Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying it means Suhani has called me from Rohan’s phone. He sees the jacket and recalls Rohan’s words. Sharad brings the game and asks Yuvraaj to play. Yuvraaj does not see R and keeps the jacket. Menka and Rags come to Suhani in kitchen and taunt her. Suhani asks how did they come here today, do they have to taunt more. Rohan removes the cables of the tv in Suhani’s room. Menka and Rags tell Suhani about the competition and taunt Suhani that she will lose in it.

Lalita likes the food and Radhe comes there asking how dare she touch his food, he will kill her. Rakhi and Soumya stop him. Radhe smiles and asks how did they like his acting. A man comes and says you are SRK in my next movie. They look on. Rohan laughs seeing Suhani’s pic. Suhani comes

to him and he says she looks like Manoj Kumar’s fan. He says he would like to see her marriage video, it will be boring for her, not for him. She gets sad. He asks did you not see it till now. She says I don’t have Cd. He asks what type of couple is this, and shows the marriage DVD. She smiles. He says you are most welcome, come now.

Sharad and Yuvraaj play the game, and have a laugh. Sharad loses and goes. Suhani goes to her room and sees the tv not working. Rohan and Suhani argue. She says you have sent him wrong pic, so Yuvraaj could not come. He says sorry, I made mistake. She says its fine. He asks did she forgive him without arguing. He says he has a heart which explains that the one who does good with us, we should not do bad with them. They go to Yuvraaj to say him sorry. Suhani says he came from office, maybe he went back. Rohan says we will set DVD and keep it, we will see when he comes. She says Yuvraaj does not like anyone touching his things, I will do it.

Rohan says I can help you, as you are not able to change mode. She says fine. He changes mode and says tv is in video mode now, we will see when he comes. Yuvraaj brings Sharad and sees Suhani and Rohan. Yuvraaj scolds Suhani for switching off his game and is angry. Sharad tries to say.. Yuvraaj stops him and scolds her for not waiting for him, he did not save the game progress. She says its just a game, why are you shouting. He does not listen to her and scolds her. Suhani cries and Rohan says sorry Yuvraaj, we were just…. She says no use to tell him, and takes the DVD back. She shows the Cd to Yuvraaj and says she came to see it together, as the room tv is not working. Yuvraaj does not see the cd cover and throws it in bin angrily. Sharad sees its marriage cd and is shocked. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to just leave.

Rohan looks on. Suhani cries and leaves with Rohan. Sharad tells Yuvraaj to realize that Suhani has come to see the marriage CD. Yuvraaj is shocked and asks how do you know. Sharad shows the cd from the bin. Yuvraaj gets sad. Sharad asks him to listen to others before shouting. The man signs Radhe in his Bhojpuri film. Radhe thanks him and says he will become a big star now.

Soumya asks Radhe why did he act to kill Lalita. Radhe says he changed the script. Suhani is sad recalling Yuvraaj’s words. She says how can he talk to me like this infront of everyone. She knocks his door and goes to talk. She sees its dark and Yuvraaj is not there. She sees the packet of her gift, and says he did not accept my given sweater, why should I give him if he won’t wear it. She sees the CD kept there and sees it. Ramesh says he came to clean the room and asks about the CD. She asks him to throw it.

Ramesh tells Yuvraaj that he has thrown the CD in garbage box. Yuvraaj is shocked and looks at the garbage box.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. komal sontani

    How could yuvraj do this ! Without knowing anything how could he scold suhani us room me suhani ka bhi utna hak he jitna yuvraj ka he

  2. sandhya.ganisetti

    i dont like rohan ,,,bcoz suhani aur yyuvaraj ko dhur kar raha hiiii,,plz dont do this

  3. sakshi

    it is not rohan’s fault that yuvraj jumps to conclusions and yells at suhani for every little thing

    maybe yuvraj should grow up and tell suhani his feelings or treat her like an equal instead of like a maid of the house

  4. Jhanvi

    Ys… Agree….shayad ye jealousy hi yuvraj ko suhani aur uski value samja De…aur yuvraj confess kare uske pyar ko…

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