Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling the kids that Yuvraaj is boring and Sadu, he does not enjoy life. Yuvraaj and Suhani argue. Suhani tells about Karwachauth where wives keep fast for husbands. Krishna says mumma keeps fast for Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says Suhani will keep fast for Sambhav. Rags scolds Menka and says you have taunted me for being childless since six years, and you have stolen this baby, its unbelievable, tell me whose child is he.

The kids tickle Golu and they laugh. Soumya asks why don’t we arm wrestle like before. Bhavna says why not, and tells the kids that Suhani always won in arm wrestling. Krishna says even Papa wins in every game. Soumya says even Sambhav is very strong built. Yuvaan says yes, he also never loses. Krishna says he will lose to my Papa. Yuvaan bets that

Sambhav will win. Soumya asks Bhavna to let kids enjoy. She asks the kids to call Yuvraaj and Sambhav.

Rags asks Menka how did she give Birla family name to anyone’s child. Menka begs to her and holds her feet, asking her not to tell this secret to anyone, you become Guru and I will become your servant. Rags agrees and says you won’t stop me from playing with your son, and would do what I want. Menka promises.

Kids bring Yuvraaj and Sambhav there. Yuvraaj asks whats this kiddish thing. Soumya says sometimes kiddish thing is good for kids. Suhani says this does not look good between elders. The kids ask them to agree, and compete. Yuvraaj takes the challenge to win over Sambhav.

Sambhav and Yuvraaj arm wrestle. Yuvaan says Sambhav uncle, you are losing. Krishna and Yuvani cheer for Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says mumma, I want to call Yuvraaj as Papa, afterall he is my Papa too. Suhani says yes. Yuvraaj smiles and looks at Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks can I call you Papa. Sambhav gets angry and hurts Yuvraaj’s hand. He wins and asks Yuvraaj to get habitual to lose, now I have come.

Yuvraaj says if this is called failure, I m lose everyday. He tells Yuvaan that he won today, you are young to understand this. Later, Yuvraaj sees Yuvaan hiding in room and giving first aid box to Yuvani. Yuvani asks Yuvaan to come. Yuvrraaj thanks Yuvaan. Yuvaan says mumma has sent this for you. Yuvraaj smiles. Soumya and Sambhav look on. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that you won and still you lost. He says what shall I do, I was doing that for Yuvaan’s happiness.

Radhe and Rakhi come home. Rakhi hears a baby cry and runs. Radhe says its not our baby. She beats him and says I lost my baby because of you. He says sorry. The villager woman says once I get child’s real parents, I will not leave Menka. Rags goes to Pratima and gets first aid kit. She says Yuvraaj will get hurt daily, if Sambhav and he compete daily. Soumya asks Rags whats all this. Rags says I m saying truth to Pratima. Soumya says don’t give tension to Pratima. Rags says I say everything on face, Pratima’s face to keep Sambhav here is bad, can two sautans stay together, you can heal external wounds, what about the wounds on heart. Pratima worries.

Bhavna tells Pratima that Rags did not say wrong. Pratima says I know, this will affect kids also, Rags is right. Sharad says I know there is fear of fights, but Rags is responsible for this, she suggested this to kids, we have to explain elders, we can’t flow in emotions. Pratima agrees.

Yuvraaj recalls Yuvaan and says don’t know what will happen now. Soumya comes and says sorry for that competition. He says no, I have won, I felt Pratima’s decision is right, I will win Yuvaan’s heart some day. She says but Sambhav would become Suhani’s husband. He says that’s okay, if I can move on, why can’t Suhani, I m ready to tolerate Sambhav for Yuvaan, Yuvani will also get her brother.

Krishna says they want to go to beach on picnic, we will make sand house. Sharad and Suhani agree. Soumya tells Rags that Yuvraaj is also excited. She thinks no one is concerned for me. Maid talks to her and says milk got spoiled, if anyone drinks this, stomach will get ache. Menka obeys Rags. Soumya vomits. Rags asks her is she fine. Suhani gets water for Soumya. Bhavna says we should take her outside of kitchen. Soumya has drunk the bad milk to vomit instantly. Menka asks Soumya is it good news. Suhani looks on.

Sambhav and Saurabh come. Menka says Soumya is pregnant. Krishna and Yuvani hug Soumya. Menka asks Suhani what happened, will you not congratulate Soumya. Suhani congratulates Soumya and hugs her. Yuvraaj comes and asks why is everyone excited. Sambhav congratulates him and says you are going to become Papa, Soumya is pregnant. Yuvraaj and Sharad get shocked. Yuvraaj looks at Soumya and Suhani.

Rags asks Yuvraaj to have sweets. Yuvraaj pushes Rags away and says Soumya is not pregnant, we are not married. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    I hope tom epi would be an epic

  2. fantastic promo

  3. Finally d truth is out game is over u devil soumya

  4. I am eagerly waiting for next episode…wishing that it won’t be soumya’s imagination..

  5. wow, every one got to know that yuvraj and soumya not get married its really efor birla

  6. cheapo Rags,,,,,bt good that their marriage truth will come out,,,,,

    1. I hope that precape is not dream. ..hopefully all r gud tomorrow. .

    2. S, Rags & Soumya both r so cheap. . . . let’s see if Rags will repent helping Soumya after knowing the truth but I don’t understand why Rags & Menka hate suhani & wish to get rid of her ??

