Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj arguing with Sharad. Sharad says he was going to tell Suhani that he will not marry Soumya. Yuvraaj says she is too honest and our plan can fail, we are dealing with wrong people to show we are on their side. Sharad says if she leaves home. Yuvraaj says don’t tell her that I will not marry Soumya, if you say her I lied to her and Dadi, she will feel you are saying this to stop her. Suhani hears this. Sharad says tell her once that you trust her and you know everything about Dadi’s plan and Soumya’s lies. Yuvraaj says she hates all lies, if I tell her the truth, she will not hear, let right time come, you will not say anything. Sharad sees someone and she hides. He says there was someone, who heard us. He asks where and she leaves. He says leave it, there

is no one.

Sharad asks what did he plan next. Yuvraaj says nothing, I don’t know what to do, situation is complicated. She cries and comes to her room. She says whats this happening, why did I run from there, from where am I hiding, from truth or myself. She sees her family pic on her laptop and sits crying. She says why is this happening with me, I did not lie to anyone and its all lies in my life. She says Papa why did you do this, I don’t trust anyone, I don’t know whom to trust and what, that Yuvraaj wanted to marry my friend or that he said he does not love me to save me.

Lata calls Suhani and asks how is she. Suhani says you know everything, I don’t know what to do. Lata says I know your dad is wrong and I can’t say to forgive him, what Yuvraaj did today, we are grateful to him. Suhani asks what did he do. Lata tells her everything and says you are in right hands, if anyone can get such good son in law with threatening, then everyone will do this. Suhani ends the call and thinks whats happening, my mind and heart are going against, Yuvraaj has always supported me, how should I find truth, was he helping dad or was it a drama, but why, whats his benefit in it, if this is lie, why is he saying he is acting when he said he will marry Soumya, he always wanted to marry her.

Rags tells Dadi that Menka is an idiot, she will flop our plan. Menka says I told Dadi, and argues with her. Dadi says don’t fight now and asks Soumya to make food for her. Soumya says she will make her fav food and leaves. The door bell rings and Menka bumps into Ramesh and they fall. Menka scolds him and he says sorry. A courier boy says Suhani ordered some DVDs. Menka takes it and gives to Suhani. Suhani says I did not order anything. Menka says see it and shows move Cds Sautan and Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai, and says no use now, your friend became your Sautan.

Dadi and Rags smile. Menka says Yuvraaj likes someone who is in sasural before marriage. Rags asks Menka what is she doing. Menka says Suhani is watching movies as per her life. Rags says its ban to trouble Suhani, if she complains to her dad, he will send court notice to us too. Suhani gets sad and starts leaving. Saurabh comes and stops her. Anuj and Saurabh get angry. Saurabh asks courier man to take back the DVDs and give other movies, and taunts Rags and Menka. He asks fgor Big B movies for Suhani and asks which one will she watch and names some. Anuj says anything with Big B.

The man says fine, I will get till evening. They stand to guard Suhani and see Dadi, Rags and Menka. Suhani tells Ramesh that she will make food for Pratima. She sees Soumya in kitchen. Sharad comes and asks where is she going, and Anuj asks her to make something. Soumya says Anuj, Dadi told me to make food. Saurabh says fine, make it for Dadi and your bets friends, we are going for lunch and we will have Dahi bade made by Suhani. Soumya goes and they smile. Suhani says she will make food for Pratima first. Saurabh makes her smile. Menka hears Yuvraaj telling Ramesh to get food for Pratima, he can’t take risk with her health.

Menka tells Dadi that Suhani does some blackmagic so everyone is after her and Pratima is making Yuvraaj listen to her by using her bad health. Dadi says this time I won’t let anything happen. Pratima scolds Yuvraaj and cries. Yuvraaj tells her he was acting infront of everyone. Suhani comes there with food and sees Dadi and everyone coming. Rags asks Menka to let Dadi go. Menka says I want to see live how Pratima gets scolded. Yuvraaj says whatever he did was all a drama. Dadi asks what. He gets tensed seeing her.

