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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking a man did he find anything. The man says I have found about the snake charmer. Krishna comes and argues with Suhani for getting her married to Saiyyam. Krishna says you know Saiyyam is so bad, I will never be happy with him, I have kept your and mumma’s pic always with me, I always felt I have two mothers, but I was wrong, now I have none in this world. She tears Suhani’s pic and crushes it. She throws the pic and goes. Suhani cries and thinks I have to agree to Saiyyam now and then I will do something to stop this marriage, I will fulfill my promise to Saiyyam.

The man tells Suhani that the snake poison is spreading in Yuvraaj’s blood, its tough to get its antidote, it can take much time, its better you give him medicine which I gave to Saiyyam.

She asks how will I identify it. He describes the medicine. She thinks to steal the medicine by keeping Saiyyam busy.

Everyone come for the sangeet ceremony. Krishna cries. Adi says its my Yuvaan’s marriage, there should be singing and dancing. Suhani says Dadi is right, there are three marriages. Yuvaan, Baby and Dadi smile. They all dance on dhol music. Krishna cries. Saiyyam says I like this drama, keep doing this. Suhani gets angry. Saiyyam goes to get haldi applied. Suhani leaves. Dadi asks Baby to apply haldi to Yuvaan. Saiyyam asks Krishna to apply haldi to him. She cries and refuses to apply him haldi. Saiyyam tells her that she has bad fate to become his wife. She refuses to marry him and throws haldi on him. She goes.

Suhani goes to Saiyyam’s room and looks for the medicine. She gets the medicine behind Sambhav’s pic. She checks the medicine. Saiyyam says I m marrying Krishna as she will not be happy with me, it means Suhani will be sorrowful and it means I will be happy. Saiyyam comes and sees Suhani in his room. He asks what are you doing here. Suhani shows him the pagdi and asks him his choice. He chooses the one which she does not like. She goes. Krishna cries and asks why is it happening with me, I will not live now. She sees a knife. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She feeds him the medicine. He coughs and sees his hand. He does not bleed. They get relieved. Suhani smiles.

Krishna goes to commit suicide. Saiyyam stops her and says I will not let you die so easily, you don’t know the value of your life. Yuvraaj says I m fine now, what was all this. Suhani hugs him and says forget everything now. She thinks Saiyyam lost.

Its morning, Suhani goes and prays. She sees Krishna praying. Krishna says I will not marry Saiyyam. Suhani sas I know, this marriage won’t happen if you don’t want, I have hurt you a lot, sorry. Krishna gets glad and hugs her. Suhani asks her not to tell anyone. Saiyyam looks at them.

Pratima asks Yuvraaj to get havan kund. He says I will get it. She says you used to run away from puja and havan. He says I m fine, no problem, Suhani gave me medicine and I m feeling better. She asks him to get ready. He says its imp that Suhani and I are together. She says its big day for Krishna. He goes. Sharad comes and talks to Pratima. She says Yuvraaj went to get havan kund. He smiles and goes to stop Yuvraaj. He asks him to get ready, he will bring havan kund.

Saiyyam gets ready as groom. Suhani comes to him and says now you don’t need this pagdi, you are not marrying Krishna, I wanted to accept you, but I could not, as you are Sambhav’s shadow. He says yes I m his son. She says I m your mum, I will not ruin Krishna’s life by getting her married to you. Saiyyam asks don’t you care for Yuvraaj. Suhani scolds him. Yuvraaj hears them. Suhani says I gave medicine to Yuvraaj, he is fine now. Saiyyam claps and says you have confidence, it means you declared yourself a winner, did you get that medicine behind photo frame, I have kept it there, I knew you will come to find it, I m like my dad, I have your blood too, I m smart and never lose like you, so I changed that medicine, Yuvraaj will leave you forever in some time.

Suhani says you are lying right. Yuvraaj coughs and falls down. Suhani holds him. Saiyyam says my marriage will happen. She takes Yuvraaj to room. She goes to get water. Saiyyam stops her. He says there is a riddle in this paper, solve it and save your husband, else this marriage will happen, you won leaving me, lets see who wins tonight. He goes. She gets sad.

Yuvraaj goes to bathroom. He removes the mask off his face. He is actually Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What nonsense yaar…..????
    I hate sambhav track…. Really cheap minded writers…..

    Where is yuvraj….???? If he sam then where sambhav…..

