Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags asking all participants to come on stage. Dadi checks winner’s name and gets shocked. She reads Krishna is winner and Yuvani is runner up. Dadi declares Yuvani Birla as the winner. Everyone clap. The other judge gets surprised and tries to say. Rags asks lady to shut her mouth, else she will not make her a part of Birla company event. Yuvani gets glad. Suhani says its great, Yuvani won. Yuvaan hugs Yuvani and Krishna. Dadi says first runner up is Krishna. Suhani thinks till they three are happy, everything is fine. Dadi makes Yuvani and Krishna wear the crowns. Everyone smile.

Suhani goes to meet Saiyyam in his room. She knocks. She enters the room and sees the mess. She cleans his room and does not see Sambhav’s pic. She stops and looks back. Yuvaan

says I m at your service madam. Krishna says I don’t want you service and jokes. He gets milkshake for her. She says Dadi made this right, I m so happy, I did all this for Suhani’s happiness. He says fine, but why are you lost. She says I can’t believe I m runner up of such a big fashion event, its because of her belief. He asks what about me, all credit to mumma. She says fine and makes him wear the crown. They laugh. Dadi looks on and gets angry. She scolds Krishna for joking with Yuvaan. Krishna says sorry Dadi. Dadi asks Yuvaan to go to his room, its late.

Suhani sees Saiyyam in the room. She asks what did you do of this room. He says its my room and my belongings, I can keep it any way, are you my mum or want to insult my mum again. She says no, I came to apologize to you, I did not know you are helping Krishna, I did big mistake, I will accept whatever punishment you give. He says fine, I believe in tit for tat. She says you mean, you want to slap me, fine as you wish. He says no, you slap me on my other cheek and end this matter here.

She asks what. He asks is there any problem. She says I came to apologize, I m not interested to become your mum, as I m not your mum, I came to apologize as I m not ashamed to apologize. She leaves. He says she lies so cleanly. He sees Sambhav’s pic and says tomorrow is your Shraddh and no one remember it. He hugs Sambhav’s pic.

Krishna hugs Soumya’s pic and says I came second in fashion event, I wish you were here and could see me wearing the crown. Suhani looks on. Krishna says mumma would have been proud of me today, thanks. Suhani jokes and makes her smile. She asks do you remember the day tomorrow. Krishna says yes. Dadi says I forgot Yuvaan while looking after Yuvani, he has become like Suhani. Rags says maybe, but he can’t stay with Krishna. Yuvani comes and says finally I won. Rags says you are the best, do you doubt. Yuvani says I know I m the best, I felt like Krishna will win. Rags asks why. Yuvani says everyone was praising her. Rags says just Suhani was praising her. Dadi says Suhani likes foolish people. Yuvani thanks Dadi and hugs Rags saying Rags made her the best. She goes. Rags says Dadi you said right. Dadi says we can’t lose Yuvaan, if Yuvraaj can fall in love with Suhani, Yuvaan is like Yuvraaj and can fall for Krishna.

Suhani says its Soumya’s Shraddh, we have to recall her with happiness, she loved you a lot and could do anything to bring a smile on your face, we wrote a song in childhood and used to dance on it, I will sing that tomorrow, promise me you won’t cry. Krishna nods and hugs Suhani.

Its morning, Saiyyam asks servant whats happening. Servant says its someone’s Shraddh, Suhani said they have to celebrate, not be sorrowful. Saiyyam thinks they are celebrating my dad’s Shraddh. He throws a vase and it makes Soumya’s pic falls. Krishna comes and keeps pic right. Suhani says Yuvani, Krishna is very upset today and we have to make her happy, here is the song, will you remember lyrics. Yuvaan says why not, she remembers big bhajans. Pratima sees Soumya’s pic and says Krishna, Soumya always used to be happy, why are you upset. Krishna cries and says pic was fallen, it spoiled. Pratima cleans the pic and says its cleaned.

