Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan talking to Suhani. He says Golu broke his toy house. She says its fine, Golu will help you in making house again. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to ask him before using his phone next time. Yuvaan says fine, but did you ask mumma before leaving her in mandap and running away from marriage, so better don’t tell me what to do and what not, I know whats right and what I should do. He makes a face and goes.

Suhani asks Sambhav why did he talk to Yuvraaj like this. He says I hate that man, he just gave him pain, and Yuvaan gets hurt too, I wish to break your phone. Her mangalsutra falls and he says sorry. He tries to untangle mangalsutra and says I will be annoyed till Yuvraaj is connected to you through Yuvaan, I can’t do anything as Yuvraaj is his father. He breaks

mangalsutra while talking angrily. She says I can’t make Yuvraaj away from Yuvaan, I married you as I wanted to give a father to Yuvaan, you just control anger next time. She goes.

Rags and Menka have trouble working, and taunt Soumya about her past life with her driver’s son Krishna. Dadi asks Soumya about finding helper. Soumya says I think we all can manage work, we don’t need helper. Dadi asks Yuvraaj. He says its household matter, don’t ask me, you all decide. Sharad and Saurabh joke on Rags and Menka, and laugh. Soumya gives more duties to Rags and Menka. Bhavna says I love cooking, even if maid is there to help or not. Sharad says great, you won my heart. They smile.

Lata asks Suhani about her mangalsutra. Suhani says it broke by getting stuck. Lata worries. Pratima prays for kids, whats in their destiny. Yuvani says my chain broke, its my fav, Papa gave this to me. Yuvaan says sorry, this happened by mistake. Yuvraaj come sand asks what happened. Yuvani says my chain broke and asks him to get it repaired right away. He agrees. Yuvraaj gets jeweler’s address from Pratima, and Lata suggests same jeweler to Suhani. Lata asks Suhani to go and get mangalsutra repaired. Sambhav comes and says its my mistake, it broke by my hands. Suhani says I will go.

Yuvraaj calls jeweler and asks him to send someone to pick chain, he has to get it repaired. The jeweler says he has no one to send and asks him to come to shop. Saurabh comes and tells Yuvraaj about detective. Yuvraaj says ask detective not to do anything for few days, I did mistake to scold Sambhav, he would have become alert now. Sambhav informs Dadi what Yuvraaj said. Dadi says I will find out if he tells such thing again. Bhavna argues with Rags and Menka, and says I have no problem to cook for family, I agree with Dadi.

Yuvraaj goes to jewelry shop and recalls going with Pratima to the same shop. FB shows Pratima and Yuvraaj going to buy mangalsutra for Suhani. She asks him to suggest. He says I don’t know this, you choose it. She says fine, and shows a beautiful one. He likes it. Pratima asks for making mangalsutra longer by adding some elements. The lady asks them to collect this tomorrow. FB ends. Yuvraaj sees mangalsutras. The man shows him same mangalsutra and says a lady chose this for her bahu, but did not come to buy it. Yuvraaj says no, just repair this chain.

Bhavna tells Soumya that she made everything and goes to see Golu. Soumya tastes food and smiles. She says no one can make food better than Bhavna. She goes and forgets house keys there. Rags and Menka come there. Menka says we will steal keys. Rags asks what will you answer if they catch us. Rags burns the keys on stove.

Suhani and Sambhav are on the way. She says Maa was just saying, you did not need to come. He says its fine, I got to spend time with you. The man asks Yuvraaj to buy mangalsutra. He says I can’t buy. The man says don’t know this will sell off or not. Yuvraaj says it will sell, as thing made for someone goes to same person. The man asks do you believe in this myth. Yuvraaj says I don’t, but my mother and Suhani believe so. Suhani come there with Sambhav, and gives her mangalsutra for repair. They see Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj and Suhani look at each other, and Sambhav gets angry.

Rags and Menka smile and think to go and see Soumya’s state. Soumya throws some hot coins. Menka picks it and her hand burns. She screams. Soumya holds keys with a tong, and shocks them. She says you thought to torture me and win, no, you troubled me a lot, its my turn now. Rags and Menka leave. Dadi says you did right Soumya, I told you what I have seen. Dadi saw Rags burning keys. Soumya says I will not bear their nonsense now. Dadi says you don’t need to. Soumya goes. Dadi says I wanted this to happen, its just beginning, you have to fight with Bhavna and Pratima too.

