Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav asking Suhani what happened. Suhani gets worried and shouts on him. He asks what was your sweetness, was it an acting. She says its not like that and recalls Yuvraaj’s words. She says I m saying truth, I wanted to give new chance to relation, but I have to go to Yuvaan, I m not able to give him time, he needs my time, you don’t know him, he will be irritated. He says fine, go. She leaves.

She goes to Yuvaan and makes him get up. She asks him to drink the lemon water. He coughs and vomits the milk. He asks what did you make me drink, it was so bad. She hugs him and thinks if anything happened to my son. She asks him to promise he won’t drink milk if she does not give him. Sambhav looks on. Yuvraaj gets restless and thinks does Suhani need anything.

He checks his phone and thinks what to do, her call and message did not come, shall I call her.

Yuvraaj prays to Lord and asks Lord not to break Suhani’s belief. He sits worried. Suhani gets his message. Yuvraaj asks is everything fine there. She replies no, I can’t do this, if anything happened to Yuvaan, I would have not bear this. He gets worried seeing the message. He replies asking what happened. She thinks she should not trouble Yuvraaj by saying all this. She replies everything is fine, I m just bit tired. He thinks. Dadi sees him and thinks why is Yuvraaj thinking of Suhani while sitting in the temple.

Its morning, Dadi says I m thinking to throw a part before Diwali. Pratima and Sharad like the idea. Menka says I will call my friends too. Pratima says we will invite Suhani and Yuvaan. Dadi says Suhani won’t come here. Pratima says but Yuvaan has right in this house. Yuvaan tells Sambhav that he had vomit last night. Sambhav asks why, after having milk? Suhani makes excuse. Yuvaan says I will have milk just by mumma’s hand now. Suhani sends Yuvaan. Sambhav stops Yuvaan and asks will you not have milk given by me. Yuvaan says I will have it, if mumma says yes. Sambhav asks him to go.

Dadi says Yuvaan is this house’s grandson but… Pratima says talk ends here, and calls Suhani. Sambhav answers call. Pratima tells about the pre Diwali party and invites all of them. Sambhav says of course, we will come. He tells Suhani the same thing. He gives her phone back. Dadi argues with Pratima and asks Yuvraaj what does he think. Yuvraaj supports Suhani and asks them to let Suhani come. He goes. Rags thinks why is Yuvraaj supporting Suhani. Pratima asks Dadi to forget everything what children said. Rags asks Dadi whats happening. Dadi scolds Rags for not informing her news. Dadi thinks that’s why she has kept this party to see whats going on. Suhani makes food for Pratima, and Sambhav thinks she has made this for Yuvraaj. Lata shows the things she cooked to take in party. She asks Yuvaan to taste. Suhani asks Sambhav to remove Yuvaan’s watch. He says I m not getting remote, I will do later. She thinks did he get doubt on me. She messages Yuvraaj to meet her at same place.

Suhani, Lata, Sambhav and Yuvaan come to Birla house and meet everyone. Sambhav tells everyone that kids and I will do the party decorations, we will have fun. Yuvaan divides the work. Sambhav asks elders to take rest, else none can enjoy party in evening. Yuvraaj looks on. Sambhav smiles.

Suhani sees Krishna and Yuvani playing with clay and making house. Dadi asks Yuvani to come inside the house, there is much sunlight. Suhani thinks I forgot to focus on Yuvani in my worry for Yuvaan. Sambhav breaks the house and says sorry. Krishna says its fine, I will make other one. Suhani asks Sambhav to go, she will come later. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Sambhav made Yuvaan drink the milk, I made Yuvaan vomit, he said he will remove watch, now he is partying here, something is wrong. Yuvraaj says now we have to end this drama, we have to get remote and detonate it. She agrees.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says try to understand, I can’t do anything till Sambhav gives me remote. Sambhav dressed as Yuvraaj hears her and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Horrible precap

  2. Oh no, sambhav knows it was all pretence. What will happen now?

  3. Now this sambhav’s drama is going to end soon…
    And dialogue of the day- suhani says “i forgot to focus on yuvani in my worries of yuvan “.. ha ha ha are yarr, sirf yuvan ki jidd ke liye sambhav se shadi karli , tab yuvani ke bare me kyu nahi socha???.
    I think writer khudd apni likhi hui story bhulta jaa raha he….

    1. Arshitha

      Haha well said ??

      1. Thanks 🙂

  4. Disgusting scrap ever!!…are they planning to end this or not…daily we hope for some good..but unfortunately our efforts are in vain…bass bahut dekhliya…abb isko rokh do…and soumya ki notanki…gosh!!..kudh ek fraud hai..aur doosronko bhaashan deti hai pagli…seriously….these writers have ruined every character beyond repair…now suhani ki mahaantha seems more dangerous than Daragmensou

  5. why don’t they tell the police to come to the house as Suhani got an anonymous call saying that yuvaan’s watch has a bomb…if the cops show up what the hell will Sambhav be able to do in front of them…if they bring a bomb squad they will know how to handle it…after all the police know about the evil Dadi and her plans to kill the family, so it’s easy to convince the police that maybe she got someone outside to plant the job….that would put a slap right in Sambhav’s face…I think I could write the story much better than the actual writers

    1. That’s a pretty perfect plan. But unfortunately, these writers don’t have any sort of brain to understand that.

  6. to bore end this foolish drama chi thu

  7. Sambhav kill suhani and end serial.. yuvraj sowmya married
    all scores settled

  8. Its high time to end this serial on a happy note. Directors can focus and start a new serial with new story line coz nothing is working here.

  9. Wat the hell is taking suhani so so long just shoot his ass or tell everyone wat really going on

  10. You are right sharmi, but writers wouldn’t hear any thing.They will write only stupid story .I have left watching ssel …… I read written update and got story wahi par ab bhi ghoom rahi hai……bakwas track is dragging too long.

  11. Just when I was hopeful the my hope tossed to the gabbage. I now only read to see if it’s worth watching but it’s definitely not worth it. Tuck sies???????

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