    Donkey saiyaam had given poison to the sambhav…. Suhani open your eyes he is evil pls b away with that nonsense Sambhav

    No reunion of yuvani

  2. Pls let yuvraj n suhani marriage complete with happy ending yaar…. Y sambhav nonsense

  3. Hw can sambhav be alive???

    1. Such a stupid track …. I really don’t like sambhav…. Disgusting….. Ssel was the best serial…. Of the 3 youngsters yuvraj, suhani n soumya….. But totally it changed into crime petrol…. The name of sambhav n saiyyam is very irritating

  4. Oh! Sambhav is back, well done cvs! What a gr8 work! n why cant they bring soumya, barbie and her daughtr r son saying he/she is yuvaraj children? Really mad, stupid n every bad words goes to these cvs, frustated by them, bettr am going to leave tis serial, watchd nly for YuvAni bt they r going to spoil it by showng subhav again. the word trust never exists. very very angry! so nyways no yuvani reunion n full of negative charactr after suhani n yuvaraj. blo*dy idiot writers.

    1. Same here… Very angry on cvs

  5. What the hell is happening , how can a dead man appear suddenly?!
    Like there was not enough evils in this house now sambhav is also there.

  6. Whut yuvraaj is sambhav whut nonsense is dis so where is yuvraj??????

  7. Oh my god???what the hell??


  9. Love you saiyyam

    Yes I’m happyhappy sambav is back what goes around comes around suhani deserve this
    I’m sure this time also yuvraj will not be able to save suhani eventually its saiyyam who saves suhani from sambav when he knows truth

    1. are u dumb…..i think u know sambhav ne suhani ke saath kya kiya tha….

    2. I have to agree with love you saiyyam!

      It is a good thing, because saiyyam well know about his real dad!
      He needs to know the truth.

      It is still suhani fault, for abandoning saiyyam!

      But at least, slowly the truth well come out.

      Krishna is irritating me now, all this Yuvaan being her!
      Yuvaan don’t want her, she should get over it!
      As for suhani, she should stop giving Krishna fault hope!

      1. I have to agree with love you saiyyam!

        It is a good thing, because saiyyam well know about his real dad!
        He needs to know the truth.

        It is still suhani fault, for abandoning saiyyam!

        But at least, slowly the truth well come out.

        Krishna is irritating me now, all this Yuvaan being her!
        Yuvaan don’t want her, she should get over it!
        As for suhani, she should stop giving Krishna false hope!

      2. Love you saiyyam

        Suhani told that she want to accept saiyyam if he is good
        But I don’t believe even if she accept she will put yuvan and Krishna first and then yuvani and saiyyam
        She didn’t gave nice upbringing to any of the kid yuvan is coward
        Yuvani is as evil as dadi
        Krishna is very afraid and under confident girl

    3. Suhani abandoned Sayyam ,,,,so u ppl want Sambav to teach her a lesson,,,,Sambav,,,the same person who raped her,,,,,ridiculous

      1. Agree with u @laksh…sambhav teaching suhani a lesson lol…its d joke of d millenium….i really dont care for saiyyam as well….these 2 gr8 ppl teaching suhani…disgusting….but one thing i would like to see is sayyam protecting suhani from his dad

      2. Agree with u

    4. I agree with you I love you saiyyam.

      Suhani dose deserves it!
      abandoning saiyyam, when he needed her the most.
      Sambhav didn’t made her to do this.

      Suhani is the one, that damage the children.
      Look at it yuvaan is so happy that he is marrying baby.
      Dose suhani understand that, no!
      So I am happy that sambhav is back!

      As for Yuvraj, who cares! He deserves it as well.
      It like he was such a good character and husband. Yuvraj treated Krishna, like an idiot. Just like suhani, yuvraj made her WEAK!

      I still want Krishna and Saiyyam to get married.

    5. Wah, kya uchch vichar hai aapke. Koi aurat kitni bhi buri ho, woh rape ya rapist ko deserve nhi karti. Yh kehke aap unn logon ke barabr sound kr rahe Jo aurat pe zulm unko sabak sikhana sochte hai.

      1. Wow! Akshu
        And giving someone false is right!
        Obviously you don’t see in our point of views.

        Suhani deserve what coming to her. She did this to herself. No one made her or force her to do it.

        Suhani could have walked away long time ago. But she didn’t!

        suhani kept on running back to the Birla, like a love sick puppy!
        This is Suhani doing and no one else!

        So what suhani doing forcing, Yuvaan to marry Krishna is right!

