Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj coming out of shower. He sees Suhani and she looks at his wet clothes. She gives him the towel. She says you should agree to Dadi, forced relation does not give happiness, you have full right to be happy, I have explained myself that one sided love can’t make relation work, you are free from my side now. She turns and cries. She says he can do anything he wants, don’t worry about loan, it will be as its now, don’t worry about my dad. He looks at her. She leaves. Everyone sit for lunch. Menka tells about world cup and Rags taunts her. Rags tells about Suhani. Saurabh and Anuj taunt them and says what goes around, comes around. Anuj says yes. Rags jokes on them for great things. Saurabh taunts them. He asks for Suhani and Ramesh says she did not had food. Saurabh

says he will call Suhani.

Rags say whats the need to interfere in other’s life and do this acting. Anuj says Saurabh learnt this from you. Saurabh goes to Suhani and sees her crying. He says he was going to do lunch and needs her company. She says no, I m not hungry. He asks her to come as she calls him Bhaiya. He says come…. Dadi gets Soumya and says from today, you will sit beside Yuvraaj’s chair, this is your right place and no one can stop you. Pratima looks on.

Menka says its not final, Yuvraaj did not say yes or no. Dadi says we will ask him now, he is coming. She asks him his answer. He looks at Sharad and says he is ready. Saurabh asks for what. Dadi asks him to say. She says I will tell everyone and says Yuvraaj agreed to marry Soumya. They all are shocked. Soumya smiles. Pratima asks what….Rags and Menka congratulate Soumya. Pratima goes to slap Yuvraaj and scolds him. Dadi says Pratima and Pratima stops the slap.

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Dadi says lower your hand, don’t try to slap him again. Pratima asks what will he reply Suhani, who is watching this. They all see Suhani crying. Dadi says we will keep party tonight. Rags says yes, its big good news. Yuvraaj leaves. Pratima says stop, I need to talk. Suhani says no, let him go, his happiness lies in this. Pratima says his happiness, what about you, he can’t do this, if he does this, I will not support her. Suhani says the one I love, we find happiness in his happiness, his wish matters to me, you tried right, you saw what happened, he was living in forced relation till now, bless him that he stays happy and starts a new life. Dadi smiles.

Dadi says not face, but atleast thinking changed, now she knows Yuvraaj’s happiness is in whom, don’t know when will Pratima see his happiness. Rags and Menka smile. Pratima cries and leaves. Soumya says Mummy ji, have food. She turns and looks at Soumya angrily. She points a finger to her and gets angry. Saurabh and Anuj refuse to have food and leave. Dadi says fine, we will have the food and asks Soumya to serve food. Pratima says she will punish herself by not having food and cries.

Saurabh and Anuj discuss about Yuvraaj. Suhani comes to them and they feel sorry for her. She acts normal and smiles, asking them to have food. They ask did she has. She says first you both have. Saurabh says sorry. She says why sorry, no need to worry till you both are with me, your love is enough for me, I don’t want anything else. Anuj promises they will always support her. Saurabh blesses her. Menka tells them that she is giving bags to Suhani for packing, as she will shift to her Maayka after her divorce. Anuj scolds her. Saurabh asks Ramesh to keep bags in guest room.

Saurabh scolds Menka and says you people are disgusting, stop this drama and move. Anuj says where did Yuvraaj go. Saurabh says we will talk to him. Sharad bumps into Ramesh. Ramesh says I can’t see Suhani sad, do something. Yuvraaj sits thinking in the lawn. Soumya comes to him and sits beside him. Saurabh and Anuj taunt Soumya as Suhani helped her and see what she got. Soumya leaves. They talk to Yuvraaj. Saurabh says even he saw just beauty and everyone knows his and Rags relation. Anuj says Suhani is very good, you should thank mum for her mistake. Rags and Menka come with Soumya and defend her. Saurabh says I would have not said anything if this was his decision, I know you all did this and remember Rags, you can’t be happy by hurting others. Yuvraaj leaves.

Suhani packs her bag. Sharad comes and says you are not going anywhere. She says no, I don’t want to stay here, its not good. Sharad says he will say her the truth. She asks what. He says its not like everything is thinking about Yuvraaj, you will understand if you see well. She asks what. He says Yuvraaj did not mean what everyone understood, he wanted to say that…. Yuvraaj comes and holds him, asking him to come with him. He takes Sharad and they leave. Suhani thinks what was Sharad saying her, why did Yuvraaj take him.

Yuvraaj tells Pratima that what he did is just acting. Dadi asks what….. He gets tensed seeing Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. dia

    please yuvraj stop acting and confess the truth.. suhani ko rote hue kaise dekh sakte ho tum??? >.<

  2. Sunil

    Feelind bad by seeing Suhani in today’s episode i’m unable 2 control my teers
    So sweet of Anuj & Saurabh if they give tight slaps 4 both rags,menka in front of everyone it will be more fun….

  3. Good shaurab it’s nice to see that you are supporting suhani and sharad do something for yuvraj that he realizes his love ❤ for suhani

  4. come on yuvraaj stop ur acting now we cant bear to see suhani like this so plz start talking or else u will lost suhani forever if u dont speak up

  5. angella

    Yeah rosa. U are right. How can a old lady become so evil. She doesn’t have heart . Such a cruel woman.

  6. lily

    It was nice to see Sourav and Ajuj supporting Suhani especially Sourav becoming the big brother to Suhani. Yuvraj has some plan up his sleeve which will take sometime to execute to finish Soumya’s chapter. In the meantime he falls in love with Suhani. Yuvani’s closeness will make Soumya jealous. So, Soumya is not leaving BH anytime soon.

  7. sharmi

    I know Yuvraaj is just waiting to throw a bombshell in those 4 witches plan. I can’t wait to see that. Suhani’s indifference to those 4 makes them look petty and small. She has even made Yuvraaj’s dadi fall in his eyes. She need to teach the young ones about good family traditions instead of botox. I guess Botox is part of the norm in Indian culture now…they gone western. Forget family tradition/customs

  8. I know that yuvraj is acting to expose dadi and the three followers but why’d he have to say yes to marry soumya and even if he didn’t if dadi said it for him he could’ve said no in this way suhani is misunderstanding everything and when sharad tries to tell suhani about it yuvraj doesn’t let him

  9. poppy

    I think he is up to something, I think he agreed to marry soumya so he can kick her out. I think on their wedding day it’s not yuvraaj that is marrying soumya it is her ex husband.

  10. pravin

    please yaar ye serial ko hi bandh kar do, otherwise rishto se vishwash uth jata he, dadi itni had tak horrible kese ho sakti he?afterall she is also women..ek aurat ho ke itni had tak worst??soumya apni hi best friend ka ghar kese tod sakti he?suhani ki jagha wo hoti to kya karti???

  11. Revathi Anandh

    i wish to see soumiya getting punished heavily by yuraj. he want to slap her by seeing that laptop seen

  12. abeera khan

    Ufffff .. tm sb ki discussiOn … ohooo . Keep gOinG .. like this … u all r ri8 .. dadi is sO annOyiNg..

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