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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani, Lata and Pankaj discussing about Bhavna. Lata says Bhavna is always dependant on someone, she is not courageous like Suhani. Suhani says it does not mean Bhavna marries Rishi. Pankaj says Bhavna will not marry against her wish. Its morning, Suhani talks to Pratima. Pratima coughs and says she did not have time. Suhani asks her to go to doctor with Yuvraaj. Lata asks Suhani what happened. Suhani says Pratima is unwell. Lata asks Suhani to go home and come, they are here with Bhavna.

Rags and Menka argue. Saurabh asks will their nonsense end, Amit was their cousin, he died and they both are arguing, shame on them. He asks Sharad about Suhani and everyone, I hope Bhavna gets fine and the man who did accident is known. Rishi tells Sudha that Bhavna will

think to marry after a year, her husband will not love Anant and not be in touch with you. Pankaj comes and asks does they need anything, he is going to market. Rishi says no, I m here.

Rishi asks Sudha to think, till when will she stay here, if Bhavna forgets Amit, then if they make Anant away… Sudha asks what shall I do. He says make Bhavna agree. She asks how. Yuvaaj comes to his room and asks Suhani about Bhavna. She is tying her back lace and says Bhavna is fine. He helps her in tying the backstring. Music plays……………. He says he has to tell something, Bhavna and… Pratima comes and says shall we leave… She smiles seeing them. She says I will wait outside, get ready and come. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she will talk later. He says I will come along.

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Bhavna talks to Golu, and names everyone who would take care of Golu. Sudha hears her and asks what will happen when Yuvraaj and Suhani get their own children, what will you do. Bhavna says I will not marry Rishi. Sudha says Rishi is seeing your happiness. Bhavna says I don’t want to talk. Sudha promises Rishi will not hurt her. Bhavna says I don’t want his favor, I will live happily with my son. Sudha takes Golu and asks her to agree to marry Rishi, else she will go far with Anant. Bhavna says don’t do this. Sudha says I will prove you are irresponsible mum. Bhavna says she lost her husband. Sudha says I also lost my son, don’t make me take any step that you have to regret, agree to marry Rishi, else I will take Anant away. Bhavna cries.

The landline rings. Menka and Rags ask each other to answer it. Sharad answers Lata’s call and says Suhani and Yuvraaj took Pratima to hospital. Menka and Rags argue. Sharad can’t hear Lata clearly. Lata says Suhani’s phone is not connecting. Sharad asks Rags and Menka to stop arguing. Lata says Bhavna agreed to marry Rishi. Sharad asks what. Lata says she said, its for Golu’s sake.

Suhani, Yuvraaj and Pratima come home. Sharad says why Rishi… Yuvraaj says what nonsense. Lata talks to Suhani and says she decided this for Golu. Bhavna takes the call and looks at Sudha. She tells Suhani that she agreed after thinking for Anant. Suhani says fine, as you feel right, I will meet you in evening. Suhani tells this to everyone. Yuvraaj looks at Sharad. He fumes and leaves.

Rags taunts Suhani and Bhavna, who can’t be without marriage even for 2 days. Suhani asks her to think before saying, and scolds her. Rags asks why is Bhavna excited to marry Rishi. Sharad scolds Rags asking her to shut up. Menka says Sharad is right, we should be quiet, Dadi is not with us. Suhani cries.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that how can Rags and Menka say this. He asks how can Bhavna marry Rishi. She says you have seen Bhavna’s state. He says we will take care of her. She says she can’t be alone, she came home when Amit was away for work. He says Bhavna did not come home because of loneliness. She asks what. He says its all my mistake. She asks what mistake you did. He says I should have told you the truth and not heard Bhavna. She says tell me the truth. He says Bhavna has come back because of Rushi, and tells her everything. Suhani gets shocked. FB shows the moments Yuvraaj saved Bhavna from Rishi. He says Bhavna took my promise. Suhani cries and says take me to Bhavna.

They come to meet Bhavna. Bhavna says no one can make me away from Golu, I can do anything to be with Golu. Suhani asks her about Rishi. Yuvraaj tells Bhavna that he told everything to Suhani. He asks her to speak up, why is she marrying Rishi, don’t lie now, I know you won’t marry Rishi by your wish. Suhani asks did Rishi misbehaved with you, tell me clearly, is Yuvraaj saying true. Bhavna recalls Sudha’s words and says no. Yuvraaj gets shocked and looks at Bhavna.

Yuvraaj scolds Rishi and gets angry. He says I m warning you for the last time, refuse for this relation else… Suhani comes and says Yuvraaj…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi!
    I read the spoiler eveything is going to be fine again, Bhavna will marry Sharad.

  2. y z dis taking so long……wen dey both start to luv der cums another twist for der seperation

  3. Oh god plz stop all this nonsense if bavna don’t want to marry Rishi means what’s the big deal? And u rishi u r such fraud shame on u keeping eye on ur own sister-in-law shame on u shiiiiiiij u sucks man

  4. I think sharad did amith accident…

  5. Bhavna character becomimng disguisting……..

    1. How? She’s being misbehaved with, she lost her husband, she has to look after her child by herself until Sharad comes and she is being put under pressure! There’s nothing disgusting about that, it’s not her fault she wants her son to have a good life with a Dad!

  6. I’m glad if she marries sharad but she just lost her husband why so quick n rishi should no his place I think Amit mother doesn’t no about the incident with rush in bhavna

  7. I wish menaka and rags getting to a big trouble. Howcome they always right.

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