Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing. Radhe tells something in Barbie’s ears and takes her to a room. Suhani looks on. Radhe asks Barbie to tell him final, he can’t wait for her always. She asks when did I ask you to wait, you can leave. He asks her to burn these tickets first. She checks their Switzerland tickets. He says our love is not a love, we have seen so many dreams, its time we fulfill dreams. Dadi and Suhani look on. Radhe asks Barbie to throw the model. Suhani asks Dadi will their plan work. Dadi says yes. Bhavna asks Ramesh to give thandai to everyone and different one to Barbie. Rags asks Bhavna to add bhaang in thandai for Barbie.

Barbie sees the Barbie doll house and laughs saying I love it, so many Barbie dolls, oh Radhe, you are so sweet. She hugs him. Dadi says

I told you Suhani, she will be mad about Barbie dolls, that’s why her name was kept Barbie, see she is not seeing anything except Barbie dolls. Radhe says I have bought similar house in Switzerland, come with me. Barbie says no, I hate Suhani, I will teach her a lesson and then go. He says fine, you teach her lesson and then we will go. She asks him to wait. He says till then I will get visa papers. He asks her to sign on some papers. Ramesh brings thandai. Radhe sends him. Dadi asks Ramesh what did he do. Ramesh says sorry and goes. Barbie signs on the papers. Radhe signs Suhani. Dadi and Suhani smile and leave. Radhe gives thandai to Barbie. She smiles and is very happy.

She takes her phone and puts it in his pocket. He laughs. Barbie goes out and talks to the boy. He asks how much Radhe paid him to do acting. The boy says I m your son. Barbie asks him to run. Rags thinks who gave bhaang to Barbie, did Bhavna do this intentionally. Barbie goes and taunts Rags. Dadi signs Rags to stop. Saurabh asks Barbie to behave herself. Rags says leave it, we will play holi. Rags asks Saurabh to apply color to her. He asks how can I, you stopped everyone from applying colors to you. She says yes, but you have the right. He asks really, will you not get angry. She signs no. He applies colors to her. She also applies colors to him. Barbie drinks thandai. She sees Suhani and takes bhaang for her. Barbie tells Suhani that Suhani lost, as Pratima has sunk. Sharad, Bhavna and Dadi hear them. Suhani asks where, I can’t see.

Barbie laughs and says why shall I tell you. Suhani says you feel we won’t know if you don’t know, like the way we know you are acting to be pregnant. Sharad sees Yuvraaj coming that way and stops him. Barbie says I will win now. Suhani says I never lose. Barbie makes her drink thandai. Barbie says you will lose this time Suhani, because I m not drunk, you are drunk, that videographer is my man, he knows everything about the glass, that’s you got my glass and I got your glass, till you get senses, your Maa will get unconscious, till you tell everyone about me, I will leave for Switzerland. She laughs. Suhani cries.

Sharad hugs Yuvraaj. Bhavna holds Suhani. Suhani asks how did glass change, we have to save Maa. Bhavna asks her to come to senses. Suhani shouts Maa….. Yuvraaj hears her…… Barbie smiles. Pratima is seen sinking…. Yuvraaj rushes to Suhani and asks what happened. Suhani says we have to get Maa… and cries. The wire falls down. He hugs her and takes her.

The kid runs and shows the packet to his father. The man says this is not color, maybe its some juice powder. Krishna goes to ask the kid. Rakhi tells him that she feels Radhe is playing some game. Krishna says we will talk later. Soumya asks the boy about the packet. The boy says its sugar, Papa took it to make juice. Krishna worries.

Yuvraaj brings Suhani to outhouse. She asks him to let her go, Maa’s life is in danger. He asks what happened to Maa, answer me. She cries. He asks where is Maa. She says I don’t know, make me out of this bhaang effect, please. He runs. Barbie worries and says I should go along Radhe, Pratima will die in some time, then don’t know what will Suhani do, pregnancy is fake too, it will be problem if anyone knows. She messages Radhe that she is ready to go with him. Radhe tells Sharad and Bhavna about the message. Bhavna and Yuvraaj ask Suhani to eat chilli, she will be out of bhaang effect. Bhavna asks Suhani not to lose, you have to this for Maa. Yuvraaj asks where is Maa, tell me. Bhavna says if we tell you, it can be risk to Pratima’s life. Suhani eats chillies.

