Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Suhani did you come to steal anything. She asks are you mad, I was having burning sensation in throat after having so much golgappas, so I came to have sugar. He asks for sugar too. They both eat sugar. She goes. Soumya looks on and says this won’t go on, everything will change in morning. Menka is worried as baby’s vaccination is tomorrow. Rags comes there and gets the baby’s birth certificate and vaccination schedule. She says I will come with you tomorrow. Menka asks why, you go with Soumya. Rags says you don’t know whats happening with Soumya and Suhani. Menka says I m not childless like you, I have to take care of him. Rags goes out and wonders about the baby’s vaccination, baby is very young and Menka is sending him for 15 months vaccination,

whats the matter. Soumya comes and asks Rags to help her.

Its morning, Yuvaan talks to Suhani about Pratima and Dadi. Suhani gets some call and goes asking Yuvaan to finish his homework now. Soumya goes to Yuvaan and asks are you studying, where is your mumma. He says I have to do holidays homework, mumma went to attend office call. She says Krishna and Yuvani are playing video game, Yuvraaj uncle got it, will you play. He says yes, but Suhani will scold me. She says she won’t scold you, come, she is my friend, I will explain her. They leave.

Suhani looks for Yuvaan. Sharad and Saurabh come talking about Yuvaan playing videogame. Saurabh says Yuvaan went on Yuvraaj’s gaming habits. Suhani asks what, he left his homework. She goes. Sharad says Suhani is strict for Yuvaan’s studies, even Bhavna and I don’t say anything.

Dadi tells Soumya that you did good to get Yuvaan here, see Yuvraaj is so happy. Suhani comes looking for Yuvaan. Soumya says there is tension at home, but I like seeing Yuvaan and Yuvraaj. Dadi stops Suhani and says let Yuvaan play. Suhani asks Yuvaan to go and finish his homework. Yuvaan says fine. Yuvraaj stops him and says he can play game and do homework later, its his holidays, it’s a study break. She says I don’t have to talk to anything to you. Dadi says its not big thing if he did not do homework and argues with Suhani. Suhani says if Yuvaan is born rich, it does not mean he becomes lazy and useless. Pratima says Suhani is right, why are Dadi and Yuvraaj fighting. Suhani sends Yuvaan to do homework, and says I don’t want to spoil him. Yuvraaj says we all love him, we are not spoiling him. She says fine, but for Yuvaan, final decision will be mine.

She goes to Yuvaan. He says I was going to say sorry, you should have not scolded me like this. She holds ears and says sorry. He says I m also sorry, I will do homework first and then play, I will give you icecream treat. She says fine, finish homework first. Rags looks on and informs Soumya that Suhani and Yuvaan patched up, if you attack again, things will get spoiled. Soumya asks what do you mean. Rags says there is still opportunity, don’t miss it. Yuvraaj comes and asks what opportunity. Rags says there is 3d film in theaters, I was thinking you guys can take kids. Soumya says yes, we will take Yuvaan too. Rags says no need, else his mum will do drama. Yuvraaj says no, Yuvaan will also come.

Suhani asks Yuvaan to work hard, else life will make him a joke, if he works hard, then life will give him many opportunities. Yuvani and Krishna come and ask Yuvaan to come for movie. Suhani says you guys go, Yuvaan is going for icecream treat. Yuvraaj says so its decided then. Yuvaan says mumma, we can go for icecream later. Soumya asks Suhani to come. Suhani says no, you all go.

Suhani tells Pratima that I raised Yuvaan my way, his teacher used to ask all kids to learn manners from Yuvaan, he is good in studies, I want to make him succeed in everything, Yuvani is like Dadi, I don’t like her habits, I feel weak when I see Yuvani acting like Dadi, I don’t want Dadi to make Yuvaan like her. Pratima asks is this the only reason for your fear, no need to lie to me. Suhani cries and says Yuvaan was going to have icecream with me, but Yuvraaj took him, I m scared that Yuvaan will forget me if he comes in this family, I don’t have anyone than Yuvaan, he likes Yuvraaj more than me. Pratima says Yuvraaj is his father. Suhani says Yuvraaj has everyone, I don’t have anyone else than Yuvaan, this house snatched much from me, if Yuvaan is snatched from me, I can’t bear it, I will go with Yuvaan. She hugs Pratima and cries. Yuvraaj heard them.

Soumya comes and talks to Suhani. Suhani says Pratima can come and meet Yuvaan anytime, I also wanted to spend more time with Yuvani, but I m glad Soumya is here. Yuvraaj asks but who is with Yuvaan there, he does not have his father, he will not go anywhere. She says this is not my house, I have to go some day. He says Yuvaan won’t go anywhere and gives her train tickets, asking her to leave if she wants. Soumya tells Rags what Yuvraaj said. Pratima asks Yuvraaj will he make a son away from his mother. Yuvraaj says I m his father, I have no option. Dadi says Yuvraaj is right, we will raise him better way. Suhani says why, because you have more money, even I have given him all comforts. She asks Yuvraaj to shut up, I have raised Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I have right on him. Dadi says Yuvaan will stay here, no one will take her. Rags says fine, Suhani can go without Yuvaan. Suhani says even I can snatch Yuvani from you all. Rags says you can’t do this, Dadi won’t let you touch Yuvani. Dadi says Suhani, kids will stay here, you can leave if you want. Suhani says I won’t go anywhere without Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says then don’t go, I mean if you want to stay with Yuvaan, you have to stay here, else go alone. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to think what is he saying. Yuvraaj says my son will stay here, she can stay here or leave.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue over Yuvaan. She cries and says if anyone challenges to separate a mother and son, then what will be the result.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hate u yuvraj birla