        Giving Krishna false hope that yuvaan going to love her soon, is right!

        What Sambhav did to Suhani raping her is Wrong!

        What suhani did and doing to the children, now adult is also wrong!

        That is why, so many of us has turned against suhani!!

        You want to know why cvs brought back sambhav. It is the same reason that they got him in the first place!

        SO WAKE UP!!!!!

  10. Ok.I agree that shambhav wears the mask of yuvraj.but, how can he get “””” YUBRAJ’S VOICE””” there is no sense

    1. I agree with u….. Nonsense writers… They r loosers… They too don’t know where it is leading… Usse acha chai bajne wala ban jaate writers…. Kuch b likhte

    2. @ Shushmita & Somi,
      Spy do this all the time!

      Yes the world has advanced, it cost a lot of money, but it is doable.

      If spy can do it, so can criminal. This is nothing new.
      I saw a tv program, a white man, became a black man.
      It was to understand decimation.
      So it is possible!

  11. Shocking news is coming for the viewers and followers of Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki as evil Sambhav (Alekh Sangal) is going to be back on the show, in his negative role.

    Recently Suhani Si Ek Ladki took leap of 15 years, before which Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) was shown killing Sambhav. The blame of Sambhav’s murder was taken by Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta) to save Suhani, for which Yuvraj suffered arrest and imprisonment. Now after 15 years, Sambhav will be miraculously back in Suhani and Yuvraj’s lives to create havoc. Sambhav was seen as the most evil characters in Suhani Si Ek Ladki who disguised himself as Suhani’s best friend but turned out to be her worst enemy.

    Sambhav married Suhani in place of Yuvraj, tortured her and even raped her after which Suhani had killed Sambhav. But in the upcoming episode of Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Sambhav will be back in Suhani and Yuvraj’s life. The wedding track of Yuvaan (Mridul Kabir) and Krishna (Srishti Jain) has started off in Suhani Si. Sambhav will be seen donning Yuvraj’s mask. Sambhav will come across as Yuvraj and will be present in the wedding. It is yet unclear if Sambhav will kidnap Yuvraj and will keep him in captivation.

    1. SilentReader

      yea ,,’MIRACULOUSLY’,,,,,what kinda miracle that could be,,,,he must be declared God….the unbeatable Sambav,,,,,so does that means Yuvi went to jail for no reason,,,,LOL writers gonna make me mad

  12. Nithu

    What the hell…is this….?????i was hell laughing after reading precap…..

    1. Silentreader

      hehe yea….superman Sambav….returned after getting burnt

  13. Sambhav was burnt alive by suhani and now hw came back? wow great. why does this only happens in indian serials where dead people come alive. If only Suhani told the truth to saiyyam when she first knew he was her son it would’nt have dragged this much. Stupid. I guess that Sambhav and Saiyyam are together in this plan. as they have shown him alive, I guess that after Suhani left saiyyam in the orphanage Sambhav follwed her and adopted saiyyam and poisoned his mind about his mother. And I guess Sambhav has kidnapped Yuvraaj and taken his place. PLEASE END THIS DRAMA. I DONT WANT THIS SAMBHAV TRACK. I really used to like him but the CVs made him neagative actually he was shown like a devil. And since then I find this boring. I started watching only for Saiyyam. He is the only guy who is worth watching and please don’e make him a devil. Turn him positive and end this shit.

    1. Average_girl

      Maybe he was still alive, like he had burns on his body but was still breathing and someone took him to the hospital to get treated and he is alive. I missed this episode but would be interesting to see Sambhav and his son work together to spoil the Birla family. Suhani deserves what’s coming for her. Hate her now like it’s her fault her son Saiyaam is like this and her children are like that. Didn’t give a good upbringing.

  14. Oh my god, hell with this serial!! What weird thing other than Sambhav coming back after being killed!?!

  15. I really cant understand this drama. In every drama thier are ups and downs but in this drama its always the negative side. Viewers would like to see something positive. Suhani si ek ladki was a really nice drama and I really cant understand what happened to the script because we always feel sad and frustrated when we watch this. Please take this comment in a positive way and let the viewers have a piece of mind. Thank and looking forward to see a good change.