Dadi asks was it a drama. Suahni says she has understood everything, he acted always with her and she felt she knows her well and trusted him, and signs him. He says yes, exactly, this was a drama, Maa is not listening. Pratima gets puzzled. Suhani cries and says accepting truth is not easy, and we have to agree even if its bitter, taking me to picnic, keeping my happy, taking care of me, supporting me, it was all a drama. She says she did big mistake in understanding him. Dadi says Pratima, stop this drama of your bad health, this time I won’t let this affect Yuvraaj, he will marry Soumya.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he wants to teach lesson to Dadi and Soumya. Suhani says if we play same games, what will be difference between us and them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. t

    Pls sushani listen to yuvraaj this time both 4 idiot need a good lesson or punishment especially shameless/stupid friend soumya

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwww.
    Lovely episode…..
    Yuvraj & suhani ..i mean yuvani…hamesa ese hi sath rehna… aur support karna aur dono milke ush saumya ki bachhi ko bahar nikalo
    .aur achhese sabak sikhao un chudelo ko
    ….. 🙂
    ghar k male members jyada better hai…un chudelo se.. yaha tak ki snoopi v..:)
    <3 u yuvani.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Well there is no need to play games or waste tym to plan sm games to teach those bastrd ladies..i dnt get a thing why yuuraj olways act lyk his lips are sticken with feviqwick..he can tell them ol directly that he dnt wana mry that b*t*h soumya..n olso tell her in frnt of all to leav the house n nevr cm back..n suhani n yuvraj can live hapily..

  4. naina

    yuvraj ab bata bhi do suhani ko .. i mean ab yskin karlo ki hogaya hai tujko pyaar saajna.. laakh karle tu inkasr sajna.. lol

  5. Roma

    sowmya u shameless. u don’t desereve yuvi. u don’t know the meaning of love.once u loved krishna.then yuvi, next who in this place?i hate those kind of people

  6. meetu

    Very nice episode.specilly those male members supporting suhani.only they they know and value suhani.

  7. angella

    But dont mnd john. Jst tellng u my thght, it is nt gud to play wd any1’s emotion. U r playng wd 14 grl’s emotion.

  8. angella

    Evry1 hv emotion,selfrespect etc. 1day may b u ll left thm 1 by 1. But ll ths girl able 2 accept ths pain…
    Frgt it…jst tell this… ur lyf, ur decesion..

  9. y ur thinking girls can be used only 4 love. girls means not a toy 2 play n throw it away after use. iam totally different frm ur oncept

  10. sree

    miya u r malayali rght ,…………….u r grt da i red ur comments on 26 march it was ausome………

  11. miya

    hi sree……..ya……..thanks da…….john na………….avanoru krishnana………ella ulakathilum kamukiye veykkan nadakka……..

  12. Whts gng on.. See john.. I hav seen many like u.. Nd i know how to say to sm1 like u forcing to love someone.. U r such a cheapo.. As it is a public syt i dont want to spoil thos site by the ppls tht cm like u.. Srsly u r cheapo. Achu leave him jst ignore him

  13. sree

    i am frm palakkad dist……. nice to meet u dear…..sorry da i need to go…..i hav some work in to do bye…..c u soon

  14. sree

    hihi ok…….if it was night i can say subhanidhra sukhanidhra…………….anyway dhe poyi dha vannu/………..

  15. angella

    Hi guyz!
    John, girls are d form of goddess. They are 1 of d best gift frm god to the world. Girls can play evry role , they are mother,sister,wife,teacher,doctor nd mny mny. Dont understimate them nd their capable power.

  16. angella

    Yeah john, it is a game to u.. bt blve me it is vry bad.. u ll repent fr it smday… if u ll respct ppl, they also ll respect u. Ppl ll luv or hate ppl fr their bhvr nt fr thr beauty.

  17. angella

    John, l m sry if u feel bad fr my bhvr, l jst wanted to tell tht. Dnt feel bad if u feel tht my bhvr was rude . I cnt interfare any1’s life to teach thm.

  18. angella

    Yeah, cmplete d sentence. If u say sweet thn dnt flirt wd miya nd if u say miya thn dnt cheat wd sweet.

  19. frm kyy


  20. angella

    John, please tell who is ur real girlfriend whom u like frm ur heart truly. Why u r flirting wd ds innocent girl like sweet,amaya sara etc.

  21. angella

    Hi angel!
    Sara, u r a girl. Thn why u r dng like ths? If ur parents ll see ur cmnts, jst imgn how mch they ll hurt. Dnt let go ur own respects fr any1.

  22. angella

    Yes, angel. Yeah l agree tht atleast we cn talk abt our life nd stdy nd sm thngs wd serial topic. But it is bad to talk sch wrds.

  23. angella

    I m extremely sorry if any1 feels bad for my cmnt. But what can l do? U guyz hv force me to being rude.

  24. angella

    Ok john. I m gvng u an idea. If u cnt cntrl urself thn write whtevr u want in a paper thn burn it. But u knw by seeing ur bhvr ppl ll hate u.