  2. Can any body say what is trip rating

  3. Please don’t use kid’s innocence for mean planning n separation, a bit of maturity is expected from yuvraj for his life

  4. I hate u yuvraaj

  5. How dare u yuvraj?? I hate u for what u have done today!!
    Suhani plz leave BH and marry Sambhav..

  6. Awwww hw bad… Last part was very bad…. Every dogs spoke against suhani but suhani faught solely no one spoke for her…. Cant u pratima and sharad speak up for her….
    Omg suhani’s acting in the precap was so awesome she is true and realistic actress…

    1. Even I admire her a lot.. By the way, what did she say in the precap??

  7. I knew this would happen, stupid suhani listening to pratma.

  8. Can somebody tell me in detail what exactly did suhani say to yuvraj in the precap? I couldn’t hear as I was over the phone……

  9. yuvraj wht do u want frm suhani.. u snatch her daughter past 7 yrs back now her son also u snatching ah..

    u happy with sowmya so suhani happy with oly yuvaan not frm u yuvraj birla….

    so suhani leaves with her son.. no need stop her….

  10. Useless bastard

  11. Pratibha is the real b*t*h

  12. *pratima

  13. Sambhav should come there now

  14. Guys this is Yuvraj plan because he heard the conversation! He doesn’t want Suhani to leave so he planned this because he knows that she won’t leave her son! It’s all good! Let’s give Yuvraj a bit of credit!

    1. Wow… First he blames her and breaks all ties with her, and then he makes plans to make her stay there.. DISGUSTING!!

    2. I totally agree with you , he doesn’t want suhani to leave so his doing this so she stays back…. the way he said “don’t go ” …. 🙂

    3. May be u’r right coz when suhani said that she wont go anywhere without yuvaan then yuvi said don’t go then..

  15. I think yuvraa mj did it intentionally to stop suhani also frm going..coz he heard the conversation between suhani n Pratima.. So indirectly he wants Suhani also to stay here

  16. Ik think yuvraj doing for suhani.. just to make her happie.. if he did like dis, suhani will stay here with yuvaan nd yuvani..

    1. Yup.. He plans something big..

  17. Yuvraaj is not sure what he wants from Suhani.

    I think he his yearning for his sons love and Suhani feels threatened that she might lose her son like she lost Yuvaani….

    1. I think Yuv realises he still loves Suhani but Somu I playing with his feelings as he doesn’t want to ditch Somu and Krishna

  18. Yes now yuvraj realized his love and he want suhani stay birla house .from starting he always fail to recognize his love.uska gussa hamesha uske pyar ko cover karta some happy moments aayenge .bahut hua rona- dhona.

  19. I agree but i think yuvraj will pay for his mistake for breaking all the ties when sambhav is back in the show.

  20. When will sambhav be back???? I’m dying to see the jealousy track!!!!

  21. Plan you don’t do THAT to someone you care about, then again it is a PLAN. So he can take Yuvaan off Suhani, and it is disgusting. Yuvraj or shall I say Dumbraj, he knows that Yuvaan loves suhani more. I well bet if Dadi knows about this, she well use it, against suhani and take Yuvaan off her. Dumbraj won’t do OR SAY ANYTHING. If Dumbraj love Suhani, why doesn’t he walk out with her, tell her, you know what I made a mistake, I am not married to soumya, let’s start over again. What punishment did give to Dadi, after all he knows, that Dadi did, and still he wants to hurt Suhani WHY? I tell you why, because she is easy, and she lets it. But what’s suhani doesn’t know that Dumbraj well never care about her. This is what mental abuse is about! I blame the writers. By the way I didn’t think of the name Dumbraj, I would like to thank the person that did.

    1. Urs very smart! This a story not reality! Happy lending = end of show!

      1. Yes happy endings, you don’t learn much from it though, do you. That why so many women get themselves into trouble.

  22. This is how men traps women, first they make the woman to remember, the romantic scenes, that they did together. Second they remind them the way they touch her. Third they go for the kill. Dumbraj is not DUMB, he knew that Suhani well leave one day, but he didn’t know when. He was planning this for a long time, now he is going for the kill. Stupid Suhani should have left sooner. Now he going to get Dadi to do the dirty work. If I was Suhani I well get yuvaan up and run away with him and never look back. This what men do they make women so weak, that they don’t know what is happening.

  23. Mothers have a special bond with their children, that old lady they call Dadi had everything to do with this separation. I think she should pay for that. They call it Carma what comes around goes around. In the real world if someone did what she’s done in the the show, would be put away for a long time behind bars. But I forgot she is RICH she can do whatever she wants

  24. Yuvraj is a mamma’s boy.He knows bonding between mother and son thats why he will not snatch yuvan from suhani.l wish this is only plan to teach lesson to dadi bicause he knew everything…….if he really hates suhani he marries soumya.he doesn’t make papers…..i think he was waiting to suhani…

  25. yuvraj want to ruin yuvaan d same he has done with yuvani….
    kash I could put a tight SLP in yuvraj n dadi ‘s face……brainless immature yuvraj

  26. make suhani strong and powerful. she managed yuvaan alone. now its time to teach lesson to all. suhani should not be shown as weak. a mother can do every thing for his son. don’t make suhani character worst. she stood stand up for his character and show them that money is n ot every thing and after leap suhani is shown as very poerful. don’t spoil her character

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