Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with media showing the miracles done by Baba. He heals a woman. Everyone praise him. The reporter says this Baba has drunk Amrit from Kailash Parbat, and his blood is pure, he treats many people by his blood. Dadi asks Suhani to come. Saiyyam sits playing game. Krishna comes to him. She keeps kheer and leaves. He says not bad, Jhansi Ki Rani did not fight and left. He sees kheer kept. He thinks to leave the kheer. He looks around and eats kheer. He likes it. Krishna sees him and smiles.

Yuvraaj comes there and sees Krishna smiling and seeing Saiyyam. He asks Krishna why is she hiding. Saiyyam sees Krishna and keeps kheer. Yuvraaj says any way, did you see Suhani. Saiyyam says I don’t know. Krishna says Suhani went with Dadi to get Sadhu Baba home, Dadi wants us

to serve him. Yuvraaj asks Sadhu baba here?

Dadi asks Baba’s assistant to convince Baba and give them a chance to serve him. Suhani asks Bhavna what’s all this, I don’t believe in all this, he is fraud Baba. Bhavna says no, he does not take Bhiksha, he has miraculous powers, come.

Baba comes there. Dadi says we want to take Baba home and serve him, please tell him. The lady asks Baba to bless her mute son, get his voice back, help me. Baba says don’t cry, your son will be fine. Baba checks the boy and heals him. He asks the boy to talk. Yuvraaj comes there and asks what’s this, Suhani how can you come to such place. The boy starts talking. The lady hugs her son and praises Baba. The people chant his name. Yuvraaj asks are you guys done, we shall leave for home. Dadi says we should take baba home. Yuvraaj says no need, come. Baba stops them and says I will come your home with you. Dadi smiles and thanks Baba.

Rags asks servant to clean the house well. Yuvraaj asks Pratima what is this happening. She says Baba ji will bless everyone, its good for family. Dadi asks him to stay for her sake. Suhani asks Dadi not to worry, Yuvraaj will be here. Dadi asks him to take Baba’s blessings.

Bhavna gets simple food for Baba. Dadi says he has become Sanyasi. Krishna says I will get khichdi. Baby says I will see that. Suhani says I m happy seeing Baby like this. Baby says you all have forgiven me, I have to show the change.

They all welcome Baba home. Dadi showers flowers on him. Baba sees Yuvraaj and Suhani. He asks is everything ready as per my needs. Rags says yes, I made house pure by Gangajal. Tiger barks at Baba. Dadi asks Saiyyam to take the dog. Baba scolds Dadi. Yuvraaj says Tiger is like a family member, don’t say anything. Daid says we have to keep him in outhouse. Suhani says sure Dadi.

The cooker blasts and food spreads in the floor. Everyone rush to see. Krishna says how did cooker blast. Baba says its a disaster, there is non veg in this house. Dadi asks who got non veg in our house. Krishna says don’t know, I have put khichdi in cooker. Dadi apologizes to baba.

Suhani says he is baba and knows your heart, no need to beg. Dadi asks how did this happen. They all apologize to him. He says fine, I m not going, but this should not happen again.

Yuvraaj is upset. Suhani asks what happened. He asks why did you not tell anything to Dadi, why is that baa here. She says Dadi is happy and got peace. He says its not happiness, its superstitions, why are you supporting this. She says just for Dadi’s happiness, let this happen.

At night, Baba goes to the living hall and sees the fish aquarium. He picks a fish and eats raw. He sees Birla family pictures on the wall. He stares at Suhani and Yuvraaj’s pic.

Baba ji does tandav. Everyone look on. Baba says I have to do your Shuddi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Swetha7

    didn’t watch the episode yet guys.though only one kriyam scene it seems to be a treat for us.

  2. Swetha7

    everybody is talking about yuvraj death.but without yuvataj suhani is the moment serial is struggling for TRP.i think they are going to make yuvraj’s character silent for sometime by faking his death and focus on kriyam.after sometime, they will brig yuvraj is not a bad idea guys.

    1. Arshi123

      I agree,it may happen, Not bad idea .????

    2. No it is nothing as such. It is all fake babas drama of killing yuvraj. He will again give some cure to yuvraj and make him alive.

      Story will not focus completely on Kriyam as of now.

      Sahil is again on leave for few days so again this death drama

    3. See see yuvraj will not die

  3. Again….itna chhota sa scene…whyyyy…we want more kriyam scenes…we are totally fed up of baby baba dramaaaaaaaaaaaaa…why dnt u understand what fans are demanding…again a boring track…why are u nt giving screen space to the most famous couple..sayyam nd krishna…we want them…this stupid track will definitely not going to inc d trp..m telling u..infact u will loose the current trp too…who is d writer???..pls make him or her understand dat we are not at ol interested in these stupid boring irritating tracks…
    Nd yuvraj is going to die bcoz of this baba nd baby…i mean wat d hell u r doing d so called writer…???..we are jst wasting our precious time watching d show..karan and srishti..sorry guys bt i think they are nt understanding ur importance…ur talent ur importance is jst being neglected….we ol want u…u r d only one who could save ssel to go off air..

    1. Syedul

      I kinda agree wid u tho I’m a huge kriyam fan

  4. i like kriyam so much

  5. So cute kriyam scenes…they both so adorable… Thank you CVS…. But this yuvraj ruined their moment…hmm…

  6. Swetha7

    have you read TOI spoiler kriaym.only baby and baba.if they make yuvraj die and no kriyam i don’t think the show will last for even a month .

  7. today is kriyyam scene nice but ittu sa tha

  8. what is this? Why they r showin such kind track? Such tracks r shown when nthin is there to show!

