Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj and boy aiming to throw color at Rags. Saurabh calls out Anuj and they throw color on Menka. Menka shies. She goes to apply color to Rags. Yuvraaj comes playing dhol. Everyone smile seeing him. Everyone play holi and dance around. Suhani comes there and Yuvraaj smiles seeing her, while playing the dhol. Suhani runs to him and Barbie looks on angrily. Suhani dances with Yuvraaj, and this turns out to be Suhani’s imagination.

Yuvraaj looks at Suhani and removes the dhol. He takes color plate to apply holi to Suhani. He goes to Suhani. Barbie comes in between when he is applying color to Suhani. He stops Barbie and says I will play holi with my wife Suhani first and then others. Barbie signs Suhani angrily. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she has fever. He checks

her fever and asks her to rest. Suhani asks him to play holi with others. He says fine and was applying Barbie the colors. Snoopi pushes Yuvraaj and the colors fall over Suhani. Barbie gets angry and shouts. She goes out and sees the water tanker. She says I will play holi of blood by killing Pratima.

The kids run around Soumya and wish her happy holi. She asks them to sit and goes to get snacks. They see a bag there and get white powder packets. They think its color and drop the powder. They run from there. Soumya comes and thinks whats this powder. Krishna comes there and asks Soumya to get up, and away. She says that packet for torn. He asks where are other packets. She says kids came to have snacks, maybe they took the packets. He says its dangerous chemical, you and kids should be away. He thinks its will be worse problem if they know whats in these packets. He goes to see kids.

Suhani cleans the colors and the onion drops, which she used to get fever temperature. Yuvraaj comes there and sees the onion…. He asks why did you do this, don’t lie, whats going on, what are you hiding, tell me. He says I almost lost you and married Barbie just for baby, what do you want, anything happens with me again, you know we both can solve anything. She says actually… Dadi comes and says I told Suhani to do this, Barbie wanted you play with her first, if she wishes this, how can we refuse her. Yuvraaj asks Suhani is Dadi saying right. Suhani says yes. Yuvraah says we can’t fulfill Barbie’s every demand, we can get out of this situation. Dadi asks him not to shout on Suhani, its not her mistake. He goes out.

Saurabh asks is everything fine. Yuvraaj says something is wrong. Saurabh says I did not understand anything. He asks what are these men doing. The men/Barbie’s goons put water in the tanker. Barbie comes to Suhani and threatens her about Pratima. She says Pratima will play water holi, there will be so much water that she won’t survive.

Yuvraaj and Saurabh talk that Dadi and Suhani are hiding something. Menka asks Dadi to stop the men from taking water from tanker. Dadi goes. Suhani asks Barbie how can she kill anyone for sake of money. Barbie asks her not to give her lecture, there is just one way to save Pratima. She says this gulal ends here and there Pratima will die. She keeps the sand clock and goes. Pratima tries to struggle. Dadi, Sharad, Bhavna, Suhani and Dadi talk about Barbie’s words, why did she say Pratima is going to sink. Suhani says we have one solution Radhe. Yuvraaj says mum is not here, its strange. Saurabh says yes, she did not call me. Barbie comes and says I asked Suhani about Pratima, but she did not tell me anything, I want to talk to Yuvraaj about Suhani’s anger. Saurabh says her anger is justified, anyone will react like that seeing your stubborn act. Barbie says I know, I m wrong, but Yuvraaj should ask Suhani about Pratima. Yuvraaj says yes, I will try to ask her. She smiles and says you keep trying, and till then I will do my work. Sharad asks what can Radhe do.

Radhe gets the papers. Suhani says its property papers which Dadi signed for Barbie, Just she can tell us from Pratima. She says we have to be clever than her, tell us Dadi, whats important for Dadi, you got her here, you can end this, she will have some weakness. Dadi says yes, her name…. Menka asks Rags to get color applied. Rags scolds her. Sharad and Anuj collide. Sharad looks around.

Yuvraaj comes to Suhani and sees Pratima’s pic. He asks where is Maa, tell me truth, its something strange since I came back, what is the problem. She acts rude and sees the sand clock. She goes. Anuj stops Bhavna and dances with her. Sharad waits for Bhavna.

Suhani goes near the water tanker….Sharad goes to Bhavna and dances. He signs Bhavna to come, and takes her. Radhe dances with Barbie. Bhavna gets some paper and they change the thandai tags. The water falls on Pratima. Suhani stands near the tanker sad and says Maa, I will find you any how.

Radhe shows some Barbie’s house. Barbie tells Radhe that she will first teach a lesson to Suhani and settle scores. Dadi and Suhani look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Tooo much dragging this barbie drama….. and I think dadi is double crossing suhani…..

  2. Todays episode was gud…compared to yesterdays

  3. whatever did this drama …! we ill watching always yarrr… end this barbie track or comeout the truth of barbie on this week…
    tooo much dragging..

  4. It’s the same episode which was om saath nibhana saathiya end the show Barbie is so fake how can they copy the story of another show

  5. Plz don’t dragg this story like KKB……they almost ate 300 episodes without any story…..and not yet revealed the truth ……they lost their fans too……it’s my humble request….. Don’t make this serial like that…. Stop dragging…. Before losing fans

  6. How could the writers copy sns? Have they run out of ideas? Anyway, the barbie track is weak and the attempt to preserve dadi’s position as decision maker in the family despite her despicable dangerous actions is worrisome! She must be punished for all this because dadi alone is responsible for what is happening to pratima and the entire family

  7. Please end this track. It’s dragging now. One person mentions SNS (me) and everyone copies. Think we all know it’s copied to an extent. Hope Barbie drinks bhaang and speaks truth.

  8. i heard this track is going to end. But love the show because of yuvani.

  9. This was one of favourite show….but nowadays it’s going SNS way no logic in tracks and the heroine thinks only she can solve the problem without consulting the hero when he openly says he will support her no matter what….. are the writers so dumb…. its better to stop wayching SSEL SNS MAM and watch Tamanna Dheleez and Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi….these shows are showing some logic in matter of the problems the leads are facing. I hope the makers of SSEL replace their current writers with someone one who is educated coz I seriously think the current writes are uneducated by the way they are creating tracks. God bless.

  10. Copycat. The water tanker where pratima is hidden similar to sath nibha sathiya scene

  11. We are expecting something new in SSEL. Of course we are bored with that ugly stupid cow Barbie! Hope that irritating actress Barbie is removed from SSEL.

  12. hey anyone pl. tell me the reschedule timings.

  13. Reschedule time in 8Am Barbie name kettale irritate ah irukku thayavu senju story line ah maathungappa pls

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