Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone taking care of Suhani. Sharad asks the children to go. Saiyyam says I will stay here. Sharad says I did not ask you. Yuvani says we will not go out, we want to know what happened to mumma. Krishna comes and asks what happened to Suhani. Yuvani says no one will make Krishna leave. Saiyyam says this time I will know truth. Dadi asks them to shut up and leave, we are here to manage Suhani. She scolds Saiyyam. Yuvani asks Saiyyam to come. She takes Saiyyam along and leaves. Sharad says I don’t know what happened, the cameras are removed here. Bhavna asks Suhani to say something. Suhani gets conscious. Bhavna asks are you fine. Dadi asks what happened, did Sambhav come. Suhani says maybe not, I don’t remember anything. Rags asks what happened, we did not see

anything in camera, have a look. Suhani sees footage. She tries to recall. She says I heard Sambhav and followed him to that room. Bhavna asks what happened then. She recalls seeing some lines patterns on the walls. Dadi says why will he put such lights. Rags checks and shows Suhani were that such lights. Suhani says yes. Rags says lights and graphics are used to hypnotize someone, it means Sambhav hypnotized you. Sharad gets angry.

Suhani says so I don’t remember anything. Dadi says what shall we do now. Suhani says I know what to do. She calls doctor Yadav. Saiyyam talks to Yuvani and Yuvaan. He argues with Yuvaan. Yuvani says mumma’s and Dadi’s behavior is strange, Rags changed, everything changed in this house, Yuvaan they are hiding something. Baby comes and asks what are they hiding. Sambhav comes as Kunjumaa. Yuvaan asks where were you till now. She says I was in market, I took Kunjumaa there. But what’s happening here. He says nothing, Saiyyam thinks mum is hiding something. Sambhav thinks my son is smart like me, wow.

Doctor comes for Suhani. Sharad takes him. Everyone get thinking. Suhani thanks doctor for coming. She tells what happened and asks him to help. Yuvani says Saiyyam is right, something is happening, why did this doctor come here. Krishna agrees and says if elders do not want to tell us, its fine, they will tell us if they want. Yuvaan agrees. Baby and Sambhav go. Saiyyam taunts Yuvaan.

Doctor asks everyone to be quiet now and let Suhani focus. He asks did you see anyone. Suhani recalls Sambhav. She says Sambhav…. Sambhav and Baby hear them. Baby asks Sambhav to do something. Sambhav thinks if Suhani knows everything then… She tells what Sambhav said, and says he will tell about Yuvraaj, as I will forget everything when I wake up. Sambhav rushes. Suhani says Sambhav asked me to remove cameras…

Yuvaan and Saiyyam argue. Krishna gets angry on Saiyyam and goes. Suhani says Sambhav was saying where is Yuvraaj. Doctor asks what did he say. Krishna comes that way. Sambhav makes Krishna fall. The sound of vase breaking breaks Suhani’s therapy. Doctor asks who is it. Dadi sees Krishna and Kunjumaa. She scolds Krishna. Suhani sees Kunjumaa and recalls Sambhav in flashes. Krishna says sorry and goes. Suhani says I m recalling something seeing Kunjumaa’s dupatta. Doctor says you are getting confused between graphics and dupatta print, now don’t think much. Dadi shuts door and asks doctor to start again and find Yuvraaj. Suhani says yes, I m fine. Doctor says no, its dangerous, you have to relax. Suhani and Dadi ask him to start it again. Bhavna says no Dadi, it will not be good for Suhani. Doctor says it can hurt Suhani. He goes.

Dadi says don’t know how is Yuvraaj. Rags says calm down, nothing will happen to him. Sharad says yes, we will find him. Suhani says I m fine, we will get Yuvraaj back. She runs and stops doctor asking him to help her, I can’t go to police to find Yuvraaj, my family is in problem, I will take session in your clinic and take responsibility. He says sorry, I can’t do this. She says please, I request, I want to know what Sambhav said, why he came back. He says I have to care for patient’s life. She requests. He goes.

Saiyyam looks on and asks Suhani what did you tell him, Sambhav came here, my Papa is alive, tell me, why did you say this, is he alive, I want to know, you can’t go without answering. She cries. He asks her to answer. She sees Sambhav in him.

She pushes him and asks where is Yuvraaj. Saiyyam asks what, Yuvraaj…. what are you saying. She cries and runs inside the house.

Rags asks what answers do you want Saiyyam. Saiyyam says why did Suhani say my dad is alive, why is she lying, Suhani left me as an orphan, and killed my dad. Suhani says I m not lying, your dad is alive. Saiyyam gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Another blooper!!….sambhav told suhani that he disguised himself as kunjuma before taking her to d mirror in d room…but she recollected everything except that part …waiting for tomorrow’s dhamakedaar episode…hope they dont dissapoint us…everything should be revealed not only sambhav’s reentry and yuvraj kidnap..its better if they dont wait for sahil and drag it to d core and test viewers patience

  2. Boring epi

  3. Such a
    Boring epi

  4. what is tis? i cant see suhani in pain always. she was a lively n chirpy girl 1nce. want to c her like tat bt these cvs r makng us more sad by showng like tis.. jus finish tis track 🙂

  5. Aqsxxh

    Well, tomorrow is where everything starts off.

    1. Nithu

      Yes aqsaah…after many months..tom epi.would b nice

  6. I know saiyyam is good at heart. I hope that he get yuvraj out, tell suhani there you go. This is the man that you wanted.
    Tell Krishna, that suhani never cared for you. That she throw her under the bus.
    Before he walked out, thanks suhani, for abandoning him.
    Tell suhani that she can go to hell. That is where suhani belong.

