Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking Suhani is she fine. Krishna gives her water. Everyone look on. Saiyyam stops Suhani from drinking water. He says till you answer my questions, I will not give anything. Yuvaan asks what’s this misbehavior, give her water. Yuvani asks can’t you see she is unwell. Sharad asks Saiyyam to stop drama. Saiyyam throws water glass angrily, and says till I get answers, she will not get anything. Rags asks what answers. Saiyyam says why did she tell doctor that my Papa is alive, when everyone knows he is dead, how can he come back, why is she lying. Suhani says I m not lying, your father is alive. Saiyyam gets shocked.

Sharad asks Suhani to leave all this. Sambhav smiles. Suhani says I will not be quiet, Saiyyam wants to know truth. Saiyyam says yes,

I want to know truth. Suhani says truth is I have killed your father, your father is a murderer, he did not have right to live in this world, he was so bad that even death did not accept him. Saiyyam asks what type of woman are you, you are such wife who is feeling proud to kill her husband. She says yes, I feel proud, such men don’t die once, woman has to become Kaali to kill such men, I will kill him every time.

Sambhav gets angry. Saiyyam claps and says fine, how will you beat him, he is not here, where is he. She says your father will hide face and cheat. Bhavna says Yuvaan and Yuvani are here, don’t say all this. Suhani asks why, let children know, they have right to know. She cries and asks Yuvani to go with friends, this house is not safe, as Sambhav is here, he is roaming in this house by wearing your Papa’s mask, he is torturing me. Yuvaan, Yuvani and Saiyyam get shocked.

Rags says Suhani is saying true. Saiyyam says no, this is a lie. Suhani says this is not lie, its true. He says I don’t believe you. She says you have to believe this, truth will not change if you don’t believe it. He asks what truth, that my Papa is here wearing Yuvraaj’s mask, why will he torture you, he used to love you. Bhavna says your father never loved Suhani, else he would have not done all that which he did. Saiyyam says I want to know what did he do, tell me, I want to know, tell me. Suhani says you want to know truth, you have courage, we will see your courage, hear the truth. He asks her not to question on his courage, I have bear truth that my mum is murderer, you and Yuvraaj killed my Papa, so Yuvraaj was in jail for 20 years.

Yuvaan and Yuvani get shocked. Saiyyam says you managed this house, and I was crying for my mother in orphanage, you know if I can bear this, I can bear anything. Dadi asks him to stop it. Yuvaan asks is Saiyyam saying true. Dadi says yes, Yuvraaj has bear punishment for the crime he did not do, Saiyyam’s father is alive and hiding, and you were away from your father for 20 years. Yuvaan and Saiyyam argue. Suhani says all this happened as Krishna became orphan because of your father, you want to know truth, your father has killed my friend Soumya, Krishna became orphan. Yuvaan, Yuvani Krishna and Saiyyam get shocked.

Saiyyam says no, this can’t happen, my dad can’t do this. Suhani asks Bhavna to see his courage now, he could not hear truth, what will he hear complete truth. Saiyyam says you are lying, you are making fun of his death, he is not here. Yuvaan asks where is my Papa. Suhani says they both are here, Sambhav has kept Yuvraaj captive. Saiyyam says another lie again, Yuvraaj may have killed someone and gone to jail. Suhani says your father is a criminal, I will kill him thousand times, he ruined my life. She shouts and faints. Everyone worry. Saiyyam cries. Sambhav as Kunjumaa, looks on.

Bhavna says I m worried, if Suhani breaks down, who will manage others, how will Krishna handle herself. Sharad goes to see Krishna. Yuvaan and Yuvani talk about Yuvraaj going to jail for Sambhav’s murder. Sharad comes there. Krishna cries. Sharad says no need to think all this, everyone has a bad time, this is called life, you both are lucky to get Suhani. Yuvaan asks is Papa really kidnapped. Sharad says yes, we have to find him, we will find him. Yuvani goes. Yuvaan says I m with you. Sharad says I will tell you what to do, go to Yuvani, I will console Krishna. Krishna asks did my mum got murdered.

Sambhav tells Baby that he has killed Soumya. Baby gets shocked. Sambhav says sometimes we have to do such things to get something, you are young and will learn soon, leave all this, tell me what is Suhani going to do next. Suhani wakes up. Bhavna asks are you fine. Suhani says I have to talk to children, I scared them, how did I lose temper.

Bhavna says it was necessary to tell them, as Sambhav is in this house, they have to be alert, the day Saiyyam knows Sambhav’s complete truth, he will hate Sambhav, tell him truth. Suhani says he will not believe it, as he did not believe about Soumya, Saiyyam wants proof. Bhavna says we don’t have proof. Dadi comes and hears them. Suhani says we can’t play games like Sambhav. Dadi says Saiyyam is such person who will understand by other way, we have one person to help us, we have to find Yuvraaj, we have to tell Saiyyam that Sambhav is alive and is bad person. Suhani asks do you want me to play games like Sambhav. Dadi says yes.

