Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav asking Suhani to play the challenges and win oxygen for Yuvraaj. He calls her and shows her the diyas. He says Yuvraaj will get 1% Oxygen on one diya lighting, let the game begin. She lights diya. Sambhav goes and starts the fan. The flame goes off. He says what did you think, this game will be so easy, no… you have to light diya in this fan air. She gets angry and tries. He says I forgot to tell last rule, if diyas blow off many times, Yuvraaj’s oxygen level will fall down. She stands against the fan and tries to light diyas.

He moves the fan to trouble her. She lights a diya. He gets shocked and turns to see, Bhavna and Sharad standing before the fan. He gets angry and moves fan. Yuvaan comes and stands before fan. Sambhav tries to blow air. Rags

and Dadi also stand. Dadi asks how did you think we will not help Suhani, Yuuvraaj’s life matters to all of us. Suhani lights all the diyas. She switches off the fan. She says 10% oxygen. He says fine, and shows Yuvraaj’s state, with more oxygen.

He says second test is outside in lawn. They all go. He angrily looks on. He asks Baby did she do the work. She nods. He goes. Saiyyam wakes up from sleep and thinkg to go out. He finds door locked. Sambhav shows second test to Suhani. Yuvaan asks are you mad, how can you do this. They all worry seeing the hot burning coal. Sambhav says Yuvraaj will get one percent oxygen with one step. Bhavna begs Sambhav not to do this with Suhani. Suhani says I will do this.

Saiyyam calls out to everyone to open the door. Krishna asks why are you shouting. Saiyyam says door is locked, Suhani did this, don’t know what she is doing, she fell so low. Sharad asks Suhani not to do this. Suhani says I can do anything to save Yuvraaj. Dadi says no, I will walk for Yuvraaj’s sake. Sambhav says this test is only for Suhani. Suhani cries and steps on the burning coal. Sharad scolds Sambhav. Sambhav says I play all the tricks by thinking well. Saiyyam asks someone to open the door. Suhani cries. Bhavna and Sharad encourage Suhani. Yuvaan feels bad. He also encourages Suhani along with Rags and Dadi. Krishna finds some way to open the door. Saiyyam beats the door angrily.

Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s pic and walks ahead. She cries with pain. Bhavna says just two steps more, for Yuvraaj’s sake. Saiyyam tries to open the door. Suhani completes walking on burning coal and falls down. Everyone hold her. She asks about Yuvraaj. Sambhav shows them 70% oxygen levels. Sambhav says there are many tests left. Suhani shouts Sambhav. Saiyyam hears her. Suhani promises to get Yuvraaj back and kill Sambhav again if needed. Saiyyam gets angry. Suhani says this time I will win, not you. Baby opens the door and goes. Saiyyam pulls the door and it opens. Saiyyam runs out calling out Sambhav. Baby informs Sambhav. Saiyyam sees someone and shouts no.

Sambhav asks how will you prove I m so mean, you have to do new task, its 20 items list, this should be made in morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the shit ..??
    Poor suhani…. How much dis devil sambhav will torture … Saiyaam is sleeping… Waaa… Such a nonsense…. N dis baby is too much….

  2. Such a crazy episode so childish. Annoying y r they dragging it. If he wants to off the fire y don’t he put ceiling fan??

  3. now again they started torturing us more. couldnt able to tolerate tis. phycho started phycho game.. nly gud thing is whole family is supporting suhani. I really felt very very sad seeing suhani like tis.. go to hell cvs..

    1. It was good serial once…. Theme was soorat n seerat…. But what rubbish they r showing…. Really missing the old days YuvAni n also I liked the Rohan track very much… Soumya track was also good but nowadays I hate this… Just regreting why I started to watch….

      1. s agree with u it was such a wonderful love story bt they spoiled. it was already spoiled n nw spoiling beyond n beyond, going on… i dont thnk sambhav will jus bring yuvi infrnt of suh even aftr these rubbish games.. jus couldnt stop frm watchng it, cng for suhani n yuvaraj nly..

  4. lol it’s like Masterchef the precap. This is funny TBH and very weird.