  9. Not another revenge track please.

  10. Today’s kriyam scenes are so cute n lovely… They both looks adorable… But this yuvraj ruined their moment….hmm..

    Thank u CVS..please include everyday cute sa kriyam scenes with the baba track..

  11. Sanchayita

    Saiyyam was looking so cute while eating the kheer..he loves kheer so much..I think this baby is doing some conspiracy so she is acting sweet ..zaroor kuch garbad hai

    1. yaaa yes even I saw that

  12. sahil quite the serial says tekkychackar

  13. Sanchayita

    And now this baba track wcame..arghhh..what stupidity they are showing ..Guys did u saw the spoiler tjat yuvraj will die??

  14. heights of stupidity… baba and his stupid stuffs… what s tis? after all such ml drama expected couples scene or atleast family scene in one episode bt no, these cvs gone mad.. and is krishna jhansi ki rani? no never only suhani had tat qualities.. y cant the cvs thnk different for them, repeating same old story for kriyam.. YUVANI s different n kriyam s different.. they r nt same… anyways v hav to watch tis baba drama n hope somethng interesting happens…

  15. Read in spoiler on Telly news and TRP of Indian serials that yuvraj wil die. This baba is a planning by baby and he will try to kill suhani by poisoning some food but yuvraj will eat it and die.

  16. Swetha7

    guys have you seen the photo frames of the one photo there is kriyam smiling.i think sayyam’s hand on krishna’s is not clear.but they are very close.

  17. Arshi123

    Hello friends,,,,,,,.??

    Kriyam scene small !!
    Did u see new olv ??? Yuvraj will die ????????.
    Kabirmradul posted some pics and everyone was wearing white !!!!

    1. Where did Kabir Mradul post those pics?

      1. Arshi123

        In his insta story

  18. It’s nice to see baby changed

  19. Arshi123

    I’m again Sorry for not being able to give u links,@ Safaa,@Naira
    I searched to find any pic of kjs message on Instagram website,but nobody posted it publicly.And his message to mine group was just like his tweet. Hope u didn’t mind…..
    I found only this pic of his message, this was discussion about the show only.

    This is a pic of karan’s group message, but Im not on that group.There he only discussed only about the show.

  20. I thought that after dadi ‘s memory loss track it will be about kriyyam ….ab hame ye baba wala track sehana padega 🙁 ….. Today’s episode had only 1 kriyyam moment…..that is really disappointing…

  21. Arshi123

    @Aarti ,

    Yes kj is really an amazing personality, he sometimes replies to his followers and mainly messages to groups .
    See this ,his reply to me.

    But I know he is very busy,I replied and thanked him for giving me msg ,still he hasn’t seen that one.

    1. Aarti32

      Wow..I badly wish I was on Instagram??

  22. Arshi123

    @Ayesha, my exam ended today and I’m reading in science. But the practical exams r yet left.
    Hope u see the comment today, I know I’m late to reply ??

  23. Arshi123

    Guys , I support the thought of Aarti, Sana and Srika fan.

    U must ensure that star plus keeps running on ur TV at 5pm. That’s it,u can contribute to trp if ur in India.

    And srika fan was saying about a “part 2/spin off” from ssel writers, its really a superb idea ????
    I wish we get something like that.
    There will be only YuvAni and Kriyam ……..????
    Think how lovely it would be !!!!

  24. kalpna khatri

    Kriyam scene was so nice….

  25. Please no more evil or revenge just buil a happy family and krishyam love story

  26. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    I bet on my Daenerys funko, this freaking fake baba is disgusting cannablist. Who eats a fish raw? I

    1. Aarti32

      Dis Baba is a creep u know!! But wats Daenerys Funko??

      1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

        it a chibi doll version of the character daenerys targaryen from GOT. it’s pretty expensive and i got one for my birthday after nearly one year of begging. It’s my prized possession so yeah i bet on that, that the baba is cannibalistic

    2. Aarti32


  27. Jessica Agarwal

    I used to love this show but NOW? I am really sad because sahil is leaving the show
    I want him back PLEASE

  28. Suhani looking beautiful in red dress.she is shoooo cute??

  29. thanks Arshi part 2 bane to kitna acha hain

  30. What….yuvraj is going to die… What the hell….why they can’t give us some family moments like suhani- sayyam,yuvraj-sayyam bonding and happy family…n mostly kriyam…love confession…

    Only 3 months to meet their
    deadline…they are showing this stupid
    baba track… social commitment dikhane keliye kitni serials hai…?

  31. I think this baba track will be similar to diya aur bati

  32. Please tell me if baby is really changed or just a drama

    1. Syedul

      Baby is faking

  33. idk guyzz but seriously..this trck is a head ache..i watch ssel only for kriyam scn dat to it is eithr of 1 or 2 min or shud i say sec..but really if yuvraj dies den idk whether der will b more of kriyam or not may be dey‘ll show suhani struggling vd yuvraaj death..dey need to focus on kriyam..

  34. I don’t think baby change n I also think baba maybe sambhav

    1. Syedul

      I thot dat at first buh idk

  35. Neethu

    So sahil is once again quitting..Ok even if he quits can’t they just end the show with a proper track. Why can’t they show a happy ending?? And i don’t have any hopes with the show’s trp because, even if they show kriyyam scenes YuvAni’s bond will be lost. I don’t think the viewers are gonna be interested so do I! I really wanted to watch this show but my 10th public exams are gonna start by 8th of march..So please everyone do pray for me…

    1. u will do ur best..All the best neethu..

  36. Sarita

    yuvani scéně was nice.i love yuvraj attitude.

  37. Sarita

    I agree neetu n best of luck for ur exam

  38. Please please please amena….give us fast written update…please

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