Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani praying to Lord. Soumya comes to see Krishna sleeping at night. She sees Yuvraaj and Suhani’s pic fallen on the ground and thinks Krishna’s future is most imp for me, if Dadi knows I m not married to Yuvraaj, they will make Krishna away from Yuvraaj, sorry Suhani I can’t take this risk, I can’t let you and Yuvraaj unite. Yuvaan prays for Suhani’s happiness. He prays for Soumya too. Yuvani hears this and prays for Yuvaan’s mumma too.

Its morning, Suhani reads a chit on the newspaper. She gets another chit on the juice jar. She thinks who did all this. She says Sambhav…… Sambhav comes there and brings a bouquet. He says sorry, this is my style to say sorry. He says its enough now, I should go to office now, if I get late, my boss will shout

on me. He goes. She smiles and says he is mad. She recalls Yuvraaj and cries. Bhavna looks at her.

Yuvraaj talks on phone and asks what, I can’t believe this, other company backed out, fine. Soumya comes. He says Krishna is fine. She says yes, I don’t know about tomorrow. He asks why, we will take her to proper doctor. She says what will when when you are not there. He says I don’t differentiate between Yuvani and Krishna. She asks what security does she have, in our absence. He asks her not to say anything now. She thanks him. He calls Tiwari and tells something. Soumya smiles.

The kids laugh on Yuvaan who reaches the place later after cycling. Yuvaan tells them that he is scared of ghosts. The kids tease him and laugh. The boy pushes Yuvaan. Yuvaan too pushes him. Tiwari comes home and tells Menka that he has to meet Krishna, he has to take sign for Krishna’s FD. Menka asks what and checks FD papers. She says 25 lakhs for stranger. Yuvraaj comes and says mind it, she is my daughter. She says I will call Dadi. She asks her to be quiet. Dadi comes and asks whats happening.

Suhani tells Bhavna that she is not able to focus in work. Bhavna says you have someone in your mind, that’s why you are not able to focus. She shows the clothes and says life is like clothes, when there are wrinkles, we iron it and make it fine, even life is like that. She asks Suhani to give a chance to Sambhav.

Menka tells Dadi that Yuvraaj is making 25 lakhs for Soumya’s daughter. Yuvraaj says its my money, I can do anything with it. Menka says my son is legal child, make FD for him too. Yuvraaj shouts on her. He sends Tiwari. Menka sends the maid. Dadi asks Yuvraaj are you spending 25 lakhs for Krishna. He says I m making Fd and securing her future. Dadi says then make 50 lakhs for Yuvani, I have to make Yuvani bigger than Krishna. Soumya says its not competition. Dadi says I have said it, I will call Tiwari and make things fine. Yuvani asks Yuvaan and the boy not to fight.

Suhani says no, he is my friend. Bhavna says lovers may not become friends, but friends can become lovers, think about it. soumya tells Yuvraaj that she did not wish to create misunderstandings at home. He asks her not to worry. Bhavna says your present is trying to give you happiness. Suhani says just Yuvaan is imp for me. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that she and Krishna are imp for her, he took Krishna’s responsibility by himself and happiness, don’t worry, she is my daughter. Yuvaan falls down the cliff and everyone get worried. Yuvani gives her hand to save him.

Bhavna asks Suhani to think again. Suhani gets a call and talks to Sambhav. Bhavna gets call on landline and gets shocked. She tells Suhani that Yuvaan….. Sambhav hears it too. Yuvraaj gets the call and gets shocked knowing about Yuvani. He tells Soumya that Yuvani is in hospital. Soumya asks which hospital, come we will leave. He says no, you stay with Krishna, I will leave. He leaves.