    1. Neethu

      LoL Rana!!??
      It’s very true indeed. Exactly like masterchef. It’s high time the cvs use their brain and stop ruining the chemistry between YuvAni or at least they could’ve showed more of Kriyyam scenes.. But as always only negativity is been shown.. Still watching it for only Rajshri&Sahil

  5. This is pure rubbish…. As if raping Suhani wasn’t if they had to bring Sambhav back again with their redundant storyline of kidnapping and game playing. BOoRING and annoying!

    All those who keep bashing Suhani and calling her worst mother……..If you’ve never been raped or in such a situation you have no right to comment as negatively as you.
    Do you understand the state of mind of a raped person? Do you understand the trauma?
    She was not only raped but also tortured endlessly before.

    Anyway I blame CVs for the poor execution of such a sensitive subject as rape and for the current track. How the hell is Suhani so cool in front of a man who tortured, raped her, attempted to kill her son and murdered her best friend.
    Only on Indian television are police shown as incompetent and illiterate.

    My goodness CVs has now resorted to torturing the audience with their total nonsense logic.
    God help us!

    1. Exactly! I would have chosen abortion.
      I would have not have given birth.

      I would not wish rape on anyone.
      It is the writers doing.
      But if you read what people like me are saying. Is the character suhani is a bad mother!
      Suhani did this to herself. Someone said if suhani didn’t have saiyyam, she would have gone to jail.
      For me, it make suhani even a worst person. If saiyyam saved suhani from jail. Suhani should be thankful to saiyyam, and should have NOT abandoned saiyyam in the orphanage. If this is true story line. The reason why suhani give birth to saiyyam.

    2. Let me tell you something my friend.
      I have friend, that have children from rape.
      I know a neighbour, that is is married, and has a son from rape.

      Her story should NOT HAD HAPPENED, but it did. When she realised that she was pregnant, by her rapist, not by her husband.

      She wanted an abortion, but her family, is against abortion. They believe children is god gift. We all have an opinions, I do not want to get into that.

      Even if her husband didn’t want her any more. They didn’t care, but her husband decided to accept the baby and rise him as his own son.

      Do you think if her son find out, that the man he called his father all his life. Is not his father.
      Do you think if he found out that he is a rape child, he would be happy about it. No it would destroy him.
      The whole neighbourhood knows, but not him. He has others brother and sister. They don’t know.

      If she had a choice, for her it would have been abortion. But she wasn’t allowed to, by her family.
      Because she had the right support, she was able to rise him.

      Now with the character suhani. Dadi did tell her to have a abortion. But suhani didn’t want to. Suhani did this to herself. No one else forced her to make that decision.

      Suhani didn’t even try to be a mother to saiyyam. When he came looking for her. Even when she realised that he was her son.
      Now suhani is only thinking of using saiyyam to find yuvraj. She doesn’t care for saiyyam feeling if saiyyam find out the truth. Even if it destroys him, suhani doesn’t care.

      The question that everyone should ask, is why suhani didn’t have the abortion. When no cared, if suhani did had the abortion.

      1. That is the millions dollars question, is why suhani given birth to saiyyam.

        I have done some research on this matter, why woman give birth to a rape child.

        What I found out is that, some of these women, actually fell in love with their baby, while they were pregnant.

        Some women, felt that the baby is part of them.

        Some women, felt having an abortion, was the wrong thing to do. But they made sure that the baby went to a good family and a good home.

        The ones that abandoned their baby, is because the family didn’t know or the family name shame.

        Suhani don’t fit any of these category.

        No one would have blame or care for suhani if she had the abortion.
        You can do your research.. most was online. Some was on foot.

  6. Lol….episodes have turned out so funny…games…wooow…whatever it is…it is just a fictitious story..nothing to take to heart…just loving sadiatic expressions of Sambhav..suhani game ka our ek rule hein….shud hav seem the expression… funny

    Sahil aka Yuvraj is very busy abroad enjoying his leaves

    Till he returns we got to bear this torture to suhani

    Rather than feeling sad just for a daily soap..just njoy the sadiatic timimg n funny expressions of Sambhav

    Btw missed Karan alias Saiyyam today..not much to see Mr Jawline

    And spoiler on tomorrows episode

    Sambhav to manipulate Sayyam that birlas are torruring him to walk on fire coal to take revenge n also have locked sayyam room to stop him from saving Sambhav