Saiyyam goes to temple and says now I will celebrate your ruining Suhani, the city will see. Suhani and everyone sing Baaton me hi khubsurti…… They all dance and make Krishna laugh happily. Saiyyam asks pandit to do Shraddh’s Vidhi and gives Sambhav’s pic. Pandit asks him to call elders. Saiyyam says there is no one from his family. Pandit asks who will do rituals then.

Dadi tells Yuvaan that they came to temple as she recalls Yuvraaj on this day. She sees Saiyyam doing Shraddh of Sambhav and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is ti that Dadi is kicked out of the serial. She leaves no opprtunity to cheat Suhani

  2. I mean it is time

  3. Really…. I don’t like saiyaam to b subhav son…… worst storyline….. dadi is evil…. for her potta ladla n all…. she must tell kaali to suhani n now behenji to krishna…….. I really don’t know…. saiyyam acting is good but I don’t want him to subhav son…… stupid writers…. I think their household are filled with hatred n dirty things

  4. Oh My GOD. From where did the writers and Directors come from, Even though Suhani has been molested, she can have contraceptive pill what the hell and boring serial is this. I used to love this at starting of the serial.. now they made it Bakwas serial

    1. First of why to suffer the child it’s not his fault,and it is not still clear that shiyam is suhani’s son! Someone could brain wash him!

    2. rekha vaghela

      Yes u r right. She could have taken a pill. And writers r exaggerating this very much. They wanted to show suhani strong but now its just boring

  5. Worst writers… N mis suhani doesn’t know about saiyyaam very funny…. it may she lost memory for 9 months…. short term memory…..ghajini…. N after 9 months she recalled…. but doesn’t know about saiyaam…. now too it is unbelievable…. that saiyyam is subhav….. stupid shit

  6. Today Suhani said shiyam you are same age like yuvan! You forget to add this on written episode update

  7. How??????????

    She got raped prior to the 15yr leap.
    Firstly….Saiyyam luks d same age as the other kids. Ridiculous.

    Secondly….sambhav never had no family. How does saiyyam know who his dad is.

    Thirdly…yesterday’s episode, saiyyam said suhani left his dad for another man. Who tld em dat when sambhavs dead.

    Ridiculous….writers have messed this show up. Use to love watching suhani. Totally bakwas now x

  8. Dadi cheated again and no one found out. I wished pratima found the chit and had a go at dadi.
    Now dadi will try to get yuvaan away from Suhani and make yuvani more against Suhani. Only yuvraj can stop her evil plots and rags too. Suppose now dadi will blame Suhani even more going by precap, even though it’s not her fault. Everyone changed but not rags and dadi’s thinking. Hope yuvraj can do something.

  9. I do not understand Soumya died a day or two before Sambhav how can both the shrrad ceremonies be on the same day!!! no logic….

    And i think the lady that Saiyyam visits in his house is either the fake Dadi or Barbie who brought him up that way to take revenge!

    This show is getting nastier by the day! and what about Yuvraj(not that i do not like him…i like his acting and the Yuvani chemistry both)…. but when will his vacation end…. looks like his SSEL writer friend has given him a break to enjoy without having him to quit the show…and then he will make a special entry….at times i wonder why they do not name the serial as Yuvraj sa ek ladka when all focus is on him and poor Suhani has to always cover up for him and his absence! but whatever it is she is running the show single handedly!

    1. Ur 100% ri8…i think d writer lost his mental ability and writing all this shit…seriously he ruined suhani character lyk hell…and dadi she is ruthless character…yuvraj is d most useless hero i can say…

  10. Everyone changed but not dadi or rags’s thinking. Dadi cheated and no one saw the chit, was expecting pratima to see it and have a go at dadi. Now dadi will try and make yuvaan against Suhani and yuvani more against her. Only yuvraj will make her stop this. Read in a spoiler that yuvraj returns just as yuvani is about to slap Suhani after she finds out yuvani’s truth and they argue. Dadi has really turned her against Suhani. But where’s Suhani mom and dad who promised to take care of Krishna. Perhaps when yuvraj returns we’ll get to know what happened.
    Now dadi will blame Suhani more going by the precap even though it’s not her fault but dadi’s probably, same as when yuvaan and yuvani were born.