    3. Me too,,,,don’t knw y they are always after Suhani,,,….now even if Suhani leaves Birla house next they will start plotting against Soumya….they really needs counselling and I too hope that the PRECAP is not a dream

  7. I hope this is not a dream of yuvraj

  8. I cant guess th plan of Soumya… what will b tomarrow’s epi…promo was excelnt…bt ther s possibilities to change all nd thn soumya kick th goal….Waiting… no idea frnds…

  9. oh pls writter dont make this confession as dream… v cant wait fr ths confession..

  10. god yuvi said all its real not imagination….. today episode also too fantaistic to eagarly waiting fr tmrw episode ….. 😀 :-D.

    1. Nithu

      Ash im also waiting ….

  11. oh pls writter dont make this confession as dream… v cant wait fr ths confession..anymore..

  12. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

  13. So Babu is Radhe and Rahki son. That woman stole their baby and gave him to Menka.

    Soumya is so shameless! My goodness, how low can she stoop?
    So will she now guilt Yuvraj into getting her pregnant because everyone thinks she’s pregnant?

  14. So it’s rakhi’s child that women stole their chilg and gave too menka

  15. guys if tat was not a dream am damn sure soumya ll make yuvi gulityas he was drunk tat day nd felt tat Nagin as suhani..blah blah blah….she makes story.. nd left no way for yuvi,make him as feeling guilty thn only he ll marry tat Nagin at anycost..i think this fake pregnancy drama not end soonatlest thy draggg 2 week.. i dont knw writers ki mind me kya chal raha hi..

    1. I really hope that it’s not a dream,,,,coz fed up of soumya don’t want any of her drama more

  16. I hav a dout frnds…whr s krishna??soumya’s original hus…i missd those parts..srry…if thr s a chanc of his return…i too think same..that damn soumya will make stories nd trap yuvi… aftr this yuvi startd to dout soumya..nd he knew her past and evil mind…he na guys???ans my qus….

    1. He died in bomb blast..

    2. yea Krishna and Gauri died in the bomb blast

  17. ya u t right abzz… krishna died n bomb blast.. but he may have a chamce to return n coma stage or smthng else..hid parents hide him frm soumya.. hope so..

  18. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

    1. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

    2. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

  19. No Krishna is busy with hisses show so maybe if they wanna bring him back they might bring another face saying his face was burnt in the blast so he got plastic surgery and all u know all the bakwaas

  20. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

    1. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

      1. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

  21. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

    1. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

      1. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

  22. Comment deleted – inappropriate and multiple ids.

  23. At least Yuvraaj got some brain finally…those girls are so stupid…

  24. We can’t predict anything now..anything can happen tomorrow..even I don’t understand Wat is soumya upto?hop nothing goes wrong. .soumya always had a devil inside her new now it’s proven..she only luvs her daughter krishna.

  25. Wow Soumya, isse hi kehte hai aapane pyair par kulhadi marna, kal hi toh tumne kaha thaa mai duniya ki Parva nahi karungi aur dekh lo aaj tumne hadh hi par kar li, tum toh menkase bhi badi bewakoof nikali. S carry onn with ur bakwas v r egerly waiting for you to be thrown out of birla house & out of Suhani’s life fr ever & ever.

    1. Yea,,,,,I don’t knw how will they end this Soumya’s track,,,,there is one FF of SSEL by NAPSHA,,,,director should use that track to expose Soumya and should send her to jail…

      1. Is it? Where can I get to read this FF?
        S soumya is soo disgusting but since krishna is involved it’s too complicated to sort out the things.

      2. SS Sushma…that FF is based on the current track,,the title is “the jealosy track” on the FF page,,,it’s current track suits the serial,,
        I must say ,there are lots of wonderful FF’s abt SSEL,,,of Aqsaah,Komal,Nithu,Sanaa,Napsha,Resiel e.t.c ,,,I started reading FF’s recently and all are superb wid totally different stories

      3. Thank you for the info Roz 🙂

  26. Soumya is pregnant in her dream n i think menka baby is rakhi son

  27. I think now krishna will be back in ssel .because they again introduced saumya’s in laws .I want saumya go back with their family…….but i don’t know what will do writers…….

  28. waiting eagerly for Yuvraaj to make that announcement that he is not married to simple soumya

  29. PP mind u r language

    1. ask the director to mind his language..u found the language offensive and this crappy serial is adorable?? what the hell is he teaching the Indian janta..ask the director to stop this shit and can u ask star plus to start something new??

      1. If you are commenting in a public site you should use good language,,,Even u can’t ask the director to change the track,,,,so what’s the use of commenting lyk this here,,,,director is not going to read ur comments,,,,commenting vulgar frm different id’s won’t work….see the deleted comments

  30. Rags saying menka is humiliating fr the past 6 years sounds funny ,the baby is hardly 1 or 1 1/2 years old.

    1. haha that’s true I didn’t think about it

  31. “Your comment will now be reviewed first before it’s published “. This means a lot isn’t it. …..Plz show ur efficiency to avoid bad comments.

    1. Exactly,,,,I don’t knw what’s the use of moderation if they can’t avoid such type of comments,,,

  32. I am wondering…why cvs and writers thinks ie viewers needed drama and twist..Time has changed..people’s interested in pure love story….they think..if dey introducing twist and third person in love birds life..trp inc..n viewers stick to the show…if dey really.wants to show the separation their are lots of way …like…one of the leads suffering from some..diseases…like cancer…..m he decided to stay away from his family…..

    Or suffering from coma….memory loss…
    But fade up separation due to ..sazish third person in love couples….

  33. Wow it’s sn awesome episode yar I watched it for 20 times. Finally suhani got to know d actual fact dat he didn’t married after she left him alone. Nd d same story is repeating between raki and menka. Own mother and temporary mom case. Just like soumya snd yuvani and suhani.eagerly waiting for today episode yar

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