dere is no chance of reunion

  2. fast update,,,,dnt knw y these ppl are judging others on the basis of color …most of the ppl in the serial lykDadi’s frnds ,neighbors evryone hv the same view.,,spare kids atleast….also ,,I want yuvraj nd suhani to unite soon,,just for Yuvan,..evnthough yuvi dnt deserve suhani,yuvan deserves his father’s love …

    1. Actually …it’s Dadi…both suhani n yuvi have fault who trust easily.on dadI..
      Yuvi dumbness and short temper..
      And suhani forgiveness and trusts for people’s responsible..whatever hppning
      Both twind have to aware of dere parents..Dadi truth should came out…let’s somu married to.someone else…..if suhani is dere yuvani is not like ie….
      Both yuvani should be unite soon….but seems impossible….CVS back to dere dark n.fair concepts…n spoiling the show…better Dadi truth came out n and end the show….that people remain hppy..

      N strt part 2 of ssel…………….

      1. yea…Dadi z the root’s true that Suhani did mistake once by trusting Sajan instead of Yuvi…bt yuvi made it all complicated by accepting Somu & Krishna,,,They did bad with kids by faking relations…He never wnt to search Suhani…and yea..they r giving so much importance to color and Dadi and others are treating Yuvani as if she hv sme big disease,,so much care given

  3. I really think suhani is goin to get married to sambhav…….

  4. now suhani wont tell the truth to yuvaan and wil just give some lame answers..

  5. I’m very sad to see yuvan….actually he needs care of papppa….plz mk suhani unt wt yuvraj……

  6. Actually fans wanted yuvani reunion….n it’s suhani who handle the Dadi….make yuvani confident like her..
    But I think CVS making fool to us…
    Cvs spoil the ssel….
    But CVS decided that let dey remains separated….better dey unite dem n end the serial….
    N start part 2 with same concepts…so people’s became hppy

  7. Dadi &her friends think alike. …disgusting people.

  8. Breaking up is never easy, I know, but it’s how you dealt with it that counts.

  9. This serial is bullshit!!! Stop this nonsense people dont want to see this rubbish. Show some good things or stop this serial

  10. Oh dear, Sharad is assuming that Yuvraaj’s is married to Soumya,

    So many misunderstandings.
    How will Suhani and Yuvraaj meet and how will they know the truth about their children.

    Poor Yuvaan, feel sorry for him. He has a right to know about his father

  11. Dragging again, don’t know what the writers are waiting for to reunite yuvani. Why doesn’t pratima sense anything? Why doesn’t yuvraj try to find out the companies owner whose contract he got back after losing it. Please please end this track. No one will watch it of this carries on.

    1. Actually we r watching dis bullisht only because we hope ie yuvani will unite ….if dey remains seperated who gng
      So stop it…

      1. Real BULLSHIT!!!!

  12. #UniteYuvani

    All people take a break…. this track is not going to end any soon….till Sahil who plays Yuvraj is back from his marriage…he got married on May 1st and will be on leave for another 15-20days… so until then i guess the Suhani and Sambhav story will build up….. i do not think they will get married but you never know with these people the way they are running these twists and tracks!

    I think it will be another showdown like how Yuvraj stopped Suhani from getting married to Rohan…. anyway i do not understand how both Yuvraj and Suhani’s characters are potrayed to always be in a mood of getting married to someone!!! why? that is not how it is in the real life!!! so much drama!!! and we are going in loops…either Yuvraj gets married to someone or Suhani does!!! First Soumya then Rohan then Barbie now again Soumya and the latest Sambhav…..seems like Yuvraj and Suhani are the only ones in the world to whom everyone wants to get married!!! Atleast they could have shown more of scenes between Yuvan and Yuvani…. they could have brought Yuvraj and Suhani closer.

    1. Dear lets forget…..CVS decided they won’t unite yuvani…..
      Better stop watching de ssel

    2. It’s never hppn yuvraaj hate suhani……n he his very hppy with his wife dont u all c dis…
      He has fear ki if suhani returns back…..
      To kya hoa usne shaadi nhi ki…..

  13. its funny how the directors portray a very bad image of love, pipo go missing the other one doesn’t go n search of another .yuvraj knew suhani was expecting kids but he was like yeah other 1 died and suhani left alone he didn’t even go to ask her the reason.i think suhani should move on with sambav and somu with yuvraj as t z ther z no love btn dem .in actual sense this doeant happen ever even n real life or mad pipo

    1. Better the show should end……

  14. Tell me guys why ur watching ssel because of yuvani na.。if dey are not de end game den show show be end。。。。。

  15. No don’t want any season 2 like sadda haq

  16. Pls dnt end i jus love dis show

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