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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Bhavna about Radhe and the book. Bhavna lies that we did not like the book, so we returned it. Radhe leaves. Sharad asks Bhavna what happened to her. Bhavna and Suhani say we did not like the book. Sharad goes. Dadi scolds Sajan for giving methi laddoos to Suhani. Dadi asks him not to give anything to Suhani without asking her. Rags says I don’t get this, why did Suhani keep him. She gives the papers to Dadi and asks her to sign.

The door bell rings and Dadi does not sign papers. A man comes and delivers cooler. Dadi says yes, Yuvraaj told me, Rags get the cooler fixed in Yuvraaj’s room. She keeps the file. Rags asks whats the need of this cooler. Dadi says Suhani is pregnant, women feel more heat in pregnancy, if AC does not get repaired, Suhani

will sleep in your room. Rags argues with Dadi. Dadi asks her to get her cheque book. Rags asks why. Dadi says this time donation will go by your account. Rags gets angry.

Bhavna and Soumya talk on phone and laugh. Suhani asks Bhavna to make samosas for her. Bhavna laughs and makes Suhani talk to Soumya. They talk about missing out good food and comforts in pregnant. The man asks Rags to call the person who will use this cooler, I have to tell something. Rags asks him to explain her. Bhavna says I will make samosas. Suhani cleans the kitchen platform and says its dusty. Bhavna jokes on her twin babies.

Rags says fine I understood, you can go. She damages the cooler in anger and says I will not let Suhani sleep peacefully. Sajan comes and asks what are you doing here. She scolds him and he apologizes. She goes. Bhavna takes samosas for Suhani. Yuvraaj and Sharad stop her, and ask where is she doing, whats in her hand, samosas for Suhani? She nods. Suhani sleeps with the cooler on. The broken electric wire drops in water on the floor and cooler starts shaking. Suhani wakes up and is about to put her feet on the floor.

Bhavna says we should allow Suhani to have this, as she wishes to have this. Sharad takes it and says we know what to give Suhani. Yuvraaj says no samosas or laddoo for Suhani, she should just eat healthy food. Sharad says we will have these samosas. Pratima asks them not to trouble Bhavna and takes back samosas. Bhavna thanks her. Suhani gets down from the bed and Pratima stops her from stepping on water. She gives her samosas. Suhani gets glad and asks did Yuvraaj see this. Pratima says he has seen, but I stopped him. Pratima asks Ramesh to put wind chime in Suhani’s room. He removes slippers and gets on the bed. He then steps on the watery floor and gets current. He falls down and they get shocked.

Yuvraaj scolds the man for sending faulty cooler, my wife is pregnant, if she got current then. The man apologizes and says I will send my man and get it shocked, such mistakes don’t happen. Rags asks what happened to Ramesh. Pratima says Ramesh got electrocuted by cooler damage. Radhe calls Suhani and says that book had nothing. Suhani asks sure. Radhe says yes. Suhani tells Bhavna that she is worried, you have seen what happened with cooler. Bhavna says its machine, shop vendor would have sent wrong cooler.

Radhe meets the shop vendor and calls Suhani. She says the man is saying he has checked cooler, machine is fine, circuit is broken. She asks what does he mean. Radhe makes the man talk to Suhani. The man tells Suhani that his mechanic checked cooler, it was running when when it was installed there, circuit can’t break on its own, it has to be broken by hand. She gets shocked and goes to check cooler.

Yuvraaj asks Sajan why is the room so bad. Suhani says I need to talk. Yuvraaj scolds Sajan for not cleaning the room. He asks Suhani not to defend him. He says we kept him here for your care, we don’t need him. He scolds Sajan angrily. Suhani says hear him once. Yuvraaj says he does not know work. She says I stopped Sajan from using phenyl, I will not have kesar milk with hope to get fair children. He asks her not to defend Sajan, he does not know his work. He goes. Suhani thinks what to tell Yuvraaj, he is already angry, who wants to harm me. She reads the news that a man died eating gulab jamuns from dustbin and was found on the temple road. Rags gives donations cheque and worries. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to take care of Suhani, I want Suhani to be healthy, will you help me. Bhavna says yes, tell me what to do. He thanks her. Ramesh fixes the windchimes and says Bhavna is making food. Suhani says it means I will get something good to eat.

Ramesh asks don’t I make good things. She says you follow Yuvraaj. Ramesh says Yuvraaj shouts on me and I have to listen to him. Bhavna comes with healthy food and smiles. Suhani dislikes it. Ramesh sees Yuvraaj outside and signs to Suhani. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to hide and cheat on her face. She says I will not eat this food. Yuvraaj and Suhani argue. Bhavna asks Suhani to have something. Suhani says just for you,l I will drink 3 spoons of this soup. She gets angry seeing Yuvraaj.

Suhani gets the bad smell and goes to see whats burning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t think rags is doing this…..there is something fishy

  2. If rags put poison in that food, then she just killed a man! Is that it?

  3. Does she want to
    Kill suhani? Why?

  4. Something is fishy. I think that rags isn’t doing this, but I think someone else. It’s good that Suhani comes to know that someone wants to harm her.

  5. I am sure it is sajan who is doing this

  6. nice episodeeeee

  7. I feel like sajan is sent by Barbie and he probably knows how to hypnotize people like Barbie and he’s is probably hypnotizing rags because when she found out someone got electrocuted she was shocked and after she does something she gets shocked hearing it like how’s it possible so I think sajan is playing with Barbie and hypnotizing rags there is some connection between sajan and rags because how can he just suddenly come that’s a little odd…

  8. Episode super thirumbavum serial thrilling ah irukku samma super yenakkum sajan mela thaan santhegama irukku Suhani Rathe Kitta book koduthappa screen pinnaadi yaaro paathaanga than kandippa itha Rags pannala yenakkennavo Barbi story innum mudiyalanu ninaikren yena ah suhaniya kill pandra alavukku Barbi mattum thaan lrukku illana story la puthusaa yentha character aachum vanthaa thaan undu

    1. Jenisha Prince

      Hey are u from tamil nadu?

  9. Hope suhani n her babies stay safe

  10. Sandra s thannickal

    Ramya unku hindi theriyatha? Aellavarakum puriya vendama…i also think sajan ne sab kuch kiya hai.vo hamesha suhani ko niche giranae ki liyae kuch na kuch floor par girathi hai.guys Barbie ne kaha vo zaroor vabas avongi aur suhani ko barbath karungi.Suhani aur uski babies ko save karo

  11. I think Barmy will come back & take revenge on Suhani. Maybe later on in the series.

  12. Yes jenisha

    1. Jenisha Prince


  13. This show has become scary

  14. So irritating serial… this gives very bad impression for the viewers. people who watch this serial also can follow the same … directors of this serial should not show such incidents like surrogacy, poisoning the food, people who are willing to do surrogacy will get scare because the incidents showed here.
    stop all these negative incidents. this is a romantic serial but from the beginning they spoiled the value of this lovely story… not only indians but also other people around the world watch this, these serials mother in law and daughter in law fights gives bad impression about indian culture

  15. give a beauty to this serial,,, not fights, taking revenge, jealousies, remove all these negative incidents,

  16. Sajan is the real culprit

  17. Serial paakrappa purinjukuven avlo thaan type Pandra alavukku theriyaathu pa unga maathri Tamil fans kku puriyumla athu pothum

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