Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani going to change the sherwani. Sharad sees her and thinks why is Yuvraaj looking like Suhani. She says I m Suhani. Sharad comes to Yuvrraj and gets scolded. Pratima thinks where did Rags and Menka go. Rags does make up to Menka and applies oil to Menka saying its modern fashion, oily look. Pratima thinks they left, anyways she will also go locking he house.

Rags makes Menka a chipku and Menka is frustrated. Rags smiles and says you don’t know fashion, see you are looking so beautiful. Menka says really? Rags says yes. Menka thanks her and smiles. Pratima locks the door and looks for the driver. Yuvraaj sees Soumya and smiles. Suhani bumps in between and stares at Yuvraaj smiling. He looks at Soumya and Suhani looks at him. Music plays…………..


and Menka find the door locked. Rags says oh no, mum locked us. Menka says what, and tries to open the hand. She kicks the door and Rags says what are you doing. Menka says this is done in films. Rags says not in real life. Menka says this happened because of you, as you ignored her, what to do now. Krishna sees Yuvraaj staring at Soumya and gets angry. Krishna says why does Soumya not understaahd Yuvraja likes her, who will like Suhani. Menka says lets go out from window. Rags says I won’t. She says you go and open the door from outside. Menka says but I don’t have keys, the marriage will happen there, lets go by window please. Rags agrees.

Menka says lets jump out from here come. Menka gives her a demo and Rags unwilling has to take this way. Menka laughs. She jokes on Rags. Rags says lets go now. They see Pratima leaving and call out to stop her, but she leaves. Pankaj cries thinking Bhavna will leave today. Suhani comes and tries to make him smile. He hides his tears. She understands him. She says you will have to cry more in my marriage as you love me more. He laughs and hugs her. Amit’s family waits for the car from Bhavna’s side. Rags and Menka go to Amit’s house. She sees the car of the groom and hit it to damage it.

The driver sees the car that it got damaged and gets someone’s call. Suhani is taking care of the guests. Suhani teases Yuvraj while he is busy staring at Soumya. He throws a flower at Soumya and Sharad catches it. He reminds him that Soumya is allergic to roses. Rags and Menka fill Amit’s mum ears against Suhani’s family. Rags says we came here to help you. They wait for the car. The driver brings the damaged car. Rags and Menka smile. Everyone is shocked and get angry thinking how could they send such a bad car for our son. Rags taunts them further.

Amit’s mum says we will go by out car, maybe the driver stuck this. Rags says butt the car has to be with flowers. The relatives says we will not go, I will give a dose to Pankaj. Everyone wait for the baraat. Pankaj gets a call and they scold him for sending a damaged car. They ask for a good condition car else baraat won’t come. Suhani asks what happened. Pankaj gets tensed.

Menka tells Suhani that she did not hit the car. Rags looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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