    Sambhav would also warn Suhani not to show her burnt feet to Sayyam else he wud Hurt Yuvraj

  7. Wow huge round of applause for psycho cvs for showing meaningless shit 24/7…adding to this lame shit sayyam taunting continues…snatch d blo*dy phone from him and kill him damid…after that u can call his goons and trace d location or else bribe them..i lost interest in so called truth revealation…till O2 level comes to 99.99% nothing gr8 happens except d cheap plans to torture suhani…even after that i highly doubt

    1. Suhani using saiyyam to rescue yuvraj….this is d biggest joke…for d kind info i say its dadi who wanted to use sayyam..and whats d matter of using here…therz nothing wrong in taking help to save a life….u dont call it as using…as cvs wanted to drag this track by hiding d truth they waited till sambhav re entry…gosh!!..too much publicity for suhani now a days.. ..LoL?

      1. Using people that you care about is wrong.
        Like I don’t know you, because I don’t know you. You would be the last person, that I would care about.
        I am sure it goes the same for me, for you.

        Then I used you, I never say thank you, I don’t care if you live or die.

        That well hurt you more, even if you saved someone that I care about. You might say I have done my God duty, and yes you well find god. But you still feel hurt.

        That is why I say suhani is a bad mother. Would she accepts saiyyam. Then that in a way is wrong. It like saiyyam has risks his life for yuvraj. To get suhani love.

      2. Oh come on….if suhani is a bad mother ..dont think that sayyam is a good one…he was adopted by someone..she didnt leave him completely….moreover its yuvraj who saved suhani from jail…not sayyam…sayyam should b thankful to yuvraj…the thing both motherson dont trust each other

  8. Oh for heaven sack, saiyyam is going to save Yuvraj.
    Because he is good at heart, but I wonder if suhani and yuvraj is going to be thankful. Or is it saiyyam still going to be the devil son.

    Suhani like using saiyyam, it saiyyam that saved suhani from jail. But at the end of the day suhani was the one that abandoned him.

    1. So true!
      Peoples don’t understand, that suhani is only thinking for yuvraj.

      I hope saiyyam tell suhani to get lost. Here is your boyfriend. Then leave suhani life for good. Then yuvaan and Baby well teach the birla family a lesson.
      What a bad mother suhani is. Suhani wants to be this high and mighty.
      When someone else do bad, they are in the bad list, but when suhani does wrong, it is fine, suhani does no wrong.

  9. krishna ?Sayyam

    So stupid lol

  10. today is so boring episode

  11. i agree mo

    1. Thank You!

      Some people think, that I don’t understand people, or don’t feel sorry for people that are raped. But they are mistaken.
      It is a horrible experiences, I pray not even my worst enemy go threw this.

      But if you decide to have the child. At least try to understand their feelings. Because at the end of the day, they didn’t asked to be born.
      This is down to your decision, not the child. Children are the innocent of all this, as well it is not your fault either.
      If you want to hate someone hate that rapist.

      Using the child that suhani don’t care about is wrong. I always support suhani, even I understood that yuvraj wasn’t right for her.

      But there is this coldness about suhani. Which I am shocked about.
      Yes this is the writers doing, or maybe, there is someone out, in real life. That the writers actually know about.

      Where do they get their ideas from, we don’t know.
      If it is a real person, please don’t blame the child.

  12. Aqsxxh

    I have watching the show since it had started, and I am still waiting for YuvAni, I think I should just give up tbh

  13. What the hell they are showing to audience.Dragging and dragging again plz stop showing this cruelity for god sake. End this series if they dont know new concept.

