Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri saying I deleted video, I did not know you will send Aditya to jail. She tells Suhani that Dadi said Pankaj is everything for Suhani, so I did this to teach lesson to Suhani. She cries. Yuvraaj asks her to say truth, what happened that night. FB shows Pankaj colliding with Yuvraaj. Gauri sees Pankaj and fumes. She switches off the lights in her room. Pankaj’s phone falls and he picks it from the room. Gauri’s phone falls there as well. He starts leaving. Gauri breaks the vase and he turns to see. He asks who is there, and goes.

Gauri says you made Aditya lose his job, I will not leave you, you both will be punished. She tears her sleeve and scratches her hand. She shouts help and runs outside. FB ends. Everyone get disappointed. Suhani, Bhavna and Pratima


Sharad tells inspector that they signed, now free Pankaj. Saurabh says we take our complaint back, we are sorry that he had to suffer so much. Gupta does formalities. Suhani goes to Pankaj and says we won, I proved you innocent. Pankaj does not seem happy. She hugs him. Gupta says you both daughters fought with world to prove you innocent, you are lucky. Pankaj thanks him and says I have nothing else than them. Saurabh apologizes to Pankaj and says I know your suffering won’t get less, my apology would be less, but please forgive us. Pankaj asks where is Yuvraaj. Suhani says Gauri is ashamed of her doings. Pankaj says I want to go home. Suhani says Yuvraaj is calling. Pankaj says I will talk to him later. Saurabh says I will tell Yuvraaj. Suhani messages Yuvraaj that she will go home and call. She tells Saurabh that she will take her dad home. Saurabh says yes go. She asks Pankaj to come.

Aditya asks Yuvraaj to see, how shall I explain Gauri. Yuvraaj says you always blamed Pankaj. Aditya says I did not had courage to face Pankaj. Yuvraaj says its wrong to blame family to support wife, let her cry, she will be fine. Gauri cries and says I m bad, so I m feeling bad. Yuvraaj says no, you realized you did wrong, so you are not bad, I will not force you for anything, you make a try if you want and prove everyone wrong by changing. He says come, we will have dinner with everyone, we will show you will never do such mistake again. She says I will try Vyu and hugs him. Aditya smiles.

Suhani brings Pankaj home. Bhavna hugs Pankaj. Suhani, Bhavna and Soumya dance on baton me khubsurti….. Lata smiles and they all try to cheer up Pankaj. Pankaj tells Lata that you all have to bear so much because of me. Lata says there is nothing like that. He says I know everything. He thanks Soumya for supporting Suhani and them always. She says you always did not make me miss my dad, I can do anything for you all. Suhani says we did what you taught us, we were sure you can’t do this. Bhavna says you know Yuvraaj and Sharad always supported us. Pankaj stays sad and goes to rest.

Soumya says when Krishna met with an accident, he took much time to get fine, and this is bigger thing. Lata cries. Suhani says our love will make him fine soon. Anuj asks Sharad is everything fine. Sharad says no, Pankaj is worried. Saurabh says he is worried by that blame. Rags says yes, his life, career and character ended by such girl’s molestation case. Menka says yes, I read it too. Anuj asks her to keep quit. Yuvraaj and Aditya bring Gauri there. Menka maintains a distance. Anuj asks Menka to sit. Menka says I m done, I will have food in room. Gauri says no, I will sit there. Gauri asks Menka to have food and gives her a fork. Menka screams and hides behind Rags, asking her to save her.

Menka says Gauri, I will sit, but you don’t beat me, keep that fork back. Gauri cries and throws it. Yuvraaj asks Menka whats your problem. Rags says Menka is not wrong, explain your sister that too much anger is not right. Saurabh says shut up Rags and Menka behave yourself. Menka says explain Gauri, she injures others when she is angry. Anuj says stop it. Rags says why are you saying Gauri, she attacked Menka, Suhani and filed molestation case on Pankaj, she can kill us in anger. Dadi says enough. Sharad says she needs our help, we have to manage her with love, not anger. Dadi asks them to go to their rooms and have food. Dadi also leaves. Gauri tells Yuvraaj that I m very bad, I want to be alone.