Doctor says children fell from cliff. Suhani sees Yuvaan and cries. Doctor says I m arranging blood units for him. She says you can take my blood, no, it does not match. He asks her not to lose courage. Sambhav goes to arrange blood units. Suhani talks to Bhavna and cries. She says I don’t know anything what happened and ends call. Nurse says your child wants blood right, and takes her to Yuvani, saying you are her mum right. Doctor asks Sambhav are you Yuvaan’s father. He gets thinking and says yes. Doctor asks her to sign on the form. Yuvraaj rushes and collides with Sambhav, and Sambhav fails to fill form. Suhani tells her blood group and says I will give my blood to Yuvani, my friend will arrange blood units for my son. Nurse asks won’t you go to see your son. Suhani says no, my son has good doctors with him, if I give blood to this girl, maybe my son will get blood units too.

Yuvraaj comes there and asks nurse about Yuvani. Nurse says the lady whose son is admitted is giving blood to your daughter, but her son is not getting blood donor. He asks whats his blood group, and says my blood matches, I will give him. she says yes, you can give him blood, come with me.

Soumya gets shocked seeing Suhani with Sambhav and hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now sowmya will misunderstand Suhani

  2. I knew it. Soumya won’t tell yuvraj anything and would turn negative. Now she’ll fall for yuvraj and make him and suhani away. Ugh why is soumya being so selfish.

  3. Ye saumya fir se vamp bhan gayi.. vo kabhi nahi sudherega…..
    And yuvaan such a cutie pie… he won my heart…
    I hope yuvaan and yuvaani unite suhani and yuvraaj

  4. Nice, soon this family will unite with blood relations. Poor Soumya, they are Biological parents after all,

  5. I hate Soumya , how can she be soooo selfish , Yuvraaj will still tc of Krishna after Suhani comes back and Suhani will give more love to Krishna than Yuvraaj. If I were Soumya so I would have never done this 2 my bestie. Idiotic thinking.???

  6. As far as I knw Soumya is frm a rich family…also she dnt hv any siblings,,,all prblms btw soumya and her ma were cleared early…so why is she so much tensed abt Krishna’s future…lyk making FD’s and all…she cn go to her mom’s place.

  7. Whatever Soumya doing is for her daughter…evry mom hv concern for their child..okay,, she knew it…she knw that Suhani is alive and both Suhani and Yuvi loves each other…so What made her think that Suhani will never cm back and YuvAni will be seperated for ever…She should hv thought once before taking decision to live wid yuvraj..instead she utilized the chance and made her lyf secure…Both Yuvi and Soumya ..wat the hell kinda parents are they….I mean wat did they think…they cn live lyk this without marrying fr whole lyf…Soumya’s act can’t be justified in anyway,, also Yuvi’s behaviour is confusing,,,,atfirst he even tore letter which came for Suhani and nw keeping her foto in his pocket…wat’s in his mind!!!!!

  8. What nonsence kaash writers ke pass thoda dimak hota becoz in episode
    Suhani’s blood group is b+
    Yuvraj’s o+
    Yuvani’s b+
    Yuvan’s ab+
    Pehli baat o+ and b+ ka child kabhi bhi ab+nahi ho sakta it’s impossible
    Dusri baat b+ ab+ ko blood de sakti hai
    Thoda to logic laga liya karo yaar viewers are not dumb

    1. U knw at 1st when Yuvraj fell during dahi handi his blood group was B- n Suhani’s O+
      Then when Suhani fell from cliff that time both their blood group was B-
      And I was like WHATTTT !!!

    2. Well said!!! But all i can say is chodo jaane do….think of it as below and forget it 🙂
      Yuvraj – O+
      Suhani – B+
      Yuvani – B+
      Yuvaan – O+

      Lets not complicate the already soooo complicated story and relations….. i just hope that everyone is just behosh after the bomb blast and just wake up to see no one is hurt (only Sajan dies and Barbie cimmits suicide in jail hearing Sajan’s death 😛 …. LOL yeh jyada ho gaya na!) that would be the best story line and twist to the entire saga….but again….do not want Sambhav to go away….he has been nice and full of life in this current dull track!

