Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing two Dadis. Fake dadi calls the real one fake. Menka says how did two Dadis came here. Dadi says this is my house, you get lost. Fake Dadi says you got me kidnapped and living my life here, you can’t become Chandrakala Birla like this, you are asking me to leave. She tells Pratima that this woman is fake. Real Dadi says you are lying, that’s why I used to hate you, your face and nature are bad, you have defect in spinal cord, I hate you. Fake Dadi says you did my accident.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj about Dadi’s twin sister. He says even I did not know about this. Dadi tells Yuvraaj that I did not tell anyone about her and wanted to keep her away, I felt I did bad with her, now I feel my decision was right, she kept me tied, away

from my family. Fake Dadi says she is lying, she has locked me in handpump godown.

Pratima says its same place about which Suhani said. Dadi says she is lying, I called out Suhani when she came there, I was trying to make sound and her goons took me along, I told her the day Suhani knows truth, she will find me. Menka says I can say who is real and who is fake Dadi, this Dadi is praising Suhani, so she is fake. Fake Dadi tells Yuvraaj that this woman is making us fight since she came here. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to believe her, she is his real Dadi. He asks how did you reach here before us.

Dadi says I got saved from her goons and came here. Suhani says till we know truth, we can’t make anyone leave, we will think what to do later. Pratima agrees with Suhani. Rags says this is the biggest drama in our house. Sambhav thinks fake Dadi is planning something, how to find out who is fake Dadi in between them.

Suhani fixes camera, along with Sharad. Yuvraaj asks why is it taking time. She says its not easy, it takes time. Saurabh asks Sharad to come and check wiring. Yuvraaj says I know, you are not part of this family, your husband will not like this, he will have a problem. She says I don’t know, maybe you have a problem, I know I m taking time to fix cameras, so you are irritated, if you did not get late that time, maybe this would have not happened. Her hand gets hurt and he holds her hand in concern. He blows on her hand. She looks at him. Sambhav sees them and gets angry. He thinks they have to pay for this, but later.. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that they can argue later.

Everyone look on two Dadis, who look exactly the same. Rags says think what to do to find real Dadi, if we find her, she will give all property to us. Menka says its east to find real Dadi, and asks Dadi who is she. Both Dadi say she is Rags. Menka says both are saying Rags, not Ragini, what to do now. Kids say we have a solution to find out real Dadi, we have questions, if anyone does not answer, it means that is fake one. Yuvani questions them, and both Dadi answer right.

Bhavna tells Pratima that its strange, Dadi did not tell anyone about her twin sister. Pratima says yes. Bhavna says I m sure Suhani and Yuvraaj will find out truth. Sambhav comes there and gives water to Dadi. He thinks how to find who is real and who is fake, one mistake can ruin the plan.

Yuvraaj and Suhani come and ask Dadis to go and rest in their room. They all go and see and the live feeds of both Dadi’s rooms. Yuvraaj says we kept botox injection and want to see who uses it. They all get confused seeing them behave well. Soumya goes to talk to Dadi, and gets slapped. Yuvraaj says whats Soumya doing. Even Fake Dadi slaps Soumya. Menka laughs. Yuvraaj says Suhani, we have to do snoopi test. Pratima says what is that. Yuvraaj says snoopi is dog and he will know the real Dadi. Suhani says now fake Dadi can’t fool us.

Menka and Rags taunt on Soumya for getting two slaps. Saurabh asks them to shut up their mouths. Yuvraaj and Suhani get both Dadis. Sharad gets snoopi. Snoopi looks at both of them. Fake Dadi goes to Snoopi and asks him to come, you are Yuvraaj’s fav and he is Yuvraaj’s fav. Real Dadi asks Snoopi to come to her and know the difference. Sharad leaves Snoopi. Everyone look on. Snoopi runs away. Suhani says what happened to Snoopi, he did not come to Dadi. Dadi asks will a dog decide about me, don’t I have a value, its happening wrong with me. Real Dadi too get disappointed.

Fake Dadi says no one can say I m not their real Dadi, its all thanks to Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aqsxxh

    My brain is hurting from this episode….

  2. Bakwas story line.they are dragging so much..viewers are not fool ,aise headache dekhne se achchha hai koi aur serial dekhe…….itne serious time par daadio ka confusion bekar lag raha hai ….I really want simple story and yuvani reunite but ……..ulta seedha dikha kar kheech rahe hai……plzzzzz sudhar jao…..

  3. I lyk the slap scene… it was comedy… the teasing of rags n menka… superb

  4. I stopped watching not only me entire family stopped watching the serial
    Sometimes I only read telly episodes
    The writers are running out of ideas
    They are simply dragging
    For God sake conclude the serial in the interest of our Indian society

  5. I think suhani n yuvraj should them to play a game n see who will win dat would be the real dadi


  7. uff, kyu padhne ki bhul ki. sar chakra gaya.
    Nate promo SE lagta hai ki abhi sambhav ya to chut jaega ya aisa much karega ki suhani usse chod n sake. maze Lena, bachon, an to padhna bhi nhi ye bakwas ka pitara.

  8. Not only sambhav n fake daadi should be punished,real daadi n soumya also be punished…….irritating track chal raha hai….GOD knows when writers will write good story …….boring track…….
    Kisi ne socha hai fake daadi ko yuvani n krishna ke bachpan ki baate kaise pata chali ,lagta hai koi ghar ka banda unse mila hua hai jisne bata diya ….mujhe soumya par doubt hai …tabhi wo cctv camera ki footage dekhte waqt unkepas gai thi question poochne jisse koi ghar wala uss par shak na kare……suhani ki life ki sabse badi tragedy soumya ki dosti hai ..hamesha uski wajah se wo yuvraj se,pariwar se ,bachchi se door rahi …daadi ko bahut baar isne suhani ke khilaf bhadkaya hai.So sabse pahle soumya ko saza milni chahiye aur suhani ko khud thappd maar kar ,dhakke markar ise ghar se nikalna chahiye ……….

  9. Ek baat aur….fake daadi ka mobile number dial karne se pata lag jata ki ab tak jo ghar mein thi wo kaun hai sambhav ko jarur pata lag gaya hoga….I guess…….

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