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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani waiting in exhibition. Rohan asks her to have cold drink. She asks him to give his phone, as she remembers his number. Yuvraaj calls her and her phone is off. Suhani says maybe he is busy in office, else he is always punctual. Rohan says maybe, and saves wrong number for Yuvraaj. He says he called him, and its switched off. She says how is it off, where did he go. Yuvraaj waits for her and is sad. Ramesh talks to the junk paper buyer. Yuvraaj does not see the pamphlet there. Rohan says he will come, as you say he never cheats you. He says I will show the exhibition, what will we do now, don’t thank me. She says fine, come.

Yuvraaj goes there and talks to Ramesh. He misses to see the pamphlet and goes. Suhani likes the exhibition and is very happy seeing

the things. Rohan smiles and says its very good, and looks at her smiling. He takes her pics and she covers her face. She asks him not to do so. Yuvraaj is at the signal and men sell flowers, asking him to buy it and compete. Yuvraaj asks them nott o figth and buys from both of them. He leaves from there. Suhani sees a tshirt with Y and smiles. She likes it. Rohan gets one with R. Suhani buys the Y jacket. Rohan buys R one. She waits for Yuvraaj. Rohan sees her busy and changes the packets. They get busy seeing more things.

Rakhi and Radhe act for a scene and Soumya smiles seeing them. Rakhi scolds Radhe and he says she is his life, he has seen big plans for him. Krishna and Lalita come and look on. Krishna asks whats this acting since morning, ask him to go. Lalita says he is becoming hero, and gives him juice. Rakhi asks Soumya to say the lines, if she can just see and laugh. Soumya says I can’t. Radhe asks her to try, and Krishna says stop this. Radhe asks Krishna to say the lines with Soumya. Suhani and Rohan stand outside, as its 7pm and Yuvraaj did not come. She says we will go home. He says we will wait, call him.

He says take his class after going home. She says no, he is punctual, maybe there is something. She says she forgot, we can call home and ask did Yuvraaj come. She takes his phone and calls home. She asks Ramesh. Ramesh says he came and took rest, he went to meet you. She says fine, and ends call. Rohan asks what to do now. She says we have to go home. Rohan sees Yuvraaj and makes her turn. Yuvraaj comes to know exhibition is closed, it was from 4-7pm. Yuvraaj says why did Suhani call me at 7pm and leaves from there.

Rohan smiles and takes Suhani to the car. She says I will call yuvraaj once, give me phone. Rohan sees Yuvraaj stopping his car and attending a call. Rohan makes her sit in the car. Yuvraaj calls on Suhani’s number and she calls him, and his number gets busy. She says we will go home. Rohan smiles. Yuvraaj looks at the flowers and throws them. He leaves. Rohan’s car crushes the flowers and leaves.

Krishna and Soumya enact the scene, and it romantic one. Krishna says he knows all the lines, as he has heard Radhe saying many times. Radhe looks on. Krishna says the lines and Soumya laughs. She says you can’t do this. Krishna says I did not do this, as Radhe made me swear on you. She says last time. Krishna says again, and she laughs. Rakhi says I m better than them. They have a laugh. Rohan and Suhani come home and he acts filmi. Yuvraaj comes and she asks him what is he doing here. He says I was waiting. She says you left me alone there. Dadi, Rags and Menka come home. Menka acts foolish and talks to Rohan, saying Suhani and Yuvraaj argue and solve everything, see your plan will flop. She tells about Rags against Suhani.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue, and she says she was waiting for him. He asks where. She says she was in exhibition. He says she called him at 7pm, I should be angry, you called me when things got shut. She says I have sent ad, with time 4-7pm. He says fine, let me prove you wrong. He shows her the ad pic and asks where is it. She says it was written there. He asks why did she not call him. She says my phone got damaged, and I was trying from Rohan’s phone. He says he did not get any call. She says why would I call you if I did not wish to meet you, I m saying true.

He says I guess its some misunderstanding. She shows him the Y jacket, and says she got gift for him. He thanks her and says he will go and change. Rohan shows her and Suhani’s pics, to Rags and Menka. Menka says its just you in this pic, why did Suhani hide her face. Yuvraaj comes there and hears them. Menka jokes on Suhani’s face. Rohan says this was my game plan and says they enjoyed a lot in exhibition. Menka asks did he wish to spend time with Suhani, tell me. Rohan sees Yuvraaj and says no, he did not know how time flew with Suhani. Yuvraaj fumes.

Yuvraaj gets the jacket with a R and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Story and track both are going good.I like to read what happened in SSEL but never see .

  2. This rohan is a stupid. How can he love a married girl. And who told him to teaching them that if there is no love in marriage they should separate. He is a blind can’t he see that suhani’s happiness is with yuvraaj. He is also the CHAMCHA of dadi.

  3. Only rubbish and nonsense. This serial has no storyline at all.

  4. Wat is rohan trying to do make yuvraaj jealous or falling in love with suhani

  5. Eish Rohan had to cause problems for Suhani …..

  6. Yuvraaj needs to open his eyes and see that Dadi is behind all his problems…..

  7. i dont know when Yuvraaj and Suhani is going to realize what going on in that house. That bhandar rohan is so annoying i’ve stopped watching the show. Its time to end the show.

  8. the crew has lost its memory. nobody remembers y the show was started, on what storyline, and what they had wanted to show. so they r just doing as per they whims and wishes…

  9. When is Pratima going to comeback? Also Saurabh has vanished so long. Need them back to stop those stupid plans of dadi and rohan

  10. This track rohan ‘s entry is so so boring .stop this

  11. I think rohan will make yuvraaj say that he loves suhani and he was and will be her life partner.waiting for this to happen.There is an end to everything.And one day this rohan’s pagalpan is gonna end too .missing saurabh so much…

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