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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Dadi not to give money, hence it will be proved that he is wrong and they are right, they have done many tortures and nothing more now. Soumya looks for Krishna being angry on Suhani for not agreeing to their mistakes. Dadi asks Krishna to take money and change his statement. Krishna asks how much can she give.

Dadi says you won’t need to work all your life. She says once her business gets fine, she will save his family, Radhe will not come back even if he wins the case. Suhani bumps into Soumya and says sorry. Soumya says are you not ashamed. Suhani sees Krishna and asks what is he doing in Dadi’s room.

Soumya argues. Krishna asks Soumya to call mum, he has to talk to them. Suhani asks Dadi what is she doing. Dadi says she knows to deal

with such people and asks her to shut up. She asks Krishna will he take cash or cheque. Suhani asks her to think again. Dadi asks her to be as guest. Krishna says he has decided. Dadi asks Rags to get her chequebook. Suhani tells Sharad that she does not know why is Dadi doing this. Krishna says he decided to get peace for Radhe’s soul and punish Yuvraaj. Dadi asks what nonsense. He asks why are you bribing me if he is not culprit.

He says he will get Yuvraaj punished, I have got punished for the crime I did not do, but Yuvraaj has ruined my sister’s life. Suhani says you think so, but its not proved. He says it will be proved soon. Krishna thanks Dadi for making him sure of Yuvraaj’s crime, now even Lord can’t save him. Menka says Dadi framed Yuvraaj more, now just Suhani can save him, please Suhani do something.

Soumya asks Suhani how dare she bribe them, they did wrong and call them wrong. She says she wanted to take Krishna back seeing him do many wrong things, I heard you talking on terrace, I could not think you will fall so low, but I will not go back till we get Radhe’s justice. Its night, Suhani thinks all ways are closed, what to do, shall I talk to Dadi. Yuvraaj thinks what will Dadi do, will I get free do or not, don’t know.

Dadi sees Yuvraaj’s pic and cries. She says its happening because of her, she did not know Krishna will cheat me, this would have not happened if Yuvraaj did not support Suhani. Soumya asks Krishna to talk to her. He says he is tired and goes. She sees his phone ringing and gets shocked hearing Radhe. Krishna takes the phone and asks her not to touch her phone. She thinks why did Krishna lie to him.

Rags asks whats this smell. Ramesh says Rakhi and her mum are making pakodas. Anuj says he has to take food for Yuvraaj in police station. Lalita asks Ramesh to pack all the food. Menka asks Suhani to get pakodas made by Rakhi. Suhani sees Rakhi smiling and Lalita asks her to stop. Rags asks is Rakhi having pakodas being happy for Radhe’s death. Lalita says it was Radhe’s fav. Rakhi says she made it to give it to beggars. Menka says you called me beggars. Rakhi says she is begging for food. Menka says this is my house and taunts her. They start arguing. A cat fight begins.

Krishna stops Rakhi. He asks Lalita to control Rakhi. He asks is food ready. Lalita says yes. He says he will talk to her about donating food and takes them. Suhani tells Sharad that Rakhi is behaving as if her husband did not die. Sharad says yes, I find it fishy, how to find the truth. Krishna tells Lalita that Soumya wants to talk to me. Lalita diverts Soumya. Rakhi cries and acts. Krishna says he is busy in puja. Soumya asks Soumya to clean Rakhi’s room, she has messed up with Radhe’s things. Soumya consoles Rakhi and says maybe Krishna is right, I was melting for these people. She goes. Rakhi asks Krishna why can’t they take Soumya’s help, she is helping us.

Soumya gets sad seeing Radhe’s pics. Suhani says she does not understand why they are eating grand dishes after Radhe’s death. Sharad says its all Radhe’s fav food. Suhani gets thinking. Soumya keeps the pics and sees some certificates of Radhe. She gets shocked seeing Radhe’s certificate in swimming. Suhani comes to her and says I know you felt bad as Krishna went to jail, but you did wrong to send Yuvraaj to jail. Soumya keeps the certificate back and leaves. Suhani cries and sees it. She gets stunned and says Radhe won in swimming contest in first place, then how can he sink if he knew swimming.

Krishna takes the tiffin and goes to meet Radhe. Soumya follows him and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bakwaas serial hai yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One more worst serial from star plus….all the serials starting with unique objective but ending to one point…conspiracy….redeeming from death…..all rounder bahus….jealousy cousins ba ba blaaa….

  3. Kindly stop this nonsense serial…hate that actress suhani…along with gopi from sath nibhana say hiya.

    One of the non ethical dirty serial….i don’t know who is the stupid writtter

  4. is the whole team living in stone age ???? How come no POST MORTEM on radhe????
    Yuvraj jailed without any investigation on radhe(dead body)….am speechless…are the viewers dumb enough to accept this storyline…

    1. yes its correct….. how police can leave with out any investigation & post mortem? how can this happen in murder case? does the writer thinks all viewers are fools????????? ITS so stupid….. Already in krishna’s case there no hearing , fraud sign by menka… how all this stupid serial is telecasting………? No logics at all..

  5. No dear, no viewers are dumb to watch such a rubbish serial. More and more viewers are leaving to watch this serial day by day. U can see and feel thag comments r also decreasing ,here!

  6. hang the writer. but he should not die at once. he should die a slow death…. just as he is killing so many precious minutes of the viewers entertainment time.

  7. It’s a wonderful serial and will be admired later on

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