Its morning, Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and says I came out for jogging, Rags and Menka scolded Gauri, I know Gauri did wrong, but she is not fine. Suhani says Rags and Menka will taunt Gauri, Pankaj is not fine and I have to stay here to take care of him, we solved this together. He apologizes to her as he did not believe her, when she said Gauri did this, we all should apologize to Pankaj. He hears Bhavna saying she made Pankaj’s fav food. He asks Suhani to go and have food with everyone. Suhani ends call. She says I will have everything today, don’t stop me. Pankaj thinks they all are having food with peace after many days.

Dadi asks everyone to see what they all did, they gave this gift for apology. Pratima asks what is it Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to say what his wife did.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Actually I loved Rags and Menks portion,,,Watever Rags said is right,,,Gauri attacked Menka twice and none of them tried to rectify her mistake instead they supported Gauri and scolded Menka,,nw also they are yelling at Menka for no reason,,I’m nt at all feeling bad for Gauri,,,Also ..Yuvraj and others cannot slap or scold Gauri bcoz its their mistake too,,,They always supported gauri even wen she was wrong…

  2. And about the precap,,,Wot the hell is wrong wid Dadi,,,She didn’t even apologized to Pankaj…She was too much interested in taunting them and nw her mouth is shut and no one cares of her deeds …she said,”They gave this gift for apology”…Really Dadi…U really think that an apology can make everythng fyn,,,U even tried to kill Pankaj and nw u want them to behave nycly wid u…Stupid

  3. Suhani and her family should never forgive Adi Dadi and Gauri for wat they did,,,especially Adi,,,He don’t deserve love

  4. Adi don’t deserve a family lyk Suhani’s,,,He didn’t even apologized to Pankaj,,,Suhani should file complaint against Birla family and let everyone( media and society )know the truth

  5. Well said Saaya,
    Today’s episode was utter bullshit, felt like slapping yuvraj &Adi they didn’t even bother to go to pankaj, &suhani what about her self respect.regret watching this track. ….

  6. I agree with saaya

  7. Loved rags nd menka scenes.. Birla dumbos cant teach their daughter how to behave properly but can do whatever they like to others.. They dont even bother to say sorry.. Then that paghal ladki..felt like slapping her..felt no sympathy.. Who d hel she think she is.. Suhani needed to slap her and then talk..such a criminal mind she has

  8. I am thinking that dadi slaped pankaj, atleast suhani slap to gauri

  9. Pankaj’s daughters hv let him down terribly, just wish pankaj aur lata strong ho jaye aur Birlas par maanhaani ka case thok de.

  10. Thnku Sushma and Hawa..And also Adi is not at all bothered abt Pankaj,,,He doesnot deserve Pankaj’s family

  11. Gauri should be sub kuch karne ko usko koyi mental problem nahi dha. So ithink she is acting… There is no problm with her when it is something related to adi..and also that idiot dadi should apologize to pankaj and his family, on her knees…especialy for slapping and harasing pankaj

  12. i’m totally agreed wth all yrs comments.seriously birlas don’t said anything to gauri nd even dadi she was also the part of this master plan indirectly.she always brainwashes gauri agst suhani nd her family.wht the hell is dis?nd that stupid suhani she dont hve any self respect…dadi nd adi both intentionally blamed pankaj by using gauri … nd that slap to pankaj is nt enough for suhani to remember all the pain nd humilation that her is bearing still…..

  13. Stopwatchingtv

    Hate these Birla characters. Dadi treats all her bahus badly,including Pratima. Yuvraaj is another idiot who knows suhani never lies still did not trust her about gauri. Good part is that the spoiler says suhani will leave Birla house n this is high time too.