  14. Happy new year to all YuvAni fans 🙂

  15. I hope this time suhani n saiyyam burn him n make sure he died this time n I no saiyyam will turn against him

  16. saiyam ne suhani ko jail jaane se nhi bachaya yuvi ne bachaya h balki saiyam ki wajah se suhani yuvi se door ho gai suhani pregnent nhi hoti to yuvi ke saath jail m hoti jail m hi sahi yuvi ke saath to hoti rhi abortion ki baat to suhani abortion kaise kara sakti thi konsa kanoon abortion karane ki parmission deta h suhani pregnent h ye baat police ko v pata thi to suhani abortion kaise karati suhani bacche ko jail m v janm de sakti thi but yuvi suhani ki life ke saath risk nhi le sakta tha isliye saara blaim apne sir le liya to suhani ko jail se yuvi ne bachaya h saiyam ne nhi suhani saiyam ko lene gai thi but use kisi ne adopt kar liya tha suhani ke saath itna galat hua fir v wo sab kuch chhodkar apne bacche ko lene gai kyunki use laga ki uske bacche ko uski jaroorat h or jab usně saiyam ko dekha to uski harkate bilkul sambhav ke jaisi thi suhani ke ke liye saiyam ko accept karna aasan nhi h saiyam suhani ke saath nhi rha to uske man m saiyam ke liye pyaar v nhi h saiyam suhani ka relation bhut imotional h unke relation ko banane m time lagega or kisi ko v bad mother selfish kahna aasan h jis pár beetati h wahi jaanta h m is metter m suhani ke saath hu bcs suhani ko kaisa laga hoga m feel kar sakti hu

    1. Under the mtp act 1971 suhani could the apply for abortion for the pregnancy die to rape. And their is nothing like a prisoner can’t b shifted to hospital. If neede. If she was pregnant she would have been made to stay at the prison and shifted to hospital during check up and. Delivery. Only death sentence is delayed for pregnant lady or else nothing is change. And so saiyam didn’t save her from prison. It’s yuvraj who tooK blame and went to jail instead of suhani

    2. Suhani prefer karti ki jail me mare na ki sambhav ke bache ko janam de. Hamari nazar me haa, Suhani saiyyam se kafi rukha vyahar karti hai, because she cannot trust him. He did bad things to make her against him. Pehle wo usse achhi thi, usse bachaya bhi, woh uske khilaf hui uski karni ki waje se. Sambhav son hai ye to baad me pta chala, hai na? Maano wo uska beta na bhi hota to kya itna fark parta? Yh sb serial chalaane ke drama hai aur aap saiiyam bhakton ko khush karne saiyyam ko bechara banate hai, par wo itna bhi dudh ka dula nhi hai. Usko sympathy de, pr ye mat bhulen ki bachon ko poison kiya, yuvraj ko maarne ki kitni koshishen ki, krishna ko torture karne ko shaadi ki. Adopted ya orphan ka ye free pass hai kya ki kuch bhi karo?

  17. for heavensake stop this nonsense bullshit serial. i have never seen such a bakwaas serial. god save all. there should be a complain agaimst it.

  18. mo aap kah rhe the ki aapki neighbour ke saath v yahi hua or unka son h or wo sab happy family h but unko v suhani ki tarah torture kiya gaya unke pati ko jail ho gai ya unke children apne pita se door ho gaye ya unki family ko suffer karna padá nhi na unki situation or suhani ki situation m difference h or aapko law pata ho to suhani abortion nhi kara sakti thi m maanti hu saiyam ki koi galti nhi h mo aap saiyam ke pain ko feel kar sakti h but ek girl hokar aap suhani ke pain ko feel nhi kar paa rhi

  19. ridz agar tumhe yeh serial nahi dekhna hain to mat dekho kam se kam bura to mat kaho tumhe yeh serial dekhne ke liye koi forse nahi kar raha hain kam se kam serial ko bura mat kaho

  20. hey friends aane bale episode main saiyyam yuvraaj ko dudne main suhani ki madat karega sambhav se chup kar uske baad sambhav ka raaj khul jayega

  21. ssel fans i agree but mo bhi right hain dekho bacha maasoom hota hain uski kiya galti use kiya malum tha uska baap kamina tha saiyyam not a sambhav wo sambhav jaisa nahi hain agar kisi ke papa itne dino baad mile to uska reaction aisa hi hota hain ssel fans hum suhani ka pain samajte hain lekin usme main ek bache ka kiya kaasor saiyyam to ek masoom bacha tha use kyo suhani ne chodne diya

