Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad taking care of Bhavna’s son. He calms Golu. Lata thanks him. Sharad says maybe Golu is very hungry, so he is crying. Lata cries. Pratima says we can feed bottle milk to Anant, Bhavna is not in state to feed, Golu can’t be hungry. Suhani says I will get it. Yuvraaj says I will sit with Bhavna. Sudha takes Golu and says Amit won’t drink bottle milk.

Its night, Suhani tells Yuvraaj about Lata having Golu. He asks her to stay here till Bhavna gets fine. She asks why did he say not to leave Bhavna alone. He says because she is upset. She asks does he have to say anything. He says no, don’t cry infront of her, I will leave now, I will come again. She thanks him. Sudha takes Golu and says she is going home. Suhani says fine, give Golu to me. Sudha says

Amit will go with me, send Bhavna. Suhani says Bhavna will be more sad there, Rishi please aunty. Sudha says Amit is my son, he does not need anyone. Rishi says Suhani is right, you stay here for few days. He tells Lata that Sudha is in shock like Bhavna, if she can stay here. Lata says fine and asks for Golu. Suhani takes Golu.

Rishi asks Sudha to stay here, else Suhani can keep Anant forever. Sudha runs to take Golu. Rishi smiles. Sharad and Yuvraaj leave from there. Sudha argues with Suhani for taking the baby. Suhani says Golu is hungry. Sudha says he is my Amit and shuts the door taking the baby. Suhani, Lata and Pankaj bang the door asking Sudha to open the door. Rishi asks what happened. Suhani says aunty took Golu. Rishi asks Sudha to open the door. Suhani sends Lata to Bhavna and asks Rishi to do anything. Sudha says Amit is with his mum. Sharad and Yuvraaj get inside the room by the window. Pankaj says Anant is crying a lot, I will bring something to open the door. Sharad says Golu is crying a lot. Rishi stops Pankaj from breaking the door, as Sudha can worry and jump from window.

Sudha says you… Sharad takes Golu till Yuvraaj talks to Sudha. Sudha opens the door and asks Rishi to see. Suhani takes Golu. Sudha says I want my Amit back. Suhani feeds bottle milk to the baby. Lata says thanks for coming back. Sharad says we understood Sudha will do anything. Suhani says if Sudha does this again. Lata says Rishi went to talk to her. Suhani says I will see aunty and come. Rishi tells Sudha that everyone is mourning for Amit, you stay here with Anant, they got outsiders to keep Anant away, come home with me. Sudha denies. Rishi says there is one way to keep Anant with you.

Yuvraaj says Sudha may need to take doctor’s help to cope with this shock. Suhani knocks the door. Rishi says we are coming. Lata says they will feel bad. Yuvraaj says this can be bad for Bhavna. Lata says Bhavna became widow in such an age. Pankaj says we will think later, we have to keep Bhavna away from this, we have to take any decision. Sudha comes there and says she has decided. She says Bhavna married Amit, Anant is my grandson, I have right on Anant, so I have decided this. Pankaj asks what is it. Sudha says you have to agree to me, no one here should have objection to this, I want to get Bhavna and Rishi married. They all get shocked. Bhavna looks on.

Pankaj asks what are you saying. Bhavna lost her husband and you are talking about her second marriage with Rishi… Yuvraaj gets angry and looks at Rishi. Pankaj says this is not right. Sudha says I decided this for Bhavna and Anant’s good, Rishi will not have any benefit, he can get any girl, he will take care of Bhavna and Anant, he worries for them. Suhani says whats the need for marriage, Rishi can do duty as Chacha also. Sudha says its better if we elders decide. Suhani says no, Bhavna will decide. Yuvraaj says we will ask Bhavna. Sudha asks Bhavna to explain her family, a child needs a father, Rishi will take good care of you and Anant.

Bhavna recalls how Rishi misbehaved with her. Yuvraaj says we should not put pressure on Bhavna and give her one night time. Pankaj says yes, let Bhavna think. Bhavna says I don’t have to think, this matter went much ahead, so I have to stop this here. She says this was wonderful time for me, I had dreams with my husband and child, everything got finished.

She says I can know why Sudha decided this, its for my and Anant’s good, but I don’t agree to this. She says Anant and I are enough for each other, I will not marry anyone in my life. Bhavna takes Golu and goes. Rishi gets worried.

Its night, Yuvraaj and Sharad come home. Sharad asks whats the matter. Yuvraaj says nothing. Sharad says don’t lie to me, why were you worried when Rishi and Bhavna’s marriage talk was going on. Yuvraaj asks will you overreact. Sharad asks what is it. Yuvraaj says Rishi is a creep cheap man. Sudha taunts Suhani for being against Bhavna’s remarriage. Suhani says I just want Bhavna to be happy. Sudha says she can be happy with Rishi, you are not doing right. Suhani asks what does she mean. Sudha says I m trying to join my family, you are making Golu away. Suhani says no one will make you away from Golu.

Suhani says I know your pain, don’t think so, we all have equal right on Golu, I promise no one will make Golu away from you. Sharad asks Yuvraaj is this true. Yuvraaj says yes. Sharad asks did he tell this to Suhani. Yuvraaj says no, I taught lesson to Rishi, Bhavna stopped me from telling Suhani, Amit came back and everything went fine, and she was going to tell everyone today, but now this accident. Sharad says its good Bhavna denies for marriage. Yuvraaj says thank Lord for that.

Sudha asks Bhavna to agree to marry Rishi, else she will be away from her Golu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh guys plz give rest for us at least in Sundays

  2. What is wrong with the serial makers and Bhavna and the foolish yuvraj Why are they all trying to protect a criminal like Rishi and not revealing his truth to the world…….what message are they giving the thousands of such innocent girls all over who are undergoing s*xual assault from their own family members ……….that they should keep quiet and silently suffer the humiliation……..AS RESPONISBLE CITIZENS SUCH CASES SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC AND SUCH CREEPS SHOULD BE NAMED AND SHAMED.


  4. Why Yuvraj and Bhavna don’t tell everyone how creep and cheap Rishi is?
    Same way or the other they are not doing right by not revealing Rishi’s truth.

  5. Such immoral acts shud’nt be covered,dey shud be xposed & severly dealth wit in public

  6. Neenga soldrathu sari than Aparna

    1. Thanks. Ramya neenga endha ooru im muunar

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