Baby hears them and thinks what game, what are they going to do. Krishna asks what did I do, why this happened, why did I not die, I don’t want to be with Saiyyam. Sharad says Sambhav killed Soumya, not Saiyyam. She says Saiyyam ruined my life and cries. He hugs her and consoles. He says you know what you told Yuvraaj, you wiped his tears and said you will always be with him as Soumya will get peace seeing this. She says but even Yuvraaj is not here. He says we have to find him, will you help me. Baby asks Sambhav what will you do. Sambhav says till I find Suhani’s plan, I can’t do anything, now I will know Suhani’s truth using Saiyyam, I can’t let him trust Suhani, now my son will become my biggest weapon. He smiles.

Saiyyam asks who is here. Sambhav comes to him. Saiyyam gets shocked and says you. Sambhav says yes, I m your father, I want revenge from Suhani. Saiyyam asks did you kill Krishna’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can they except saiyyam to believe them without revealing d main imp point…brilliant acting by suhani,saiyyam….both seemed outstanding today…hope sambhav doesnt succeed in his plans…poor yuvraj kitne dino se gaayab he…im a bit dissapointed today…what i wanted suhani to reveal didnt come out today…it would have been extraordinary if that thing came out

    1. Agree with u … Good episode… Superb acting by suhani n Saiyyam

  2. Any yuvani fan here

    1. Me?…obviously…im a diehard fan of yuvraj suhani….especially rajshri…hope ur referring to yuvraj suhani

    2. Watching for suhani n yuvraj…

    3. Yah..watching for only yuvaani..without them therz no ssel….suhani character was,is ,and will be always good no matter how hard d cvs try to degrade it…it takes time for d right thing to happen…worth watching character in this show is yuv+suh..thats my opinion

    4. Nithu

      Forever im yuvani fan

    5. me… diehard fan of yuvaraj n suhani. watchng nly for them even if they r showng like tis.(8 months) bw ya, superb! gr8 acting by rajshri mam n karan. they were jus awesome!

  3. gud they told the truth bt still nt the whole truth.. frustated, they will show sambhav making saiyyam in his side n again it will be against suhani. pl cvs bring back yuvaraj. when will sahil sir return? everytime he disappears, these cvs are making suhani suffer n torturin us… this time want to c strong suhani with whole family supporting her.

  4. Amalina

    Today’s epi was grt! Only waiting for when suhani tells sayyam that sambhav raped her!

    1. True I’m waiting for that it will be an epic show

  5. Mystery

    Excellent episode…..

  6. awesome episode

  7. the episode was superb but what is the whole truth, didn’t suhani reveal the entire truth?????

    1. Aqsxxh

      She fainted before she could, otherwise she would’ve, not that Saiyyam would believe her…

  8. hi I m diehard fan of yuvaani ssel ko 2 and half years se sirf yuvaani ki wajah se hi dekh rhi hu pichhle kuch dino se y
    uvraj nhi h isliye m only w u read karti hu jab yuvraj aa jayega m v dekhne lagugi yuvaani ke alava ssel m kuch dekhne ke liye h nhi

  9. Krishna & Sayyam

    Nice ! I hope there r Krishna and sayyam scenes though ,by today’s episode was great I think suhani should have told sayyam the entire truth

  10. Nice episode

  11. Aqsxxh

    Can we all just appreciate the precap about how the Saiyyam asked about ‘Krishna’s’ Mother, and if he killed her.

    I found it so cute!
    Like he cares about Krishna!

  12. Sorry to jump in here but Saiyyam is a such gullible individual and he’s grasping to straws because he’s been brainwashed so much by whoever raised him. (We’re yet to know who that person was)
    I’m sure Sambhav will say he did not kill Soumya and Saiyyam is going to believe every single thing he says.
    I don’t blame Saiyyam at all as he has no idea what love is, as he’s had all his life was rejection so he’ll grasp at a glimmer of love.

    Baby totally disgusts me to the core! Wait until Birla family finds out she’s been helping Sambhav. I really hope they don’t drag anymore. I’ve had enough of Sambhav plotting and scheming.

  13. ab sare ghar bale saiyyam ko manayege sambhav ke khilaf kyoki wohi hain jo sambhav ko rok sakta hain

  14. ab sayad krishna saiyyam ki love story dikhe sambhav ke track ke baad i miss kriyam lots

  15. this serial as a matter of fact let me rephrase that ALL these serials are based on the villains and they are the ones that are always winning how long ago was it? 95 years ago? and sambhav is still dominating and dadi yuvani should be ashamed of herself for supporting baby in the first place she knows nothing about baby but she has known krishna all her life she is a real back stabber suhani should have planted an apple tree she would have gotten some apples by now than having yuvani for a daughter what has yuvani done so far in her life NOTHING but listening to rags and dadi and rags is also a NOBODY she has done nothing constructive in her life i mean krishna is elder to saiyam but love has nothing to do with age and i hope the both of them end up staying together and please people stop blaming suhani for everything cuz even if it rains some of you are blaming suhani for that

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