  22. irretating episode yeh show bale kab kriyam ki love story dikhayege

    1. Kriyam fans…Tell me Kya aap ssel starting se dekh rhen…I am bit sure Suhani loves Saiyam..But what sambhav did to her .She is seing sambhav face in Saiyam..And how u forget ie she defended Saiyam when he was drunk and Everyone blamming Saiyam..She told wo Kuch BHI kar sakta he par ASA kaam nhi…Wo use wapis Lene BHI gyi think like Saiyam just shows ie he hates Suhani but he loves her….Same case with Suhani.. Problem is ie CVS are busy in showing unnecessary crap…And agar aap ne satmayav jayten ke episode dekha hoga to hope aap ne rape victim and s*xual harassment ke victim ko suna hoga…. suhani understand Saiyam..But it tooks Times …. Show some respect to women…. People saying tweet karo Saiyam ke liye wo log jab KAHAn the when Suhani ke Saath molestation HOA…… Unless jab tak aap keep Saath Kuch nhi HOTA to aap wo pain reliase hi nhi kar sakta…..I think aap ssel starting se nhi dekh the ho….

  23. kriyam fan pari

    such a nonsence episaode

  24. SilentReader

    Hai r,mo,poppy,Hanna,Shanthi,Lucy,Krishna,Bhargavi,Somi,all Kriyyam fans,Yuvani fans and SSEL fans….I took a break from the show for some days….so I’m late

    HAPPY NEW YEAR sweethearts,,,,have a blessed year…<3

    I too agree with Naveen that cvs did mistake in handling a sensitive issue like raping,,,,I'm so disappointed with the current track,,,,when Suhani said that she z gonna change Sayyam for Krishna I thought that everything will get normal soon but naa I was wrong,,,Sambav will play games with Suhani till Sahil's return

  25. hay silent Reader happy new year tumhara welcome hain

  26. yuvaani maine ssel suru se dekha hain jab saiyyam ka born hua tha tab suhani ne uska face bhi nahi dekhata baad main use doodne nikli thi jab use kisi ne adopt kar liya tha itna hi tha to use suru se palti

  27. yuvaani i understand i agree but i am sorry tumhe bura laga ho main tumhari baat ko samajti hu tum sahi keh rahi ho tora samaye lagega suhani ko saiyyam ko apnane main kyoki suhani ke saath bhaut bura kiya hain sambhav ne main yahi to chati hu ki sambhav ko sabak saiyyam hi sikhaye tab sambhav kopata chale main to kehti ho suhani saiyyam ke sath milkar pehle se bhi buri mot mare sambhav ko phir koi aisa bura kaam nahi kare

    1. So Kriyam fans u don’t want yuvani…Naye logo ko Aten hi purane ko bhul Gye . itna hi bura lag raha Saiyam ke liye..i m not saying Saiyam is wrong..Hum jaise log hi women ko nhi samjhten tabhi wo societ jaisa kadam uthati he… Suhani loves Saiyam…Ie I m 10000sure … n second thing kriyam Sirf yuvani ke wajah se hi he….Itna agar Saiyam ke liye burA lag raha he suhani ke liye nhi as women ke liye..Ye wahi CVS jisne leads ke Saath molestation dikhayen n den bringing culprit back…Aap ko tab support karna chayiye….Sahi..He u r not yuvani fan only kriyam who wanted ie kriyam got screen space n became leads..Well done…

  28. kriyam fan aap kahate ho ki aap suhani ke pain ko samjhate ho wrong aap samjhate to aisa kabhi nhi kahte jab suhani ne saiyam ka face dekhne se inkaar kiya us time wo trauma m thi uske baad aapko sab pata h actual m baat ye he kriyam fan saiyam aapka favourite h isliye uska pain aapko samajh aata h saiyam ki negative cheeje v aap positive way m leti ho if saiyam aapka favourite nhi hota to aapka statement alag hota

    1. Aapki baat mujhe sahi lagi, ssel fans. Khair every1 own view, kahan tak argue kare.

  29. earlier the serial was vry good. but nw am feling iritated to see dis sadistic serial. kithna cyco hai vo sambhav. y des writers create such a sadistic characters in d serial. nw a days am not intrested to see dis sadistic serial.

  30. i am sorry yuvani and ssel fans i agree main tumhari baat ko samajti hu i am sorry aapko bura laga ho aap sahi keh rahe ho suhani bhaut pain main hain

  31. i agree yuvaani and ssel fans i am sorry

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