Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan getting hiccups. Yuvani laughs and says she never got hiccups. Yuvraaj comes and takes care of Yuvaan. He asks Krishna to call Suhani. Krishna calls Suhani and makes her talk to Yuvaan. Suhani tells the story to Yuvaan, which Yuvraaj told her during her pregnancy. Yuvaan’s hiccups stops. Suhani ends call and cries. She recalls talking to Yuvraaj. He says I wish it’s a boy and a girl. She says I know you will love me the most and spoils his hair. He tickles her and makes her laugh. Sambhav looks on.

Lata puts water in all other slippers. She goes to call Sambhav. Pankaj comes there and cleans Suhani’s slipper. Everyone sit to have dinner. Sharad and Saurabh ask for food. They laugh. Soumya looks on. Sambhav asks Suhani is she ready. She says yes. Lata

says I can’t come, I have headache. Suhani says we will go later. Lata asks them to go. Soumya argues with Rags and Menka. Pratima asks them to stop it. Pratima shouts seeing lizard in soup and shouts showing them the lizard.

Suhani says Papa did not change. Lata says she will wear anything new. Pankaj says Suhani does not keep shoes clean and laughs on her funda. Lata asks her to wear this shoes. Pankaj says I will clean it. Sambhav says its new and clean. Pankaj cleans shoes and his hand gets hurt by the glass pieces. They get shocked seeing the glass pieces in the shows. Dadi asks Bhavna where is her focus, what if we had this and died. Bhavna says food was good when I kept on table. Dadi asks did we add lizard in this, you are taking revenge from us. Sharad defends Bhavna. Suhani refuses to go on dinner.

Bhavna cries. Pratima says I know its not your mistakes. Sambhav scolds a person and says whatever I want, I get it anyway. Suhani hears him and asks on whom is he scolding. Sambhav says that shoe seller, you would have got hurt by it. She says yes, but you were talking about something else. He says I was getting a gift for Yuvaan. She says she has work in kitchen and goes.

He sees the coconut oil bottle. Sharad finds Bhavna sad. Sambhav says I liked to have pakodas today. Pankaj says great, Suhani is making that. Sambhav sees the oil he has put on floor. Sharad says Golu will eat food. Bhavna says no, if anything happens to Golu. Sharad sends Golu and hugs Bhavna, pacifying her that nothing can happen to Golu. Pratima comes and tells Bhavna that it was not her mistake. Bhavna hugs her and cries. Sharad thinks to find out whose mistake was it.

Suhani gets pakodas and asks them to have it soon. Sambhav smiles. Lata goes to take pakodas and slips by the oil. Suhani holds Lata and ask Sambhav to help fast. Sambhav says yes, and holds Lata. Bhavna gives juice to Yuvraaj and thanks him for showing trust on her. He says I know you are very upset, but I believe you, I know I don’t have proof but I know you were not wrong. Dadi comes and asks Bhavna not to trouble Yuvraaj. Bhavna says sorry and goes.

Sharad tells Pratima about doing pest control. Pratima agrees with him. Soumya smiles and thinks whats the use of pest control, I added that lizard. She goes to washroom. Rags and Menka come to her room and add glue in lipstick to teach Soumya a lesson. They see Soumya coming and leave throwing the glue there. Soumya sits to get ready. She applies the lipstick. Rags and Menka see her and smile. Soumya’s lips get stuck. Soumya thinks what happened and checks lipstick. She thinks someone has added something to my lipstick. Rags and Menka laugh and leave. Soumya gets glue there and gets angry.

Kids call Suhani and tell her that Sambhav gifted Yuvaan a car, which Yuvaan liked a lot. Yuvaan says I will send pics to my friends and tell them that my dad is best. Yuvraaj hears them. Yuvani tells him that she wants to see the car at Pankaj’s place. He says I m busy. Pratima says take them, we have to do pest control at home, it won’t be good for kids. The kids request him.

Sambhav drives the kids’ car and injures Suhani’s feet by driving the car by remote. Suhani’s feet bleeds and she screams. She falls down and kids run to her. Sambhav smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s episode starting is nice and rags, menka and that witch somya ‘s scene is little funny but precap is very ridiculous to think…

  2. sad about precap.

  3. I think yuuvraaj will come to help suhani

    1. What is this thing! YUVRAJ HELPING SUHANI!
      No one else can save SUHANI.
      EXCEPT SUHANI HERSELF.This is what happened when you lose your self respect, to someone that didn’t deserve your heart.
      I have to learn the hard way of life. When well you all that want Suhani & Yuvraj back together. Well grow up!
      I Blame the writers for this. But you have to open your own eyes, and see life it self. The world is full of bad people. Like I said I have to learn the hard way, no one saved me I saved myself.

  4. in the long run truth always wins dadi is just like those witches in storybooks she will never change and like her getting caught is beyond thinking she is always winning and there is no one who can see her evilness

  5. stopwatchingtv

    I think dadi is actually barbie under prosthetic makeup. This Funda is common in serials these days. Let’s see. At present they are just dragging

  6. Its sad that every men who fall in love with Suhani become negative and sides up with the witch Dadi.This serial has bought about a lot of corrupt side of India incorporated into peoples daily lives and the saddest thing of all this is that the families members destroy each other.This kind of family corruption will continue until someone brings about justice using their heads and not their heart.

  7. I agree with raven .daadi always wins .”ek machhli pure talab ko ganda karti hai” ye baat daadi par fit hoti hai tabhi to rags ,menka, soumya,rohan,barbie,sajan,sambhav sare daadi ki side ho gaye ………I guess sambhav is also another brother of Barbie and Sajan.and he came to take revenge from suhani .kyunki usne jail mein kaha tha kiwo suhani ko barbad kar degi and yuvraj aur suhani ko hamesha ke liye alag kar degi……
    But slowly slowly ssel is return it’s old ,own,lovly track……

  8. Yaar, agree Uaha,everybody birla house aake bura keise ban jaata hai? I liked sambhav, simply making him evil, why. Sach bolun to ab kuch dekhne layak nahi hai. I have habit by watching from starting, so mood hua to dekh liyaa, but no satisfaction. Chocolate de ke pet nahi bharta, doston. Kuch changing hona chahiye, wohi baar baar keise.

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