    3. Sorry parnika….o+ and b+ can have ab+ kids. U can refer anywhere snd even though ab is universal recipient the normal practice is to give ab blood. Only emergency cases gets a different blood.

      1. It’s 100% that o+ and b+ can never have ab+ child . consult a good biology book.

    4. Honestly who cares Wat blood type they are the odd parts is there getting closer and someone is going to interfere as usual I’m waiting for that time they will really meet no interference.

  9. wow i think soumya will have misunderstanding she will think that suhani has married yuvraj

  10. Sambhav is too good. ….brings positive vibes to the show.could see the trust suhani has in him at the time when yuvan needed medical help . Yuvan, yuvani prayer scene was soo cute ……..
    Soumya has turned so selfish, didn’t she know 1 or the other day this will happen? Did she assume suhani is dead or did she feel that suhani won’t return back atall? On what basis she is faking the marriage? & yuvraj duffer always keeps saying krishna is my daughter, does he hv any ans when suhani comes back? It’s too complicating. …..I don’t want yuvraj &suhani to get separated bcoz of these idiots (soumya &dadi ).soumya calls herself as suhani’s best friend shame on her ..selfish brat.

  11. Nice epi.. Yuvaan is a sweetheart.. N I luv sambhav’s style of saying sorry.. The scene was so cute.. N precap was also nice.. I want suhani to move on with sambhav instead of forgiving yuvi easily.. N I wud say that its yuvi’s fault that he took up krishna’s responsiblity.. If he had not done that, soumya wud have taken a job for her daughter..

  12. The directors have changed such a sweet story to a horrible plot. Really… And this Bhavna, she cares for Suhani, but whenever Suhani is alone, why does she ask her to remarry??!? Even in that Rohan part she did that.. And this serial is getting so stupid. ???

  13. May be its good for yuvaan..bcz now there is a chance to make a sweet feeling to sambav…..

  14. Preety Sid Bieber

    I think parnika is a dctr…bt no wrry its nt real so yaha kuch bhi ho skta hain..

    Btw Idk why soumiya is so slfish…..
    Bt i lvd d track….
    Nd thankx fr d update

    1. No I am not a doctor just 9th class student.
      I hate watching this crab. I just saw this becoz my grandmom was watching . I even don’t know the story.But after reading the comments on my comment I feel like blessed that I am not addicted to all this.
      I suggest you something please stop watching this mahan show in which suhani is tyag ki devi . if not English then atleast watch sensible Hindi shows like girls on top on mtv . atleast vaha vo girl ko daba jua saate atyacharon ka pahad uthate hue to nahi dikhate

  15. So cool yuvani gets blood from suhani and yuvaan from yuvraaj

  16. If suhani and yuvraraj meet and unite and goes birla house again it will become bore

  17. somya will try to hang on more to yuvraaj now., yuraaj cares krishna as he care yuvani and see sömya trying to ruin evrerything. oh god i really hate her . please do something to unite suhani and yuvraaj.

  18. Soumya suhaniya pathi yuvraj kitta sollaama irukkurathu thaan nallathu yenaa suhani second marriage pannatha soumya ninaikraanga so itha poi yuvraj kkitta solli yuvrajum suhaniya thappa ah ninachitta ah problem aayidum

    1. And that is exactly what she will say when the time comes.

  19. Intha Dadikku unmayaave Yuvraj ah romba pidikkumaa Yuvraj Suhaniyoda iruntha ah thaan santhosama ah iruppaanga Yuvrajoda unmayaana santhosam yethunukooda Dadikku theriyala ivangallaam oru Dadi Mm……

