Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Soumya to get Prasad for everyone. Ramesh says but Dadi, Prasad…. Soumya says its made, I will get it. She goes to kitchen and thinks she forgot, what will she say Dadi, she will get angry. She sees the Prasad made. She says maybe Ramesh made it and smiles. She takes it and gives everyone. Yuvraaj tastes it and asks Sharad. Saurabh and everyone understand and see Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Sharad did Suhani cross Laxman Rekha. Sharad says yes, don’t worry and eats the Prasad. He eats it and says I went out for 5mins for snoopi.

Saurabh compliments Suhani for making halwa. Dadi says Soumya made it very tasty, praise her. Soumya thanks her. Anuj asks Suhani to make food, and she says she will make. Yuvraaj says no need to do anything, Soumya is to be bahu,

she will make food. Dadi says yes. Anuj asks why did she not make. Soumya says sorry, I forgot, I will make. Anuj asks her to do fast. Suhani and Yuvraaj talk to snoopi and he is annoyed as he made Prasad. She says it was for puja and mum would have felt bad. They argue sweetly. He asks her to stop helping Soumya in kitchen.

Soumya scolds Ramesh for cutting vegs slow and he asks her for help calling her Didi. She says she will just mix salad and asks him to call her Madam, not Didi. She makes him do all the work. Anuj is very hungry and tells Saurabh to take him out. Saurabh says he won’t have outside food and asks Suhani about it. He says Maa has to take food, she took medicines. Dadi scolds Ramesh and asks about the food. Anuj says Soumya is managing, so food making will take lots of time. Yuvraaj stops Suhani and says you promised you won’t help Soumya.

She says yes, but see they all are hungry. He says I want to make Dadi realize that everyone is hungry because of Soumya. He says her lines that solution can’t be got in one day, it needs time. Soumya mixes all vegetables and scolds Ramesh. She says she will tell Dadi and kick him out of the house. Ramesh cries and Suhani asks him to give everyone the bhel. She sees the kitchen messes up and leaves.

Everyone like the bhel and Suani smiles. Anuj tells Ramesh that its very tasty. Ramesh says its bhel. Dadi says its very yummy, good. Suhani asks Pratima to have some. Yuvraaj tastes it and says yes, have it, its tasty. Saurabh says its very nice, great. Dadi says this house needs change, if Soumya comes in this girl, we will get new type of food, she is very good in everything. Ramesh says no, Soumya does not know everything, she is just scolding me, and tells Pratima that he always did the work, and Soumya calls him useless. Pratima says no.

He cries and goes to Suhani, saying Suhani did not talk to me like this and always took my help, this bhel is made by Suhani, which you all like a lot. Dadi is stunned. Ramesh says Suhani could not bear your hunger and she made the Prasad too, Soumya scolded me when I asked her to make Prasad. Yuvraaj sees Suhani. Suhani says mum has medicine and she would have got ill if she was hungry and Prasad was necessary for puja, sorry.

Dadi comes to sorry and asks whats all this, why is this so much mess, why do I feel you are making food for first time. Soumya says yes. Dadi says but last time you made well. Soumya says Suhani managed it. Dadi says you really disappointed me. Yuvraaj says if you help Soumya, how will we make Dadi and Soumya realize their mistake. Suhani says Pratima can get unwell. He says she is my mum too. She says if this goes on, she can get unwell and sees him sad. She says sorry. Soumya says she is not Suhani, she did not learn this, Krishna made her work but… Dadi says don’t take his name, my mood gets off, you are to be wife of Yuvraaj, he is leaving Suhani and accepting you.

Soumya asks why is she shouting on her, tell me what to do, I can’t learn cooking in one day. Dadi is stunned. Soumya says I mean this is tough for me to learn. Suhani and Yuvraaj see this. He says its not impossible, if you support me, we can end Soumya’s all plans, they are fighting and we are winning. She says its your victory. He says I hope you will listen to me from tomorrow, everything is incomplete without you, this plan can’t work without your support, promise me. She smiles and nods. Saawre…………….plays……………………. He sees her and smiles.