The people go get the juice. Krishna stops them. He says this is not sugar. Soumya says its chemical. The man says thank God, you saved everyone on time, take this packet back. Krishna takes packet and gets relieved. Barbie thinks to call and ask whether the tanker got filled. Suhani comes with her bags and says Barbie you won, I lost, don’t do anything to Maa, I will go far from here. She keeps her phone there and requests Barbie to leave Maa. Barbie says fine, you have to go away, from where Yuvraaj and his family do not find you, you won’t keep relation with your parents, when you leave, Pratima will come back in this house. The man sees the wire removed and fixes it again. Barbie calls the man and asks him to kill Pratima, I will put blame on Suhani, I will leave from here, sink Pratima in tanker first and then run from here. Suhani and Yuvraaj hear this on the phone and get shocked.

Yuvraaj rushes to the tanker and shouts Maa seeing Pratima inside. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. will barbie character end here it will drag

  2. Barbie is a devil in disguise as human. She doesn’t know that radhe is tricking her.

  3. OMG finally – Barbie gets exposed
    Wicked episode – can’t wait for tomorrow’s one x

  4. Some what nice. But this blame can’t just lay over Barbies shoulders. It’s Dadis too as she was the muster plan of everything and not letting Yuvraj and Suhani Together. We also have to see the part where Dadi apologize or get what she deserves. Cos this was her doing from the start …

  5. Your right Sheyla – will be interesting
    Let’s see ?

  6. I want everyone to slap Barbie a couple of times…even Ramesh, show her where she belongs, just a low life who dresses to look good but has dirty intentions…these show needs the viewers to write some of the script…knowing them, Barbie will somehow escape to take revenge later.

  7. I hate barbie plz close the barbie chepter immedealty….plz save suhani nd yuvraj reletio.

  8. Good she get caught n fianlly yuvraj see her true colors i think suhani will put her out

  9. Today’s episode was good. I get the feeling the Barbie’s acting is coming to an end in Suhani si ek ladkhi.

    Her character in this program was not good but her acting was brilliant.

    I think given Barbie’s outstanding performance in this program, that she will rise to greater heights.

  10. y do u people always hate the villian? without a villian no programme will b interesting there has 2 b a villin on every programme n y do u people hate barbie she is a sweet kid n how many girls her age could have pulled off a role like that kudos 2 u girl n u r very cute barbie n remember people on every bed of roses there must b thorns life is not always smooth there must b ups n downs likewise its the same with these programmes there has 2 b somebody that u guys will hate that is what makes these serials interestin

  11. hey nisa at least u saw barbie’s talent good for u sorry her role will come 2 n end

  12. Barbie’s lips can be compared to a pig’s lips. I think pigs look better than Barbie. Barbie is a very poor irritating and ugly actress. Due to her, SSEL serial is spoilt. We need better actress! Rags and Menka should get more roles! Who wants to spoil their day watching ugly Barbie? It’s high time Barbie should be punished and killed immediately ! We don’t want to learn immoral values from Barbie. She is an utter devil! It seems she is a real devil in real life too! No wonder her devilish face is imminently clear on the screen!

    1. you know what i also hate barbie character nit barbie its very tough role and ya tough role ushi ko milta he us role ke kabil ya layak hota he and i am sure jo serial me uska character he wo just uski opposite hogi

  13. Ya..v al hate barbies charcter in show…but dare u to say tis word abt a girl even u dont know her…may b she gud or bad…am sure u r very irritating guy ….u r charcter is sketched in tat comment…give respect n take resepect…dont ur elders teach u dis

  14. Super episode finally yuvraj kku yellam therinjuruchu itha munnaadiye senjurukkalam OK aduthu yenna nadakkuthunu papom but pls writers thayavu senju udane adutha prachanaha aarambichraathinga life la konjam santhosamum irukkum so konja naal yuvani yum santhosama irukkattum pls

  15. wow first they copied ye hai mohhabatein with sarogesy part and the saathiya with pratimas kiddnapping what are the going to copy next sasural simar ka by bringin icha dari naagin and afew daayans why cant the writters come up with there own ideas

  16. nice. This barbie track will end soon, i’m sure.

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