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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna telling Sharad that Krishna would get late today. Sharad asks her to sort the problems with Suhani, as her parents are also here. Lata comes and blesses Sharad. Sharad says Golu loves me more than Bhavna. Lata smiles. Sharad takes Golu and goes. Bhavna says Sharad takes care for Golu well. Lata asks how is your Jethani. Bhavna says Rags is good, she does not trouble me. Lata says I m talking about Suhani. Bhavna looks on.

Gauri recalls Suhani and Dadi’s words and looks at the mask. Rags asks her to come. Gauri wears the mask, which looks very weird. Soumya and Krishna are on the way. Soumya says Suhani would be annoyed, we got much late. He says he had work. She says tell them you won’t work, you are hero. He says they will find new hero if I say this.


and Suhani come home and she argues. He rings the bell. Ramesh opens the door. Suhani asks why is it so dark. Ramesh says Rags and Menka fought and Menka pulled the wire, fuse went. Yuvraaj asks him to call electrician or get candles. They get inside the house. Everyone light candles. Suhani sees the surprise birthday party and smiles happily. They all wish her happy birthday by singing song. Music plays………….. She looks at Yuvraaj and he wishes her happy birthday. She hugs him.

He asks did you think I m so Sadu that I will not give a surprise to my wife. The elders bless Suhani. Suhani hugs her family. Bhavna hugs her and wishes her happy birthday. Rags asks Bhavna not to remove mask, as this is mask party. Suhani asks where is Mili. Bhavna asks her to enjoy her birthday, and she will take care of Mili. Gauri comes in mask again. Suhani worries seeing her and Rags stops her. Rags and Menka sign each other and smile.

Soumya says Dadi will be shocked seeing us today. Krishna sleeps while driving and hits the tree. Soumya shouts Krishna and falls down on the road. Krishna too hits the steering. Dadi says I can’t wear mask for more time and removes the mask. Saurabh tells about imp person in their lives and thanks Suhani for coming in their lives. He says we will start the evening by ball dance, which Suhani and Yuvraaj will lead.

Suhani asks Mili is she fine. Menka who is wearing similar clothes like Gauri and same mask, answers Suhani a yes. She asks her to remove mask when party gets over. Rags asks Yuvraaj to dance. Bhavna asks Suhani to come. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to dance. Anuj asks Suhani to say few words. Bhavna makes Menka sit. Gauri comes there. Rags stops her and asks her to wish Suhani later. She takes Gauri with her. She thinks this is best time to remove her mask. Suhani says she got a very good family and husband, she wants to thank Lord. Bhavna asks Mili to have juice. Menka refuses and thinks she is hungry, but Bhavna is not leaving her.

Rags comes back and thinks thanks Dadi, you convinced Mili to wear mask, so that my plan works. Suhani asks Mili to come. Menka acts and says no…. Gauri comes there and Rags worries. Rags dims the lights. Gauri gets scared and runs from there. Yuvraaj and Suhani dance romantically. Bhavna says were did Mili go. Saurabh says where did Ragini go. Rags brings Menka and asks Mili to stay here. Menka shows her face. Rags asks what is she doing here. Bhavna comes and thinks Menka is Mili. Rags worries as Suhani will know my plan if she talks to Mili. Sharad asks Lata and Pankaj to dance. Lata asks him to dance with Bhavna. He says she may have gone to see Golu.

Khubsurat lagega ye jahaan………plays……. Saurabh sprays snow. Rags pushes Gauri and spray gets on her. Gauri starts shouting. Saurabh says I m sorry. Gauri removes the mask and rubs the eyes. Suhani cares for her. Dadi worries as everyone has seen Gauri and her burnt mark.

Suhani tells Gauri to learn to answer. Dadi tells Gauri that no one will like her without mask. Gauri says I will try.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Nice episode I liked it very much ❤

  3. all the cast look like monkeys with the mask,mrs balla the old witch is so pathetic.

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