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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Yuvraaj about Rohan playing very smart. He says what shall I do, Rohan is very clever. She asks him to think Rohan’s way. Dadi scolds Pratima for her upbringing that Yuvraaj refused to come with her. She asks Ramesh to throw the food. Sharad looks on and smiles. Dadi says if Yuvraaj’s heart breaks, this will be last day for you in this house. Sharad says he is glad that Yuvraaj did not listen to Dadi, but what happened there. She says we will talk to Soumya.

Yuvraaj gets his phone and thanks the man. He says Soumya was right, I have to think Rohan’s way. Rohan shows the cards and everyone like it. Rohan asks Suhani did she like their wedding card. She nods. He says we will take a pic. Yuvraaj comes there and Rohan asks him to click their pic

with their wedding card. Yuvraaj takes just Suhani’s pic. Rohan asks why did he cut off his face pic. Yuvraaj says I don’t know, maybe your phone does not like your face. Rohan says very funny and leaves. Yuvraaj tells Pankaj that he did not do anything. Pankaj says I know, but so many things going on and no one likes you to be here, today is over and just 3 days more for you to prove yourself.

Rohan comes and asks whats the talk between ex son in law and father in law. He smiles taking tea. Bhavna says she is not willing to eat anything and feeling dizzy. Lata takes her to room. Pankaj asks Yuvraaj to have something. Yuvraaj says I had salad. The power goes. Rohan and Yuvraaj argue over the power failure. Pankaj says he will see whats the problem and goes with Rohan. Yuvraaj sees Rohan’s phone there and tries taking it. He sees Suhani coming and sits on his chair back. She says she has made his sandwich the way he likes, she got late while making dinner for everyone. He eats it. She opens the windows so that he can get fresh air, and says power will come soon, else Papa will switch on generator for you. He says I won’t go so soon. She asks why, Papa and I believe you. He says I want aunty and Bhavna to see the proof. She asks why is he doing all this. He says I don’t want to see you in compromised marriage. She says its late now, you sleep and goes. The power comes. Rohan says it was fuse problem, and asks Yuvraaj to see and walk, its his phone. Yuvraaj smiles as he has swapped Rohan’s phone with his one, and recalls. Rohan asks him to leave from here and goes. Yuvraaj says he will not go, and now its his turn. Rohan thinks why is Yuvraaj behaving strange, there is something wrong, I will call Dadi. Pankaj asks Rohan why is he worried, whom is he calling. Rohan says some client.

Yuvraaj checks call log and gets the number of that man. He calls the man and does not talk. The man asks Rohan is there any other work. Yuvraaj messages him to meet him near police station, he has some work and will give more money. The man replies fine. Bhavna gets hurt and Yuvraaj cares for her. Suhani asks Bhavna to take care of herself. Bhavna says Yuvraaj came on right time. Rohan gets in between and makes Bhavna rest. Suhani says she will sleep with Bhavna today. Rohan says yes. Yuvraaj thinks to keep Rohan’s phone back and activates silent profile. Dadi calls Rohan and the call gets answered. Yuvraaj keeps the phone and takes another. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to give medicines. Bhavna says she is feeling better.

Rohan calls Dadi and she asks is everything fine there. He says yes, and asks about her. She says she is silent for Rohan’s sake, now this marriage is his responsibility. He says yes, this marriage will happen, we are going to buy engagement ring tomorrow. She smiles and asks him to buy one ring for Suhani from her side as a gift. He says fine, and ends call. Radhe talks to Rakhi while she cleans the floor. She gets annoyed and argues with him. He says he loves her, he is doing this for her. Krishna asks whats happening. Murali says some producer is giving signing amount to Radhe. Rakhi says he is not any superstar. Krishna asks Radhe how can he make his mum work. Lalita says money will come at home, so she is cleaning home. Rakhi falls and all the water gets on her. Radhe asks her to welcome guests like this. Soumya helps Rakhi. Rakhi scolds Radhe. He asks her to clean the house, and he will call his friends.

Soumya sees Suhani in his room and says I knew it, you were keeping the juice here daily. She says so you came early from jogging to see this. He says yes, and drinks the juice. He says my guess was right, you don’t want to marry Rohan, you know the difference between right and wrong. . She says thanks for compliment. He says you are welcome Suhani.

Bhavna gets labor pain and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. really hates this track. I want rohan out from suhani n yuvraj life.. now watching this serial is really frustration.

  2. i like your written episode story ,good efforts keep it up dear

  3. If yuvraaj will help bhavna. Then he can win bhavna’ struts. But don’t no what will happen?

  4. Very boring.

  5. I’m sure yuvraj will catch her and today’s episode was nice
    ❤ really I hope yuvani scenes will appear but not happens its ok …..

  6. It has been dragging for soooo long

  7. i think it will last for 3 or 4 mnths.already ab ek mahima ho chukha.

  8. yuvraj all the best

  9. too boring
    please don’t drag the show

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