    Then after a week, baby takes over, yuvaan, tell his mother and father. Never to talk to his wife like that, and kick them all out of the house.

    Yuvaan humiliate Krishna, say to her not even saiyyam wanted you.

    You should all be lucky that you don’t have a mother like suhani.

    Because I am a mother, I love my children. I know mother that had children from rape. Even they love their children.

    If anyone wants to have a go at someone’s it should be the writers.

    The character suhani is a bad mother.
    Is suhani loved her kids, then she never would have forced yuvaan to marry Krishna. Even suhani knew that yuvaan like Krishna as a sister.

  7. Suhani only love’s yuvraj, but yuvraj his only purest love is Dadi!

    Suhani can’t even come between them.
    Think about it. After all that Dadi done, yuvraj still protect her from suhani.

    1. You are absolutely RIGHT. But looks like that I am going to win the bet. 26/January/2017.

      Suhani is too much, I remember, when Dadi told her, that suhani had a choice, to have an abortion, but suhani didn’t do it.

      I am not a hypocrite, if I was raped, I well choose abortion.

      Suhani has this cold heart, when she decided to do, something. She won’t think twice.
      Suhani talks to much, about right and wrong. Now she going to try and used saiyyam to find yuvraj. Suhani realised that the only way to hurt sambhav, is to turn saiyyam against him.

      What awesome woman suhani is. Wow!

      Like suhani used Krishna to save yuvraj. The funny thing was, that saiyyam, wasn’t going to do anything to yuvraj.
      Cold, cold, cold Suhani.
      Well I hope saiyyam takes sambhav side. Leave yuvraj to rout, in that room.

      Suhani well never accept or be a mother to saiyyam.

      Sambhav might be a rapist, but he care for saiyyam.

      Then again mo, knowing you. You well say. Why should saiyyam do bad, let yuvaan do it. Again you are right. I can’t disagree with you, on that.

      1. OMG! You are right mo, yuvraj purest love is Dadi. Because he didn’t ask suhani to help him. Yuvraj asked Dadi.

        The only reason that he asked Dadi to work with suhani, is because he left Dadi a clue.

        At the end of the day, even if Dadi kill suhani and yuvraj kids. Yuvraj always well love Dadi.

        Poets, parents, religion, all said that love is powerful.
        I didn’t understand that, many times people keep saying that yuvraj love Dadi more.
        I always thought, well this is wrong. They must be wrong!

        Now I thought about what you said mo. Now I understand.

        No matter what Dadi does, yuvraj always love her.

        I hope, that the writers well, show truth to the viewer. Because people need to know. Especial suhani. This character destroyed her life for this man.
        No wonder so many hate yuvraj.

  8. i agree mo

  9. i agree with you mo

  10. today episode is boring

  11. This krishna is giving so much lecture, poor yuvani n saiyaam, I like yuvani character,she does what she want… Itna toh suhani b nai deti lecture…. Cvs had destroyed suhani character in sambhav track….
    Now pls don’t spoil krishna character…..
    By giving lectures n then taking wrong foolish step…

  12. i miss kriyam scene

  13. I heard this serial will end at the last of january.


      From where?

    2. Which site….??? N from where…?? If it true.. I’ll b happy…. Instead of showing this shit… Better to pack up….

      1. No I hope not! The writers need to fix this.

        If even it is Krishna and saiyyam.

        The love between suhani and yuvraj is wrong. It is too late for these characters.
        But they can do something with Krishna and saiyyam.

        There are some people out there well think. If suhani and yuvraj can then I can.
        The thing is life don’t work that way. Also why should it.

      2. I agree with, Hassan!

        I want saiyyam to show yuvraj truth. I want yuvaan to kick the rest of the family out.

        But I rather want saiyyam, to expose yuvraj truth. To suhani and the rest of her family and children.
        It was because yuvraj love for Dadi, that suhani got raped. Remember!

        All that went bad for suhani is because yuvraj loved Dadi. My relationship would have ended, even with my own mother, is when separating my kids. Well I am not married and I don’t have kids.
        But there where relationship would have ended.
        Did yuvraj do that No. Yuvraj ended suhani relationship.

        I have to say Krishna loved soumya. He also loved his mother and sister.

        But when soumya became pregnant. Krishna put his foot down to his mother and sister.
        He ended up supporting his wife.

        There was no signs that yuvraj doing this for suhani.

        Remember I also wanted Yuvani.
        But now I understand that I was wrong.

        The writers need to fix this. The only hope for this is saiyyam and Krishna.

  14. Instead of saiyyam and yuvaan arguing why didn’t they follow sambhav/kunjumma? Just to drag a track. Why not trap her duppata in something, it’ll come off and truth will come out. No one saw baby standing by window. I think now suhani has to tell kids everything.

  15. i hope to god you are right Sitara that this shitty serial will come to an end in january they are going around in circles the directors have ran out of a story line i want krishna and saiyam to remain married and yuvan to be lonely cuz baby must rob him and leave the clown all by himself cuz that is what he deserve

  16. Boring! boring! boring! I’m dying to see krishna and saiyam scenes….come on writers…

  17. nahi nahi yeh show closed nahi ho sakta sitara i am wait for kriyam love storty i guss it news are false i miss kriyam very much i love kriyam

  18. i am seen this serial only on kriyam this news are true to i miss kriyam very much main kese kriyam ko dekh paugi please ssel maker not closed this serial

  19. I agree with Hassan

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