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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima slapping Sharad for taunting Rags. Everyone look on. Pratima asks did he forget manners to talk to elders, Rags is eldest bahu of this house, how dare he talk like this. Rags says let it be, what can we expect with an illiterate man. Sharad gets sad and leaves. Saurabh brings Rags to the room and asks what happened. She says I m business head and Sharad insulted me. Saurabh says I m angry too, but you also insult him always. Rags says he is beggar. Saurabh asks her to sit in room till her anger gets calm.

Dadi and Menka come to her. Dadi says I think you are ready to become business head, Sharad insulted you, you are doing this even after I stopped you. Suhani says Sharad should have not said like this. Soumya asks Suhani is she taking revenge. Suhani says

no, you needed job and I wanted some efficient. Yuvraaj and Krishna explain Soumya. Dadi says I want to give my diamond bangles to you Rags. Menka says what. Dadi says its cost is 25 lakhs, take this. Rags gets glad. Dadi asks Menka to have the keys. Rags says if I have to use it, I will need to ask the keys to Menka. Menka says I won’t give it. Rags says whats the use of such gift. Dadi explains her that her business head position is like this box, whose keys are with Suhani. She makes her against Suhani. Rags gets thinking.

Soumya and Krishna come home tired. Radhe gives them water and Krishna gets some smell. He asks about it. Lalita says she has made Radish parathas. Krishna refuses to have it. Lalita says she did not understand. Radhe farts and they all leave. Suhani talks to Rags and asks her to sign on the papers. Rags throws it. Saurabh asks whats this misbehavior. Rags says I m business head, talk to me well. Suhani asks did she not like the budget. Rags says she does not like anything, she made Soumya her secretary, she will adjust as Soumya has knowledge about makeup, everyone should respect me, but he broke that rule. She points to Sharad.

She says till he stays in this house, I will not work. Yuvraaj says he will apologize. Rags argues and says she wants to fire Sharad, she will resign if he stays here. She asks Suhani to choose between her and Sharad. Suhani looks at Sharad. Menka says she will choose Sharad, as she ties Rakhi to her. Dadi asks Menka to shut up. Pratima says Rags is right, no one has right to insult anyone. Suhani says yes, I did not expect this from Sharad, how can he insult Rags.

She says he should respect her. She says now you have to go, and shocks everyone. Sharad says I m sorry, I have made your head bend infront of everyone, I don’t have any right to stay in this house. He leaves. Yuvraaj says Sharad did mistake, but why did she ask him to leave. Suhani says the work Sharad used to do, and Dadi argues. Dadi says he has to leave. Suhani says yes, Rags will decide, but who will do his work duties. Yuvraaj says I m busy and even Saurabh and Anuj can’t work, Krishna is also busy in event. Suhani says Soumya will be with Rags. Rags says yes, she can’t go. Yuvraaj says we won’t let mum and Dadi work. Suhani says then just…. And looks at Menka. Menka says not me. Sharad gets his bag and apologizes to Pratima. Suhani asks him to leave, and asks Rags to make Menka work
Menka says please don’t let me work. Yuvraaj asks Rags to decide. Saurabh says yes, I will leave Sharad outside. Menka asks Rags to stop Sharad. Suhani asks Rags her decision. Rags stop Sharad. She warns him not to misbehave next time. Sharad says this won’t happen again. Dadi asks Rags what did she do. Rags says I don’t have any option, Menka can’t do any work properly, she can’t decide like this, this will hurt our business. Saurabh says he is proud of her, Suhani was right about her. Yuvraaj asks Sharad to keep his bag back in room, they are going to market. Suhani smiles. Dadi scolds her and Suhani says she wants to give the name back to Dada ji and its her duty to unite his family. Dadi asks her to move back and Suhani says she will not let her dad lose, so she can’t back off.

Suhani talks to Ramesh. Rags and Menka argue. Rags calls her useless and lazy. Menka cries and says she is very bad. Rags asks her to leave. Dadi looks at them arguing and gets angry. Sharad holds his ears and says sorry. Suhani says no, you forgive me, I told you to go. He says to stop me. She says what you did was wrong. He says yes, I argued with Rags and this happened. She says why do we hear Dadi’s bitter words in spite of being right, as Dadi is elder, if we do the same like them, we also become wrong, sorry.

Yuvraaj hears them and shows Pratima. They smile looking on. Yuvraaj says wow, its good situation, if they say sorry to each other, who will do work. Pratima asks Suhani why is she saying sorry, its Sharad’s mistake, he should say sorry. Suhani says I did not wrong to make him leave home. Pratima says she did right. Sharad hugs Pratima and apologizes. He promises he won’t do this again. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why did he get Pratima, now see Sharad, he is doing situps. Pratima forgives Sharad. Sharad thanks her and sees Yuvraaj and Suhani annoyed.

Suhani talks to Dadi and says there is clue written in diary that formula is hidden at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so??
    would u b given some award ah??????
    sweet,dnt to childish..
    use brain atleast at times vch god has given to u .

  2. i have a doubt. if nobody knows d formula what formula did they use for products after dadaji’s death???

  3. dat were done by saxena by some stupid creations

  4. exactly dey dont know anything

  5. 0how dumb can u be saxena was their manager not thier lab guy so how come no1 knows the formula and Rags and Menka oh god i have no words stupid story line boring

  6. sori sara not u dumb the writers

  7. Why is suhani so stupid pagal ladki kuch bhi nahin pata ki yuvraj pyar karta hai usko bewaakoof hai aur yuvraj ko bhi uski feelings realize nahin hoti jalti si yuvraj aur suhani ko ek saath lado directers plz

  8. Please keep some romantic moments between them..its soooo dragging

  9. Really stupid they will get tht diary suddenly.nt so interesting.its so boring…..

  10. Watching this story is really waste of time!!!!

  11. during yuvraj n suhani moments there is a song na..its smthng lyk saaware saaware…does anyone knw this song..

  12. hey stupid sara coming on every epi update to give her lecture to others…i think she has a holiday today frm her K.G class…lolzzzz…..carry on sara we r enjoying…..bewakoof

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