  11. Ughhhh very unhappy with this newest plt lines. IT has so many holes don’t know where to begin, first of all sayam is suhani n sambhav child so why did suhani give him up. I mean she always preaching forgiveness and being tough sp why would she give up her own child. UNLESS dadi pretended he died at birth just like she did woth yivani but the directors would have to foolish to follow this line. THEN even if we believe he is there son why is he the same age as the rest of the kids he should be 6 years younger then because yuvaan, yuvaan and krishna were 5 when they met and would prob be 6 by the time say a am was born. how does sayam know about his birth dad and not the circumstances about how evil he was. Who is feeding the information about suhani being the bad parent and sambav is the saint. so annoyed right now. it would have made more sense if he was barbies son silly writers.

  12. Krishna, yuvhaan & sayyam’s love triangle may be happen in future…

  13. I know barbie ws never really pregnant but the writers could have gotten around this with some silly excuse but sambhav baby is just silly.

  14. If they see sambhav pictures then they should no that saiyyam is suhani birla son

  15. I m confused ..Sayyam is Sambhav and Suhanis son borned after 7 years leap ..means 7 years younger than yuvaan , yuvani and Krishna ??…..means after 15 years leap he is only 15 years old now

  16. The writers are so dumb if Saaiyam ends up being Suhani n Sambhav son…he would be 14 or 15..not same age as the others…doesnt make any sense

  17. Writer is immoral. Maybe the story has some connection with is life. Nonsense!

  18. the writer dosent care of the viewers likes and dislikes and this serial has just been showing a crap story since long. i have almost stopped watching this programme.
    if the director has little bit of shame also he should change the storyline immediately.

  19. Natasha mahase

    Is Yuvraaj in jail 4 killing Sambhav,did he take the rap 4 Suhani?

  20. The fake dadi has brainwashed sayyam I’m 100% sure she’s behind sayyams hatred towards suhani , she might have taken sayyam away from suhani on the day he was born n replaced him with a dead baby or she might have been told the baby was stillborn …. so suhani might not b aware that her baby is alive

  21. rekha vaghela

    Dadi is the typical saas mentality who hates her bahu no matter what she does. All problem that comes are because of her bahu. And all things should go according to her. She wants her grandchild who r son and daughter if her bahu but still her bahu is bad. So typically saying. Her bahu is a kid producing machine for her. It would b better she didn’t let yuvraj marry and then opted for surrogacy. And had grandchild. Wat was the need to get yuvraj married. She just wants beautiful wives for her sons and grandsons. Who doesn’t have their own personal identity and would run after her and obey her commands. She just wants marble statues in form of wife. She should have got her grandson married to a statue.

  22. rekha vaghela

    Dadi had send saiyam away from Suhani just after his birth. So Suhani was angry on dadi. And dadi didn’t want to have saiyam in house as he was sambhav’s son because of whom tuvraj went to jail.

    Also I agree that Suhani could have used pills so that saiyam was never conceived as it is done in normal rape case and even a rape victim can go for abortion till 20 wks. So after burning sambhav she could have just taken the pill and she wouldnt have conceived.

  23. Is Yuvraj dead? Who was the person in the prison whom Suhani didn’t wanted yuvaan to see in Goa ?? When did Suhani give birth to Saiyam.. ? Where are the other cast.. Sharadh, bhavana, golu, Saurabh and others ? Is Sambhav alive ? Why did Suhani and family relocate to Goa ? Reveal all the hidden stories or else this daily soap show is a crap. I wonder about the TRP !!

    1. rekha vaghela

      Saiyam is dead. Dadi send away saiyam when he was baby. So Suhani left the house. Yuvan and pratima supported her and left and Krishna had no one except Suhani so she too left with her. Yuvraj is alive and is in jail as he took sambhav murder on himself to keep Suhani and children together.

  24. Old wine in new bottle…worst part even after all this they r behind facial discrimination..and gosh saiyyam as suhani son..its beyond limits…they r thinking dat viewers lack intelligence….

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