Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Haii Guys………..Myself Jay I know its not perfect update but I tried hope it somewhat ok.

Suhani get shocked knowing they have won contract against yuvraj.suhani make excuse and leave from camp with sharad. Sounmya gets shocked seeing suhaani & sharad and runs behind the car to catch them but she get failed.soumya & yuvraj in the car to return home.soumya tries to inform about suhani but yuvaraj get the call about the contract.He get happy and say he got another chance and ask soumya did she has to say something she says nothing.
In Summer camp Yuvaan goes to Yuvani ans says his mom left as she was not feeling well.she says same with my mom.yuvaani says her mother doesn’t have habbit to be under sun that’s why she got unwell .Yuvaan says that suhani loves to be under sun but she got unwell. They ask eachother to tell their mothers to get well soon on their behalf.
Sharad and suhaani reached home.Bhavan hugs suhaani and congrats her for getting the contract .sambhav comes there talking in phone suhaani ask what he is doing here.Bhavan confirm that he is planning a party on getting contract.Suhani says she left the contract.sambhav ask her to explain why he says she wont explain but she have a huge reason for leaving the contract she has pain in her eyes & leave.Suhani & sharad explain bhavana that they left the contract for yuvaraj as he was the opposition .

Soumya & Yuvaraj Reach Birla house .Get shocked knowing Krishna is not well. Menka get scared that soumya mightcashher as she mixed red chilli inKrishna’s food.Soumya notices menka and rushes to her .Pratima stops soumya and says that she was just feeding krisha don’t know what happen.Soumya say that she know that pratima loves Krishna more than her.Soumya overhears leela talking in phone about the rude behavior of birla family towards Krishna.Soumya ask leela to say what happen with Krishna who did bad with Krishna But leela manipulates soumya that she was talking about another one not this krisha.Soumya ask pratima about if anyone said to Krishna pratima tell her that nothing like that. Suhani ask sharad to meet yuvaraj but sharad refuse to meet anyone.Krishna is upset .Yuvaraj cheers up Krishna listing her a storywhile soumya thinks if she tells yuvaraj about suhani he will leave Krishna and will go to find suhani.

Precab: Soumya decides not let meet Yuvaraj and Suhani

Credit to: jay

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  1. Wow nice Jay and thanks for updating it.

    1. U R welcome ruby……..

  2. Please update as soon as possible it Damn shit to wait and Wasted of time to wait for update… Anyway thank for your work

    1. sry suhani ……I understand,,,,,,,,,anyway welcome……

  3. Good efforts Jay. …..Thq u so much

    1. Thankyou Sushma…….

  4. I knew it very well that idiot Soumya didn’t tell Yuvraj anything about Suhani. Plz director, reunite Yuvraj and Suhani at the earliest bcoz we don’t want Soumya with Yuvraj. Plz dont make it like YHM or SSK.

  5. Actually it s now becoming so awkward now…..thank u jay…..

    1. you R Welcome Jenny……….

  6. thanks jai………….y did suhani give up her contract ??????? oh this soumya has turned wild again………….plzz unite yuvani soooooooon…………….

    1. Welcome aastha…….

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