  14. i’m totally agreed wth all yrs comments.seriously birlas don’t said anything to gauri nd even dadi she was also the part of this master plan indirectly.she always brainwashes gauri agst suhani nd her family.wht the hell is dis?nd that stupid suhani she dont hve any self respect…dadi nd adi both intentionally blamed pankaj by using gauri … nd that slap to pankaj is nt enough for suhani to remember all the pain nd humilation that her father is bearing still…..

  15. yea suhani should file a complaint against Birla’s,,,especially against Dadi for provoking Pankaj to commit suicide …Also she should let the medias and society know the truth

  16. I don’t like gauri

  17. we r just wasting our time with this serial.i really hate impotent yuvraj and she a devi or can she still love yuvraj when

  18. this is not at all practical track.every person has can only become interesting if suhani leaves birla house and file cases against birla family and never come back.and let these people.come on road.

  19. Dadi is an ugly snake,she should be smothered to death.wicked witch

  20. These directors must be thrown in the sewage.. blo*dy creatures…thet show episodes n episodes of humiliation to pankaj n nothing to gauri..nonsense..Rags n menka seriously rocked today. Everyone is ready to blame Pankaj but nobody is ready to say sorry to him..I feel like throwing acid on directors face for their senseless direction.

  21. Gawri came with a clear mind when she come back to Birla house, Dadi is the one twisted her mind by filling her ears with wrong messages about Suhani which make her angry and take revenge on Suhani and her dad. No one say a simple word against Dadi. Beautiful Director!!!!!
    What is Pratima’s role in this house, she doesn’t have any right or respect here like Suhani. Her daughter in law’s Ragini and Menka taunts, control and mock her along with Dadi. None of the idiots (stand like a street poles never control their wifes. Pratima also walk away like nothing ever happened to her. When she get her daughter back don’t she spend time with her that too with a special needs daughter. The director make the wicked dadi kick everyone away from her and sit by her, She is the reason behind the little girls abduction no one questions her. Sabhash Director!!!!
    When Gowri is cornered by the duo brats Yuvraj expect Suhani to leave her dad and self respect and come and take care of his sister. And these bastards never apologized to Pankaj bz he doesn’t have self or any respect either. Birla house is full of crazy’s and wicket’s but they think they are so high. Ware wah !
    Please change the same story line and show some slap on these Birla idiot’s face. Make suhani divorce Yuvraj, she can be successful in her life and carrier without such an idiot who doesn’t value his wife.

  22. After wat gauri did they didnt even tell her nothing i think suhani should leave the birla house for a few days n see wat yuvraj would do

  23. The comments are justified especially Sushama and Sudha…..u said right. Suhani I thought would slap Gauri….but no utter dissapointment and Yuvraj too was a disappointment dint go to talk to Pankaj..but Sowmya came even though her husband and Radhe were accused in this case….shame Mr. Director are u taking any lessons of stupidity from the director od mere angne mai where tge highlight of stupidity is shown…u want ur show yo follow its stupidty track…day before yesterdays track was good I tot it would continue but no Suhani again tried to be mahan….no one scolded Gauri at all but supporting her…only Menaka and yes surprisingly Rags said the truth of Gauri….just loved the way Menaka reacted to Gauris presence only she us the lively character in this show even if its foolish one. Seriously Yuvraj and Suhani I expected more reactions from u both….director pls learn something from western shows where they dint show such stupidty and don’t drag unnecessarily. At least in the next track pls show the answer given by Pankaj to Brilas be justified.

  24. non sense.. even animals have more common sense than these ssel serial people……i mean dadi is a witch devil black lady…..and all r happy with her……
    pratima…she is like a dumbo bahu…..who has 2 mad bahus n 1 superwomen bahu suhani….have 3 crazy jobless sons……..n all these ppl….are useless…….n then this mad girl…..n stupid guy ….and so much non sense still all r ok ……..there is no happy married life between suhani n yuvraj,,,,,,,,suhani stop being the wonder woman…..n focus on ur life….i can be the director………..coz these directors…have lost their mind!!!!

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