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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad and Sambhav making welcome arrangements for Dadi. Menka wonders how did Dadi not lose memory after big accident. Sharad and Sambhav scare Menka saying Dadi knows you did her car accident and now she will kick you out of this house. Menka says no. The kids laugh. doctor asks Dadi to walk using stick for some time. Dadi says I left hope to live, its more than enough for me that I m with you all today. Suhani tells Bhavna that Dadi did not say anything, its hard to believe her behavior. Bhavna says this incident changed her life, maybe she changed too.

Menka tries mask to hide her face. Bhavna asks what are you doing. Sharad says Dadi got to know truth that Menka failed her car’s breaks, and winks to Bhavna. Menka says I swear I did not do anything. Yuvraaj

and everyone get Dadi back home. Suhani asks Dadi to sit on wheelchair. Dadi says no, I will walk. Saurabh will take me, my legs are fine. Pratima says Dadi does not like to take anyone’s support.

Menka talks to Sambhav about freeing this house from Suhani, so he is Dadi’s fav. Bhavna does Dadi’s aarti. Bhavna asks her not to leave them again. Dadi says I won’t. Yuvani asks what happened to you, you don’t look good. Suhani says its bad to talk like this. Dadi says Yuvani, I got old now, so this will happen. Krishna gives get well soon card for Dadi. Dadi thanks her.

Sambhav greets Dadi. Dadi asks who is he. Menka asks did she lose memory. Dadi asks Saurabh about her grandchild news. Saurabh takes her to room. Dadi and Menka come to Dadi’s room and sees her sleeping. They both argue. Rags asks Dadi how is she. Dadi asks her to leave. Menka says I think the driver was drunk and accident happened. Pratima talks to Yuvraaj and says I hope we all stay here with peace till Dadi gets fine. He agrees. Soumya looks on. Soumya thinks something happens when I plan things. Menka and Rags shall we call Pratima and Soumya. Dadi says no, call her who takes much care of me, Suhani. Rags get shocked.

Yuvraaj talks to Suhani. She says I don’t want to fight. He thanks her. She asks him to try same thing. He says I did not come to fight, I came to say. Menka comes and tells Suhani that Dadi is calling you. Suhani and Yuvraaj go to Dadi. Dadi asks Suhani to give her medicines. Yuvraaj says I will give. Dadi takes medicines. Menka tells Soumya that Suhani will take her place back. Dadi asks Suhani about Yuvaan and Yuvani. Suhani says they are fine, I will explain Yuvani. Rags says yes Soumya, we will tell Dadi that you and Yuvraaj did not get married, you lied to us when we supported you, atleast follow our plan now. Soumya gets the papers and gives to Rags. Rags checks the Certificate of marriage and smiles. Soumya goes to get Dadi’s breakfast. Suhani prepares the breakfast. Yuvraaj says I will give breakfast to Dadi. Soumya cries.

Menka and Rags go to Dadi and ask did she have breakfast. Dadi says I won’t have food. Rags says Dadi will eat food by Suhani’s hand. Soumya says its my mistake, if I did not lose Krishna, then…. Yuvraaj says it was not your mistake, that accident happened because of Suhani. Suhani says yes, that’s why I left this house. Soumya says don’t take me wrong Suhani, I wanted a father for Krishna. Yuvraaj says its fine, Yuvani also needed a mom. Suhani says I did mistake, I m responsible as I married you. She gets angry and goes.

Suhani takes breakfast for Dadi. Dadi asks for her medicines. Rags, Menka and Soumya look on. Suhani checks the papers and gets shocked seeing marriage certificate. Dadi asks whats this. Suhani hides it and says nothing Dadi. Dadi asks her to show it. Dadi checks the papers and gets shocked. She asks whats this….. Rags and Menka smile. Menka goes and asks whats happening, Suhani you told Dadi that Soumya and Yuvraaj are not married. Suhani worries.

Soumya asks Yuvraaj to give a chance to Suhani and her relation. Bhavna asks Suhani to marry Yuvraaj for the sake of her children.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. loved todays epi….. the precap is amazing

  2. Guys I have read a spoiler that says that dadi’s twin sister kidnapped dadi and kept her in an isolated place. Dadi’s twin sister will have a soft corner towards Suhani and she would have an ulterior motive in replacing dadi in birla house.

    1. Ruksy

      i read that too and shes going to help suhani get yivraj back

    2. yeah sana u r rigjt i also find it on internet but u know y she is doing this
      she is doing it to take revenge it was written on internet

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Epic precap!!! Wish suhani agrees…

    1. Nithu

      I wish yuvi shd agree n sowmya shd cry…suh shd nt agree untill yuvi cms n apologise touching her feet

      1. Shilpa-Saraj

        True.. Nithu sis.. I didnt think that much.. I dont care by wat means but just want yuvraj and suhani to be together.. Their love should once again blossom..

  4. What amazing yar.dat bleady soumya not changing her attitude now also. Pks writers no girl vil cheat her best friend ever.make soumya positive.