Snoopi barks and Dadi and Soumya turn. They see Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj asks what happened Dadi, what are you doing here. Dadi angrily sees Soumya and leaves. He asks Soumya what is she doing, cooking or war. He says you made food easily before, now what. Soumya says I had time and today I did not get time, so everything messed up. He says you would have told me, I would have arranged something, everyone is hungry. Suhani asks Soumya to get food for snoopi, he is hungry. She leaves. Yuvraaj asks Soumya to tell him if she does not know anything, he will have some alternative ready. Soumya says sorry. Suhani takes Snoopi’s food. Soumya thanks her for saving her last time, if she said she made the food, then Dadi and Yuvraaj would be angry.

Suhani says no need to say anything, they understand on own, mum understood and did not say, mum knows weakness and don’t insult, this is difference between mum and Dadi. Soumya asks is she still annoyed. Suhani says what does it matter anyway. Soumya says its good you are helping me, else I can’t manage. Suhani says I don’t understand why am I here. She asks her to come and see how to feed snoopi.

Soumya is attacked by dogs and she tells Yuvraaj that Snoopi has run. Yuvraaj says its my mistake that I trusted her and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tania ray

    Yrrr koi demand karo ki koi suhani ho lipstick lagwao uske white boring lips dekhkar yuvraaj ka mood bhi off ho jata hoga

  2. meghana

    This soumya is disgusting yaar anyone kick her out……n thus borax dadi if she is that much interested in marriage than writers must follow our social reforms n must make widow remarriage to that idiot dadi who is acting like 16 years young girl…….

  3. jp

    I think dadi does not have brain. The shit Sowmya got married with Krishna yesterday. And now she needs money for the luxurious life that’s y she did agree with dadi to marry yuv. In case tomorrow if anybody comes and says like dadi to divorce yuv and get married with someone else she will agree .when she couldn’t keep the friendship and couldn’t adjust the relationship with Krishna. How she will be in BH.dadi idiot doesn’t know the true skin of blo*dy hell Sowmya. She needs money only .but suhani is so sweet and beautiful girl.

  4. sari was the nice dress 4 adult girls n they must wear it n go n look others would mouth open because of beauties of them

  5. suhani very nice people. soumya not shy n all etc. i if there i can slap if chance get. any 1 opinion is there n all etc

  6. not that good suhani stop help that witch soumya if she want to be the bahu then she have to do everythings on her own so plz stop helping her or else yuvraj plans will fail

  7. t

    Soumya what do u want sushani to do,u want her to happy with u after u snatched her husband soumya u are original idiot

  8. sharmi

    Somuya should feel embarrassed to want to marry Yuvraaj as she was married to the person she loved and I am sure she is not virgin..disgusting to be throwing herself at another man and her best friend’s husband at that…totally degrading to women…well that old lady is role model for her granddaughters-in-law

  9. MT

    Sariga plz dont comment in English. Your English is pathetic. I was just reading comments and couldn’t resist myself and make the ID to correct you. I m sorry but I could not stop myself.

    • romi

      mt me knows pathetic meaned sad conditioner. Why u sayed sariga’s english used sad conditioner. conditioner for hairs not english. Sariga madams english goodest of all english teaches. C teached me english. me frnds prouded to me. me in debted to mams. C musted geted noble prize for literasures this year. I saluted c alwayed when i reads her commented.

  10. romi

    sariga madams please comes to sns page. I thanked u so ,many much. U r goodest of all. I saluted u madams. U maded me proudest in front of my friendes. U might geted nextest noble prize this years for english.

    • romi

      hi maghnad, u readed ramayan? u demon ravan’s son, very fat, very strong etc. u hide in cloudses. lord laxmana killen u.bye i fear u

  11. romi

    sweet u liven in a sweet shop no? in cupboard? i c in dicsionary sweet is a eatable. i eaten u. i loves sweets

  12. romi

    sweet u goes to cup board or else sweet shopkeeper threwen u in garbage pit. no people eaten stale sweet

  13. meghana

    Romi….r u that romi idiot from yeh hair mohabbatein or short form of romeo or anyone named u it because u always keeps roaming here n there …..hey romi don’t roam much or else anyone will kidnap u….

  14. romi

    yello every1. I thinked laxman taken pre birth (is it correct word at ‘punarjanam’ sariga madams?) and killen maghnad. Baby demon dieded. I singen,. I happy many happy so many

  15. Mrixry

    That b*t*h deserves to be scolded at she should be slapped as well ,she cant cook she will have to admit it some day before they get married who know she will poison the family

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