Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima telling Yuvraaj and Suhani that they have to understand their children’s needs, I don’t want to scare you, both the kids tried to run away twice. They get shocked. Sharad and Bhavna also explain. Pratima asks Yuvraaj and Suhani to not make kids pay the price, they can’t separate as you both want to get separated. Yuvraaj and Suhani hug the kids and apologize to them. They promise they will never separate the kids. The kids dance happily.

Suhani asks Sambhav what does he want. Sambhav says this decision is best, I m happy if my champ is happy. He apologizes to Yuvaan for scolding him. Yuvaan says it happens, we are best friends and hugs him. Soumya tells Rags that Krishna does not exist since Yuvaan came. Rags says I told you to do something, you always

felt guilty. Soumya says I will not think of anyone, if no one thinks for me and my daughter. Pratima asks them to come for photo. Soumya fumes and thinks to make Suhani and Yuvaan away from this family.

Rags tells Soumya that its time we do something, if you don’t take any strict action, you will lose everything. Menka says yes, because I m not in your team. Rags asks her to manage her son. Menka taunts her as she does not have a child. Soumya asks Menka not to taunt Rags. Menka says Rags started it first. Soumya says you have to do something. Menka gets some call and says I will just come. She goes.

Yuvaan asks shall I sleep with Yuvani and Krishna. Suhani says fine, don’t trouble them. Sambhav comes and says why don’t we men serve food to women today. Bhavna says no, we will serve. Sharad says no, we will serve today and taunts Rags who does not serve Saurabh. Rags asks him to shut up and mind his own business. He asks Suhani to please sit and he will have food after Suhani finishes. Sharad makes Bhavna sit. Yuvraaj says why are you making issue, we all can sit and eat together, we can buy a big dining table.

Soumya signs Krishna. Krishna says we will do one thing, you make mumma sit and feed her food. The kids say yes, all Papa will do this. Sambhav says I will make this possible, as Yuvaan told me. He feeds Suhani. Menka taunts Rags for not having baby. Suhani says all children are of Rags. Saurabh says I m her baby, I won’t grow up ever and feeds Rags. Yuvraaj says no Krishna, I won’t do this, Soumya likes to have food on her own. Suhani says everyone likes so, no one is kid here, there is no problem if you make Soumya have it. They start arguing. She convinces Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj feeds Soumya. Menka acts to get a call and says its my mumma’s call. She says no one is invited this time, its second marriage, and makes joke of the marriages happening. Everyone look on. Menka says mumma wanted to come in marriage. Rags says if her mummy comes, my mummy will also come.

Yuvraaj teaches basketgame ball to Golu and Yuvaan. The kids praise Yuvraaj and call him a hero. Yuvraaj asks them to play and enjoy later.

Rags goes to Menka. Menka scolds her for coming without knocking. She says I m more smart than you, I helped Soumya when you were gone. Rags says sorry to underestimate you. Menka says fine, be careful, else I won’t let you touch my son. Rags goes. Menka calls someone and asks her to come till gate. Rags hears this. Yuvraaj explains about the game, and asks them to follow. Sambhav says yes. He pays the expenses and says I can manage my family expenses. Yuvraaj says I will pay you money from next month, you are taking care of my son, his expenses are my responsibility, not yours. He goes and sees the girls jumping on the bed. He stops them and asks them not to play on bed. Krishna says sorry. She shows Yuvraaj and Suhani’s old pic. Yuvraaj smiles.

Suhani says this is our house, why will we pay rent. Sambhav says did you not hear Menka. Sharad and Suhani ask him not to care for Menka’s words. Sambhav says I m capable, I can pay rent, I don’t want to become burden. Sambhav argues with Suhani as she just finds Yuvraaj right. Yuvraaj tells about Suhani. Soumya goes angrily. Yuvraaj says Krishna is my fav daughter and hugs her. He hugs Yuvani and Yuvaan too. Krishna asks why did you not let Suhani eat samosas. Yuvraaj says she did not use to wash her hands after eating samosas and clean with her clothes. Suhani comes there and hears this.

Menka waits for the lady. Rags looks on and hides. Menka gives much money to the lady. The lady says I can say truth to anyone here and take more money. Menka scolds her for stealing baby from orphanage, don’t try to threaten me, I will send you to jail. She sends her and turns. She gets shocked seeing Rags there.

Suhani tells about Karwachauth, where wives keep fast for husbands. Yuvaan says mumma will keep fast for Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode was happy episode i really lyked it….
    yuvi was teasing suhani and she ill here all thoso things he said to kids its more funny part 😀 😀

    one more thing menka and rags having a mother ???? a big question mark?????
    am waiting tmrw episode 😉 😉

  2. Baaaddd

  3. pratima gave birth to spineless men..

  4. Superb Episode. ….

  5. Kavu you are spon on lol… Spineless men indeed ???

  6. how many times will yuvraaj marry????
    i think this is his fourth marriage. 2 times he married suhani then he married barbie and now he is going to marry soumya. what is the logic in this?????

  7. I hope rag find out wat menka trying to do n suhani should leave with sambhav n forget yuvraj he has no brain

  8. Today’s episode so so.i thought pratima will take stand then situation will be better but she also blaming suhani that …tumne koi rasta chhoda hai…..what does its mean…really disappointed .I hope shayad karva chauth ke bahane yuvraj and suhani ka pyar samne aaye…I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode .

  9. Who will break suhani’s fast. Yuv or sam ?

  10. Nice episode today
    Loved it when Yuvraaj talked about Suhani in front of children
    He still has fond memories of them

  11. nice episode

  12. I love to see yuvraj didn’t forget suhani and their nok was amazing he tells infront of children……now let’s see who with will break suhani’s karva chauth fast…… …….I imagine like DDLJ yuvraj will do this….and it will love to see tomorrow’s episode….. What does want Sambhav?It’s not clear ,if he is be in pratima’s team then okkkkkk…..

  13. rubbish serial characters also rubbish producers and directors also marry 4 or5 times i think sooooo

  14. i dont like yhis serial bul shit

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