  5. Doutful atmosphere…. am confused… what s this all happening??

    1. Yea me too,,,,better watch the epi to make things clear

  6. Aqsxxh


  7. ssel is turning interesting now with the twist of dadi’s accident. I hope what sanaa said about this being dadi’s twin sister becomes true coz if it does then ssel will barge a good place in the trp charts as well as keeping the viewers entertained.

    i also think that this is not dadi becoz she is acting the opposite ways of dadi such as accepting krishna’s card and thanking her. to be honest if it was dadi she would have just ignored krishna or scolded her or something like the usual dadi.

    loved soumya rags and menka’s expression after seeing dadi prefer suhani over them!!!!

    Eid mubarak!

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes Pari I agree! and there is still a few days till eid, but Eid Mubrak! X It would be amazing if YuvAni unite on eid but doubt that would happen

    2. pls tell me what happened in todays epiode i didnot watch

  8. Nice episode but i really think soumya will emotionally black mail yuvraj .And wo yuvraj ke gusse ka fayda uthkar dono ko fir alag kar degi. At first kick this soumya from house……precap is amazing but rags,and gangs planning would distroy . I feel very hopeless …..I don’t know what did writers think…….

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Be positive dear… Let us think positive… Wat if this track is for yuvani reunion…

      1. Aqsxxh

        Yes Shilpa! Positivity is the only thing the writers would understand! 😀

      2. no shilpa they can also made the hero or heroin to die
        i watch this thing in a drama

  9. What revenge.and to whom?

    1. from birla family but i dont know y
      there could be a reason

  10. This marriage will not happen and yuvi wont agree.

    1. whoms marriage suhani-yuvrraj or suhani-sumbhav

  11. Nicçcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeee episode

  12. Did soumya forget that her husband was involved in criminal activities and brought the bomb? What about bhavna that unknowingly took the bomb home? What about soumya that failed to caution and question her husband’s source of income? So how the hell is it Suhani’s fault? Her biggest fault was to trust and marry that twit Yuvraj. And he still thinks that he’s the next best thing after parathas! An immature, selfish and egotistical idiot!

    1. I know, it’s really Dadi’s fault for bringing Barbie in the 1st place. Dadi took/stole one baby because Yuvraj refused to go with his wife to the hospital when she was giving birth. It’s ALSO his fault n I’m tired of everyone blaming ONLY Suhani. And Suhani needs to STOP caring for Soumya. She’s no good.

    2. You are absolutely RIGHT, but I know that the writers well put those two idiots back together again.
      Do you see on how they made Suhani so weak. It is disgusting, but sad people that has no meaning to their life well get what they always wanted.
      Just make sure that you don’t get in the same situation as Suhani.
      Remember to self respect yourself. WHY? If you don’t self respect yourself, then no one else well. Always be kind, but never let anyone to walk all over you.
      I have stop watching this crap show, because the show wants women to be abused by MEN in life. Which is not right.
      But you look at the actress that play Suhani, she has divorced her husband.
      If she can be this strong woman in real life.
      So WHY can’t she put her foot down and make Suhani divorce That twit Yuvraaj. Just simple move on.

      1. I agree with you, Suhani should move on, after 6 years this idiot yuvraj is still blaming Suhani! Yuvraj is behaving as if everything he has done is right, and everything suhani has done is wrong, he should start questionning himself, because his life is basis on a lie, from his marriage with Suhani to his marriage with Soumya.
        I hope Suhani will not accept to marry yuvraj, i hope she will, instead of that, give him divorce papers to sign.
        Just like Sambhav is always saying, i don’t understand how can somebody’s choice be soo bad. Sambhav is a nice guy, who is always there for Suhani and Yuvaan. I also like him because he is telling openly to Yuvraj what everybody is thinking but not telling.

      2. I just wanted Suhani to go back to her home and company. Why does she get so darn weak with that family. She got success in her OWN company, go back home. Love makes you weak if it’s real love not being abused. But those sister-in-law, so called bbf soma, grandma are just awful people. Suhani should put them in thier place soon.

    3. its none suhani or yuvraj fault its krishna and dadi fault if krishna wouldnot bring the bomb this will not happen and dadi bcs he lied to the whole family

    4. Totally agree with ur thoughts Edel. ..

  13. I think it’s another drama created by dadi.she already did same when she became badi dadi…..if actually twin dadi is suporting to suhani then ssel return it’s own cool track…..

    1. Actually this is repeating itself. In your opinion you think is cool, but it is not.
      It all repeats, and it is boring.

  14. I don’t think it’s twin dadi may be plastic surgery look of another. Correct oshi cool but wait for the suspense actual reason

  15. what do u think guys will suhani agree to marry yuvraj again

  16. I think that this twin dadi is related to Sambhav and that maybe they both planned everything so that this twin dadi can take revenge of the evil dadi

  17. Aahyath shaikh

    Hii………..Today’ precap was brilliant i think dadi will get good and her heart will melt for suhani after seeing this episode

  18. I think that the drama is more interesting.

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