Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Saurabh waiting for Dadi. Sharad comes home, and then Dadi comes. Dadi sits crying. They all get worried. Yuvraaj asks what happened. Dadi says forgive me, I requested a lot to Pankaj, he did not agree, I went there as you all insisted, Pankaj refused to send his daughters with me, he said he will keep his daughters with him all life, but will not send, he asked me to kneel down and apologize, I did that too, he insulted me a lot, I explained him and tried hard to convince, he did not ask me to sit. Yuvraaj says I will talk to Suhani, how can Pankaj do this.

Dadi says I understand, he wants money to make his daughters future good. Yuvraaj says no, I don’t believe this. Dadi says he did not think of his respect earlier, now when you accepted Suhani,

he is saying about his self esteem, he knows about Gauri’s mistake and using it. Yuvraaj says Pankaj ji is doing this for money…. Sharad says no, all this is a lie. Dadi asks how dare you talk in between. Sharad says you are lying. Dadi says I m not lying, Pankaj wants to use this chance. Yuvraaj says maybe Dadi is mistaken. Sharad says no, Dadi is creating this misunderstanding. Dadi says if you say a word, I will kick you out of this house. Sharad says fine, but Dadi is lying. Dadi scolds him and asks Yuvraaj to see Sharad is calling me liar, I went there and begged Pankaj to send Suhani and Bhavna, but he said he will end all the relations, but give all comforts to Suhani and Bhavna.

Sharad says no, Dadi did not request him, Pankaj did not insult her. Dadi asks how do you know, were you there. Sharad says yes Dadi, I was there with Golu, I heard everything. He tells everyone that Dadi insulted them a lot, she called their house a hut, you can call Suhani and ask her Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi to not apologize if she does not want, atleast don’t lie about them, this is why they are against us, two bahus already left and you don’t care. Saurabh says leave it Yuvraaj, no use to talk to her, she really does not care. Dadi says I will try again. Yuvraaj says you have to try, I will not be away from my wife because of you. He goes.

Bhavna tells Suhani about Dadi’s big lie. Suhani says Yuvraaj would not believe Dadi, this is why Papa is doing this, I felt bad for Dadi, she is elder and doing these cheap things, I miss Yuvraaj, but Dadi’s wrong intentions… Pankaj comes and says that’s why I got you two here, Dadi has to learn to respect others, especially Suhani. He goes. Suhani says Papa misunderstood me. Bhavna says he is not in state to think anything. Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s message. He asks does she remember date. Suhani says what to do, Yuvraaj wants to meet me. Bhavna asks don’t you wish to meet him. Suhani says I want to, but how. Rags tells Dadi that Suhani has made Dadi away from Yuvraaj. Menka says yes, maybe Ramesh will give orders to us. Rags says shut up Menka, I think we have to show who is head of the family, how can they expect you will apologize to middle class banker, I wish to throw family photo, and fix old one, am I saying right Dadi?

Dadi asks her to call her special magazine reporter, she wanted my interview, I will give it tomorrow, I will do what Yuvraaj wants and then I will lose, I will make new family photo without Suhani, then Suhani will realize she does not deserve to be called Birla family member.

Its morning, the reporter Devika collides with Yuvraaj and tells about Chandrakala’s interview. Dadi says I kept interview. Yuvraaj says Dadi is head of family, she knows to keep respect of others. Dadi says we are going to Pankaj’s home and we will take family pic there. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that he is going for lunch. Devika says he looks annoyed. Dadi says nothing like that, take interview, then you will get a family photo. She asks Pratima to sit and give interview. Saurabh says Maa can’t sit for interview, she kept shanti puja and kept Maun vrath. Devika says it seems there is tension behind this silence. Dadi says nothing like that, and starts interview.

Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s message that he is leaving from office. She thinks this message came 45mins before, it means he would have left. She asks Bhavna about getting Golu’s items and shows phone. Bhavna says yes, I have list. Pankaj says Suhani, I will get it. Suhani says you take rest. Pankaj says I know shop is near Birla house, you don’t need to go. Suhani goes to her room. Bhavna checks the door. Ramesh brings some shopping bags. Pankaj asks him to come and sit. Dadi comes.

Yuvraaj comes to Suhani’s house. Suhani meets Yuvraaj and worries seeing him. Dadi says I got these items for Suhani and Bhavna, I want to give them rights of Birla family bahu. Pankaj asks Bhavna to call Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come with him, and says Pankaj has become hitler. She gets annoyed. He says sorry. She says I don’t want to talk. He holds his ears and says sorry. She laughs and scolds him. He realizes she is turning away and laughing, and starts acting. He says I thought to take you to your favorite food corner, its fine, I will go and have samosas alone. She asks you will eat samosas? He says yes, for a change, I ordered your kulfi too, I will have it with Sharad.

She stops him. he smiles. She says you really ordered samosa and kachori, take me, don’t fight. Bhavna comes and says Dadi has come, Mahabharat will start. Yuvraaj says let them end fight till we come. Bhavna says no, Papa called Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to go, but I will wait for you there. She says I will come. They look at each other. Bhavna takes Suhani.

Dadi tells Lata that there is no use to drag the matter, don’t you worry for your daughter’s future. Pankaj says I will worry for them, you don’t need to. Suhani comes. Pankaj says Dadi got some gifts for you. Suhani thanks Dadi and says I don’t use these creams, I helped in making cream formula for Dada ji’s cream, but I don’t want these. Pankaj says Dadi does not know her likes, dislikes, her good, Suhani does not use all these shampoos. He asks Suhani what she applies to her hair. Suhani says Amla hair oil. Pankaj asks Suhani to get it for Dadi. Suhani says why is it needed. He says Dadi wants to rectify her mistake, we should support her, go and get the items. Suhani looks on.

Suhani and Yuvraaj meet at café. She asks him to order his fav things. They have a laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. ..Sharadh &pankaj scenes were good, what a cute entry of yuvraj through the window, but why does it end up with samosa, kachoris.

  2. good epi

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Maza aa gya….
    Shrad ne jaamm kr dadi ke jhut ko tod diya…
    And I hope jo drama ab dadi kr rehi hai vo drama ka bhanda fut jaaye…

  4. Loved Sharad’s part,,,Dadi was caught red handed,,.None of them should support Dadi anymore..Didn’t get what’s Dadi’s next plan

  5. Nice episode. To cute yuvani moments ❤️?

  6. Superb sharad.Bekoof yuvraaj.Janti ho Ki dadi all time jhutt bolti hain,but again u believed her?

  7. Sharad is amazing!!

  8. What century is this serial set in. Grown up sons and daughters living as parasites in grandmas house! Can they not think about moving out and living independent and responsible and useful lives. Shame on all these layabouts.

    1. Indian shows are usually about the close knit bond between a family. In India, everyone tries to stay together as one. You should watch other indian shows and they all have all the brothers and dad’s brother staying together to take care of their parents and the elders. It’s very common for an entire family to stay together. I don’t want to offend you. Sorry if I did.

      1. Since the men tend to stay close with their parents i think the girls should do the same, they also have parents to take care two. I think the relationship should be in balance for both couples, they should live separate and help their families equally…i am not trying to offend any culture but that is how i feel.

  9. Waiting for tomorrow’s epi..specially 4 yuvani ??

  10. Good aleat sharad heard her n no she lying on them

  11. No matter what that old woman says, no one should ever believe her.

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