  20. I hate dare he! He has no ryt to tel d doctor dat he’s yuvaan dad.

  21. now the track is becoming interesting

  22. Disappointed in Soumya. . She is betraying her friendship with Suhani

  23. Y soumya would do that to suhani

  24. Part of me says Suhani should move on with Sambhav…. he is so full of life and may love Suhani more than what Yuvraj did… but another part of me feels too deeply for Yuvraj and Suhani to unite. I feel bad for Yuvraj too… his life has been so much controlled by his family that he cannot leave them….only if he leaves behind dadi and others and moves on with Suhani will he be happy…else it will always remain the same…. As for SOumya…she can postpone their meeting but cannot stop it from happening one day or the other…do not understand how Yuvraj, his family and Soumya are pretending as if Suhani was never expected to return…wonder what happened to Suhani’s parents????Why they did not try to unite both of them…if not unite atleast they should have know that both her children are alive… if not Suhani’s parents…atleast Yuvraj should have reached out to them???? just why???? poor story line with soooooo many loopholes???

    I understand the writers want the audience to be kept involved in the track by moving things fast…. but they are just too fast ignore important details and pushing the tracks way too fast at times when it is not needed!! they could have showed atleast so blissly married life of Yuvraj and Suhani after Barbie left…. but no Suhani got pregnant the day Babrie left…. andsuddenly a leap….did not even show the pregnancy story properly and now this stupid track of hits and misses!!!

    1. Exactly……if suhani in de places of….somya she never married to her frnd husband…
      I.don’t know wht will be de end…..because I love yuvani…n wanted to live together…
      Both are equally responsible….because both trust Dadi blindly….
      Dis guy’s is good…..but if at the end somraj and subhav will be end then u cheated urs viewers who lov yuvani for 6 yrs

  25. This serial should be called misunderstanding ki ek story, because this serial is made of that from yuvraj and suhani’s marriage till now!
    I can understand saumya, as Krishna loves Yuvraj as a father and she doesn’t want anyone to make her daughter away of the one she considers as her father. But still she is very stupid, how can she accepted living with Yuvraj without being married?? She was thinking about her daughter future? But what will happened when Krishna is going to know the truth? What is she going to think of her mother?
    Yuvraj had spoil the life of Suhani, Saumya, Yuvani and Krishna, he never thought about the consequences of his act
    And in the precap, Saumya is looking at Suhani in a way! Really, like she is judging her, she is not in any position to judge her, she had move on with her best friend’s husband! After 6 years, Suhani has the all right to move on, at least, she doesn’t do it with her friend’s husband. Sometimes i’m wondering is Saumya really know Suhani from childhood, because it seems like she doesn’t know her at all!
    Really, Sambhav is tooo cute, the way he says sorry was so nice! Hope Suhani will give him a chance

  26. De story line sucks…..viewers always wanted to.yuvanI….but CVS sucks… it’s impossible dey unite….
    But why CVS dng it…’s really not digestable…..offcourse we gng to c somraj…n subhav….which is pathetic….
    I already quite de show…dey actually reuin de whole story…..I m.not interested in.somraj…

  27. #UniteYuvani. ……..well said, totally agree with you.

  28. We are watching de show becoj of yuvani……now its feels.cheated….showing hit n miss….I quite the crape

  29. The show is nothing but a crap………soumya’s acts cannot be justified….her behaviour sucks………….

  30. Soumya is not a good part of this serial. She is only a vamp in this. I ptay to God that ‘Soumya jaisi cheap frnd kisi ko na dena jo apni hi frnd ki life barbaad kare’. Everyone needs a frnd like Suhani. I hate Soumya very very much. Suhani should not love her again.

    1. Ya….it’s like CVS cheated us by showing yuvani for two years…. I hope trp fall down

  31. I think it’s us who make ssel hit….n only becoj of yuvani ssel is hit otherwise it has many loopholes….

  32. Plz Anusha trp shouldn’t go down, given a chance star plus will make sure the show goes off air.this show doesn’t get any promos, no repeats, no importance fr the leads inspite of all these odds the show is completing 2 years &as off yuvani v all hv to wait fr 20 days as Sahil will be on leave so as an yuvanian v can hv patience & watch the show .

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