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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Suhani and Yuvraaj to come along, as she does not want to go alone with Ankit. Suhani asks Yuvraaj and signs him. He says okay and goes to get ready. Soumya smiles. Yuvraaj, Suhani, Soumya and Ankit go for dinner. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what will she have. Soumya says whatever you order. Ankit says Yuvraaj is asking his wife. Soumya taunts Suhani. Suhani asks yuvraaj to order by his choice and she will also have it. Ankit sees a girl on opposite table and Suhani sees him staring at a little girl. She thinks aunty chose a perfect guy for Soumya.

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Ankit says wait Yuvraaj, its my date and I will

pay the bill. A girl comes there and calls Ankit. He leaves. Soumya intentionally makes the sauce fall on Yuvraaj and says sorry. Suhani asks him to go washroom and clean it. She asks Soumya did she feel good coming here. Soumya says no, I came here because of you, I don’t have anything to do with Ankit. Suhani says I will go to Ankit, you come with Yuvraaj. She thinks where did Ankit go. The girl asks Ankit why is he ignoring her, and who are they with whom they were inside.

Soumya says I was waiting for you. Yuvraaj asks where is Suhani. She says she went out to give us privacy. She holds his hand and asks is he jealous seeing Ankit and her together. He says what, stop this nonsense. He leaves.

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Ankit hugs the girl. She asks what happened to you Bobby, why are you ignoring me. Ankit says we will talk later and goes. Suhani sees Ankit and asks where was he. He says I will get the card. The girl bumps into Suhani and says sorry. Yuvraaj walks angrily and Soumya tries to stop him. The girl asks Suhani about the guy who was with her, Bobby. Suhani says I don’t know any Bobby. The girl says Bobby is my BF, I want to meet you. Suhani says I don’t know, and describes Ankit. Suhani thinks Ankit was wearing it. Yuvraaj says we don’t know any Bobby. Suhani asks her name. The girl says Momita. She leaves.

Yuvraaj asks about Ankit. Suhani says he forgot his card and went there to take. He asks her to call and call does not connect. He asks did he run again. Soumya says he always run and Suhani thinks he is perfect for me. Pratima talks to Anu, and calls Sharad. Sharad comes and asks why is she worried. She says its something imp, come with me. She shuts the door and says Anuj called me, Dadi is coming back in few days. Sharad says what now. Pratima says don’t know. Sharad says we have to hurry up. She says I will talk to Madhuri. She says once she can pressure Soumya for Ankit.

Suhani rests in her room and thinks about the girl’s words. Yuvraaj comes and asks her to go on other side. He keeps the pillows between them. She thinks why is he again keeping pillows. He says I m not making any wall, your hand got swelling, this will comfort you, keep your hand on this, it won’t pain. She smiles as he holds her hand. Saawre……………plays…………. He rests to sleep and asks her to sleep. She smiles and recalls his words. She stares at him. She goes closer to him, and he turns. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya ye pyaar hai ye ishq hai …………….plays………….. She gets upset and turns to the other side.

Its morning, Soumya asks Suhani about Ankit. Suhani asks did he call you. Soumya says why will I get his call, he is your friend and you like him. Suhani tells about the girl and Yuvraaj comes, asking Suhani to come, as he took doctor’s appointment. He takes Suhani and leaves. Rags and Menka see this and ask Soumya to be careful, as Suhani can fly with Yuvraaj. Rags says Yuvraaj has pity on her, Suhani does drama to show everything is fine between her and Suhani. She says lets go to parlor. Soumya says don’t know where did Ankit go.

Rags says maybe he came to know you are not interested in him. Soumya says I wish. They stop seeing Madhuri coming. Madhuri says she needs to talk to Soumya, and Rags says we are going parlor. Pratima comes and asks is parlor more imp than mother. She asks Rags and Menka to go, and Soumya will go later. Madhuri does emotional blackmail. She says when she saw Soumya marrying Krishna, she felt her dad was laughing on her upbringing, but will she break their relation because of one mistake. Soumya says I don’t like Ankit. Madhuri asks why. She asks her to give her one chance, and she will not pressurize her later. Soumya says fine, give me some time.

Suhani sees wine in Ankit’s medicine bottle and goes to confront him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Hi guys know that ankit girlfriend is pregnant. And suhani comes to know that and stop ankit and soumya marriage on the other hand soumya plan how to sent suhani out for Birla family

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