Sambhav says whats Yuvraaj doing here. She says maybe by some work, don’t get angry. The man tells Yuvraaj that his chain got repaired. He tells Suhani that her mangalsutra can’t get repaired and asks her to buy new one. Sambhav says I was thinking to buy a new one for you. She chooses the same mangalsutra chosen by Yuvraaj and Pratima. Yuvraaj smiles. She wears mangalsutra. Robbers come there and get inside the jewelry shop. They ask everyone not to move. Jeweler begs them not to rob the shop or hurt anyone. The goon scolds him and starts filling the bag. Yuvraaj asks what are you doing. The man asks him to stand quiet. Suhani goes to press alarm, and goon catches her. Sambhav worries. Yuvraaj says leave her. They both worry for Suhani and get angry.

The goon asks Suhani to give mangalsutra. Sambhav asks Suhani to give mangalsutra. Suhani asks what are you saying. Yuvraaj says she won’t give mangalsutra, if you try to take it, I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Niro

    Ohhhh god long will this crap go on..wen will suhani confront yuvraj about video msg and wen things will get sorted out

  2. Uuvi

    This is a beta episode but still need to see more chemistry between Suhani and yuvraaj and get ride of sambhav and dadi coz I can’t deal with them

  3. oshi

    Don’t know writers dragging how long.I fed up …..why they are irritating viewers…In today’s episode yuvraj ki suhani ke liye care,love saaf nazar aa raha tha ….I hope we will watch some happy and romantic moments between yuvani…..I am waiting for that……

  4. parveena

    I don’t know how long writers will drag but I want to know what happened with suhani business. Suhani sharad and sambav were doing buisne§s only then wat happened to their business? In past episode suhani become a competitor to yuvraj in buisness but now what happened? Hey writers do something new or magic to gain more viewers attention.always writers making a track between suhani and yuvraj r soumya and yuvraj r sambav and suhani and Dadi again and again escaping? I God stupid and boring serial atleast this time Dadi will get exposed r not?

  5. amu

    ek sawal hai aaplog ke liye Jo yuvani Milan ki hi ratt lagate hain. uske baad kya? waise bhi much naya ya akkal wala nahi de rahein, to kya aap phir wahi ghisepite dadi ragini meneka, soumya ki saazish dekhna pasand karenge? dadi kabhi Na jaegi Na usse dand milega.
    ab yuvraj ko bechara bana ke achanak sambhav ko itna ghinona kaise banaya? parsu aur kal ki Wu abhi padi to dekha ki yuvraj kehta hai ki soumya uska kidnap nahi karwa Sakti. arre Bhai, to use suhani ka kya kiya tha. yehi baat hai, yuvraj soumya ko sou khata maaf, par suhani ke na kiye par bhi shak. ek line this sambhav ki ke usne yuvraj ko suhani SE alag kiya, par nahi. yuvraj ke gusse aur nafrat wale andaz NE suhani ko alag kiya. baad me bolna ki woh sirf gussa tha SE sab think nahi hota.
    jewelry shop ka scene kafi dilchasp lagta hai. acha ho agar daku dono ko kidnap kar de aur woh baat karke sab saaf karde. par saath hona abhi nahi hona chahiye. jab tak dono apni galtiyan nahi samajhte, unko alag hi rehna chahiye. lekhak aur director itna good hoor kyu karte hain? much bhi barabar se sulajhta nahi hai, bas wohi ghisa pita baar baar

    • Ppp

      Amu dear ie why ye twist aya he…where suhani reliases ie she trust anybody’s blindly….yuvi also he still loves suhani and amu dear they both agree admit their mistakes…specially yuvi ki usne Jo kiya wo gusse me kiya…..

      N abhi to saumya ke saath kya kya u will see..jab wo pratima n bhawana ke sath galat karegi tab……

      Saumya admits ie give love to yuvani…but u r greedy…u only wants money…

  6. Oshi

    Amu , why are you angry .har love story mein milna, bichhadna ,pyar , nafrat, gussa hota hai but sachhe pyar ki ant mein jeet hoti hai……kumkum bh. ho,chahe yhm ho,sabka yahi haal hai baswriters kaise dikhate hai iss par depend karta hai.Ekta kapoor ke serial mein yahi sab interesting way mein dikhate hai……I want only suhani ka attitude wapas aaye , wo to sab karsakti hai birla company ko restand ussi ne kiya,formula ussi ne doonda ,Gauri ko sabne mara hus maan liya tha but suhani ki koshisho de wo family mein aayi.Rahi again business start karne ki baat wo to kahi bhi kar legi…….so don’t worry yaar imagination hai , chalta hai…….

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