  25. sree

    ha …….tell me……..i got ur mail…..let m try to do it …… i dont hav net offer in my mb…… if i czn go to internet centr i will give u

  26. angella

    Guyz, thnks fr undrstnd me nd my anger towards john nd sara.
    John nd sara ,l m sry but dnt do ths again .

  27. miya

    u have posted on yesterday comments na…….in ssel…..i hav checked it……. u were so frank so i just mailed u….

  28. angella

    Whnevr u llfeel angry or tense jst wrte all of thm in a paper thn burn it. U cn try it , u ll feel bettr.

  29. angella

    John, atlast u undrstnd. We r happy fr that. Now frgt ths.
    Guyz, as l m new, cn l b ur frnd? I m not so bad. Lol

  30. miya

    yes …… okke da i need to go….. i hav some work to do……… and dont forget it …..plzzzzz…………..bye take care……
    bye to all of u angel angella john sara………..sree…….c u soon

  31. angella

    Yeah, achu. Sm cmnts were wrst to read. But l cn undrstnd ur situatn. Frgv thm. They hv asked fr frgvness.

  32. angella

    Ok guyz bye. 2day l hv gt gud nd cute frnds like u all. Take care. Never b angry wd any1.Bye

  33. sree

    hey………..achu u also got the same thing ………love u frm john……. i read the whole comments…….. irritating once………….

  34. angella

    Bye . John. If u bhve polietely wd all thn ppl ll cm thr own to b frnd wd u. But if u strt to talk wd girls like ths, they ll ignre u. Be gud wd ppl. All ll accept u as thr frnd.

  35. anne

    ohh john try to understand my feeling dear……i love u deeply from my heart…….accept my lov

  36. sree

    give a sweet kiss at mrng 12 am…….then tell her happy birthday with a sweet smile……before mother wakes up….make tea or coffee………give her gift at mrng….

  37. sree

    wat gift shld be given……………..?? let me think…..okey buy a nice watch….or wat do ur mother lyk whether she used to read??

  38. sree

    oke do she used to read?? buy a good novel…….. or else
    buy a saree itself……. u know her colour passion
    either lite colou or dark colr

  39. sree

    grt……i will be lovely…..ur mother is the most luckiest one bcoz she hav a girl like u….

  40. sree

    aalia if u dont like my talking i am sry……… u can tell me if u dont like …..bcoz i am a talkative……. just to be frank

  41. sree

    achu …..wat i felt when u told hello …….. this calling prgmil parayille….hello aara samsarikkunne?

  42. kaira

    John u r such a blo*dy fool.
    U love sweet.
    U love miya.
    U love achu.
    Why u are changing colour?

  43. angella

    Tday missed ssel a lot..evry sunday, l miss ssel.
    Ok l guess, no one is here. So gud n8 friends. C ya tmrw. 😀 😀 😀

  44. sara

    d 1 usng my name I curse him/her sum1 vl use his/her name in real lyf bcz of dat he/she vl lose her frnds lyk my frnds r doubtng me hate u blo*dy loser coward he /she is scrd yo use der name so using my name to hide bhind

  45. angella

    Haha, john…l hv remembred smthng by watchng ur nm…
    Jhony jhony
    yes papa..
    Eatng sugar
    No papa.
    Telling lie
    No papa.
    Open your mouth..

  46. angella

    Our hand’s all fingrs r nt same. Like it all d ppl of d wrld r nt same. Evryone’s diffrences mk thm unique nd special.

  47. angella

    Yeah, u ll find 1 day who is strong , brave nd smart. Always remembr 1 thng, l agree tht outward beauty is imprtnt bt dnt judge anyone by her outward beauty, see her inner beauty nd mind.

  48. angella

    Glad that u hv shared ur feelings wd me.
    Whenevr u ll feel bad or any pb, u can share wd me . I hv solution of evry pb.

  49. simran

    okay. tell me one thing, why you always run after girls?? i read todays comments they were so disgusting. why don’t you focus on your life??

  50. miya

    dont talk to him….. he is an idiot u know he doesnot have any feeling telling evryone ……….i love u ……… he is fool

  51. miya

    we shld irritate him ….. i told this to my ffrnds boys told tat they will come and do something….

  52. miya

    god will decide whom u want
    that girl will be more suitable than ur present lover.
    plz accept it….

  53. Naina

    U c how it feels whn smone plays wid ut feelings…hope u understand. Dnt worry one day u will get loving n caring partner i wish soon u will get tht one loving partner. Sorry if i hurt u jhon.

  54. Naina

    So she left u?? Sorry am intrfrng in ur personal matters. Ok bye both of u. Relax jhon move on and yes sab ladkiya aisi nahi hoti. U will get to knw this soon bye.