  16. Hpw senseless serial

  17. Silentreader

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sambav…….oh really ..>.< ….. I QUIT

  18. I think sambhav recently kidnapped yuvraj… Which will b shown afterwards…. N now if suhani doesn’t care for yuvraj ( sambhav) life will b good in this way she can save krishna from stupid saiyaam… N I wish this tym without wasting the tym yuvraj must come like hero from clutches of evil Sambhav…. But this cvs always making zero to the lead actors

  19. This is just stupid. Stupid n idiot writers. How can someone who is dead come back to life? No wonder the stars are running away from the show. Stupid series

  20. Well done cvs you should get worst writers award for making this beautiful serial into a bunch of shit.Wat do u think of us viewers are we blind.How can you make sambhav alive.Plz end this track soon or rather end serial on a happy note.

  21. MY OH MY

  22. It had totally changed into a comedy crime show….welldone writers great job as usual with zero logic….ab dusri baar sambhav suhani shaadi dikhayenge ye log..cheee!!..u ppl have turned a perfect herione into a crying doll with too many husbands and children..they r literally degrading a woman and giving worst message…..toh issliye they showed yuvani scenes to again bring sambhav…i really wonder whether d yuvraj who had come from jail after leap is sambhav ..nd its subhav scene

  23. Riana

    Cant believe that Suhani si rk ladki was to be my one of the favourite shows in old days…i really badly miss the old yuvraaj n Suhaani…After the bomb incident…the show is been destroyed…n the ashes of the destruction is still now…Sambhav is alive…then why did they showed this horrible leap…its illogical…i think the cast n crew needs some rest…n the writers n directors n producer needs mental treatment…

  24. Well SSEL certainly will NOT be picking up any awards this year unless it’s for the most pathetic storyline!!!

  25. krishna ?Sayyam

    WTFFFFF! This show is so messed up now . For a while I got excited that Sayyam is gonna get married to Krishna . But Here suhani and Krishna have some other other plans. Why the hell doesn’t Krishna understand that yuvaan considers her a burden . He don’t like her . Everyone thinks yuvan is good and Sayyam is bad . But that’s wrong because whatever sayyam does he does it honestly . But yuvaan is just like his sister . They both play evil tricks behind everyone’s back. But Krishna and suhani failed to understand that . And how can a person who burned to death be alive again ? And if this is sambhav then where is yuvraaj?

  26. Will saiyam get married to krishna?

  27. Will saiyam married krishna?

  28. I’m pretty confident, they’ll get married …

  29. Don’t knw why ppl are getting happy seeing Sambav’s return….He z the same Sambav who RAPED Suhani,,,,,,U want him to torture her again,,,,,yuck,,,,,,Saiyyam is trying to kill everyone and all are supporting him saying he has a reason,,,,,so u can kill anyone if u have a reason,,,,,,then Suhani can abandon Sayyam,,,,,she also had a reason,,,,,We dnt knw thru wat all situations a rape victim will go thru,,,,,,it’s lyk,,,,,She got raped, so wat she shud forget it soon and move on wid her new born child!!!!!!! maybe Sayyam is reminding her abt Sambav,,,,maybe that’s why she abandoned her and still not caring for him,,,,,,I agree that Suhani did many mistakes and is waiting to do more,,,,bt that doesn’t mean she deserve to be tortured by Sambav again,,,,,,,,,,U ppll are supporting a rapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I too hate him… Really don’t like Sambhar tracj

  30. Nothing improvement in this seriL.atleast one happiness moment.all the characters become senseless.suhani always fight for truth how can she allow yuvaan marry baby.yuvaan he always care for krishna.Now he want to eid of ger?where is his friendship now?krishna she know yuvasn dont want her as his wife.then why forcing him.

  31. No improvement in storyline it’s becoming too worse best to end it

  32. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the precap sambhav seriously how can you kill this man he was burned alive and still managed to come back lol. Suhani is a joke she pretends to be so full of high morals but the number one thing she doesn’t do. She never tells the truth. If only she told the truth to her children about their dad being alive. If only she told the truth to sayam about his dad. If only she told the truth to everyone that sayam was blackmailing her to marry krishna she could save everyone but I don’t know what happens to her morals. Yuvani is an evil hag just like her dadi they belong together and she was feeling bad when baby remind her that they have the same skin tone lol. I’m feeling suhani si ek ladki needs to end they going of in a weird direction. Finally yuvaan he is the most irritating character he is supposedly good but falls for baby after she shows him some attention and wears some short dresses. His mind is definitely between his legs. He is leaving such a nice girl like krishna for baby who is a tramp moving from one guy to another it is disgusting and such a bad character trait.

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