Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dad ordering things. Suhani brings tea for her. Dadi goes. Suhani gets Dadi’s phone seeing it ring continuously. She looks for Dadi, and thinks to answer call. She talks to the man asks what… and goes to tell Yuvraaj, about Dadi gifting AC and TV to Aditya. He says so what, maybe she is giving this to Gauri, she accepted Gauri by heart, she is doing this for Gauri, we should be glad. He kisses her and asks her not to worry, he is with her. He leaves for work.

Suhani calls Aditya and asks how is he and Gauri. He says I m fine, whats the matter. She asks did Gauri ask for AC and TV? He asks what and acts like he can’t hear anything. He ends call.

The men come to deliver AC and TV for Aditya. Pankaj gets angry and scolds Aditya. Aditya acts innocent

and says maybe Gauri asked Dadi for it. Suhani comes there and scolds Aditya. Suhani and Aditya ask him to find a good job, then earn and buy all this. Suhani asks him not to come near Birla house. Gauri hears all this and drops the tea cups in shock. Suhani asks are you fine Gauri, did you get hurt. Gauri says no, it happened by mistake. Suhani asks her to go and rest. Pankaj asks the men to take AC and TV back, they don’t want it. He shuts the door. Gauri cries.

Suhani asks Gauri is she fine here. Gauri says yes, but how did you come here. Suhani says I came to meet Gauri, and invite you all in function Dadi kept for new year. She asks Lata to make pakodas for everyone. Rakhi sees Krishna and Soumya. Krishna asks Rakhi to make customer list today and not use her mind. Rakhi agrees.

Suhani asks Pankaj to on TV. He says Satte pe satta is coming on TV today. Suhani says its classic film. Aditya says I will just come and goes. They see the breaking news of some people who molested girls. Suhani says such people should be hanged. Gauri looks on. Suhani explains Gauri that people have become bad, so don’t let any stranger come close to you. I will always be with you. Gauri goes to her room. Pankaj leaves.

Aditya comes and Suhani asks Aditya why is he doing these things, change else the consequences will be bad.

The men deliver AC and TV at Birla house, and say Chandrakala Birla ordered this. Menka is glad and hugs Dadi. Rags says Menka is thanking you for AC and TV. Dadi asks why did they bring it here, it had to be delivered at Lata Sadan. The man says yes, but they refused to take it. Dadi asks what, how can they do this. She calls Pankaj and asks him why did he refuse for the gifts. He says we want Aditya to buy it by his earnings, thanks for inviting us in function. Dadi asks who told you. He says Suhani has come here, she just left, she told us. Dadi fumes and says I won’t leave Suhani.

Soumya asks Krishna to check spy cam. Rakhi gives the customer list. Krishna checks it. he says Savitri and Sandeep come to our parlor every alternate day.

Yuvraaj asks what, Suhani refused for it. Dadi says yes, she insulted us, don’t I have right to give anything to Gauri. She calls everyone and tells them what Suhani did. Dadi asks whats Suhani’s problem. Suhani comes home and says Dadi, there is a problem. They all look at her. Suhani says gifting is not wrong, but giving this way is wrong. Dadi asks whats wrong, why do you insult me. Suhani says Aditya is responsible for Gauri’s needs, and there is everything present for Gauri’s needs. Dadi taunts her and says our needs are different than yours. Yuvraaj gets angry. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to see what is Suhani doing, she wants to show Gauri that we all are her enemies and wants to keep Gauri in poverty. I accepted Gauri today and even then you have complains, I will say what you want, you just want to insult me. Rags and Menka agree with Dadi. Suhani says I did not insult Daid, I wanted to make Aditya responsible.

Yuvraaj argues with Suhani and says I m really fed up, why did you interfere in Gauri and Aditya’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop ✋ stop stop ✋ plz end this gauri chapter….orelese end this serial plz… Do u writters think that the viewers r mad,fool and we r jobless to watch this stupid serial…..

  2. Suhani..plz stop interferring in everythng and anythng…Adithya’s not gonna change by doing all these..U r making Gauri ur enemy

  3. Suahni..There are elders lyk pankaj and lata there in your maayka to scold aadhithya..I’m fed up of seeing Dadi’s drama

  4. Dadi dadi dadi…….Fed up of This Drama :'(

  5. Ya, suhani should leave aditya and Gauri alone and focus on herself.

  6. Suhani ka dimag kharab ho gya hai

  7. Hate suhani now..

  8. Want more yuvani moments

  9. fed up!!!
    yubraj is jst a donkey
    dadi did so mch evil thngs wd him bt still he blvs her so mch !!!
    nd wht abt suhani?
    he jst shws anger nd dsnt blv her at all…

    1. He does its just he can’t be bothered with this rubbish when there is no fights needed n this is created by that stupid suhani

    2. I agree with jerin, yuvraaj needs to stop letting dadi make pure confusion I’ve watched every episode and that family is in everyone business everytime yuvraaj and suhani get close someone interrupts #annoying. Can’t blame her she should have told the full on truth and get it over with.this guari nonesence is going nowhere fast she needs to catch adithya in the act to know wat is really going on

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