Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Suhani to stay here. Menka asks how can two Sautans stay together, that too with male Sauta Sambhav. Yuvraaj says Menka is right, I can’t stay with them. Bhavna asks them to understand Pratima. Suhani says it means you knew this. Pratima says Yuvaan and Yuvani want to stay together. Yuvraaj says this can’t happen, they have to get separated. Yuvaan and Yuvani say they want to stay together. Sambhav says I won’t stay here. Suhani says the same. Yuvraaj says even if they both agree, I won’t agree for this. Suhani asks Pratima what did you ask. Pratima asks did you leave any way for us. Suhani takes Yuvaan. He cries and tells Yuvani that he does not want to go. Yuvani and Krishna cry.

Yuvraaj is angry and packs bag, saying everyone cares for

Suhani, as if I m no one. Krishna and Soumya look on. Krishna asks Yuvraaj not to leave her. He asks her to go to her room. Soumya says she is already scared, how can you talk to her like that. Suhani and Sambhav try to explain Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I can’t stay here, go to your room. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to promise. He says I m trying to explain Krishna. Soumya argues. He asks her not to make him feel guilty. Yuvani comes there and cries. She runs. Yuvraaj asks her to stop.

Sambhav tries explaining sweetly. Yuvaan says I will stay here. Sambhav shouts on him and says we will not stay here. Yuvraan gets scared. Sambhav says I m sorry and goes. Yuvani tells Bhavna that she will also go to boarding with Golu. Yuvaan comes and says I will also go with Golu, atleast there I can stay with Yuvani. Golu cries and says I will not go to boarding. They ask Golu to go boarding. Rags asks Menka to look here and takes a selfie. She plucks Menka’s hair. Menka says you spoiled my hair. Menka asks her what do you think, Sambhav will stay here or go. Rags says I don’t care and goes. Pratima talks to Krishna and pacifies her. Krishna hugs her and says I love you. Pratima asks her to go and rest.

Rags takes Menka and her son’s hair samples. Soumya comes there. A box falls down. Soumya says no one cares for Krishna here, all this is happening for Yuvaan and Yuvani, Yuvraaj spoke rudely with Krishna. Rags says this had to happen, Krishna is not his daughter. Menka comes and says I told you its not easy to make Suhani go away, Rags can’t do this, if Dadi failed. Rags worries seeing the hair sample box. Menka says Suhani is clever, its impossible to fail Suhani. Rags asks Soumya not to worry. The kids have a talk about running from home again.

Pratima tells Yuvani and Krishna that they compete in school, and shows their certificates. She asks Krishna about the poem she wrote. She tells them that you should keep trying, and not run away from problems, you should implement what you write. Soumya gets a courier named for Rags. Rags collects it. Soumya says its from hospital. Rags says some documents, leave this, go and talk to Sambhav. Rags checks DNA match, positive. She thinks how did this happen, its impossible, I m sure Menka did this, but how. Menka hears her and says nothing is impossible for me, I changed the samples. She laughs.

Rags sees the farewell board. Menka asks Pratima whats this. Yuvraaj asks is this my or Sambhav’s farewell. Pratima says you will understand it. Soumya signs to Rags. Suhani asks did you call us Maa. Pratima says this is not Yuvraaj’s farewell party, as you are our son, Suhani always thought of others, so I won’t stop Suhani from doing something for herself, kids won’t be together, so they want to do something for you.

Sharad asks the kids to come. Krishna tells them that they will say a story of two bulls, and their owner. She says the bulls were best friends and loved each other. Yuvaan and Yuvani become the bulls and show their pain when they get separated. Krishna says the owner’s father in law snatched a bull, and broke their pair. The owner felt bad and was helpless. The bulls Yuvaan and Yuvani cry and does not want to get separated. Suhani and Yuvraaj feel sad seeing their children.

The villager woman blackmails Menka. Menka says you will go to jail, I told you I want a child, you stole a baby from orphanage. Menka turns and gets shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i really confused, yuvraj loves suhani or hate suhani… y he s rude with her.. actually his anger fr whom suhani r sambav.? thank god menka track also to b exposed.. otherwse writter skipped tat truth.. we heard d news dadi dng double role.. atleast tat twin dadi must b positve.. one evil dadi s enough fr suhani. tat evil also already did all ways to humilate suhani.. no more pls.. i think this tim twin dadi ll b d reason for yuvani she did bfre nw its tim fr her to change.

    1. Dadi in double role!!!!!! reallyyy,,,,,

    2. Just don’t know how to react to this. …….Dadi has been torturing us for the past 2 years as if that was not enough we will be getting another character of hers . ….

      Hi Roz. ……..

      1. Nithu

        Shes soo gud itseems dat she ll love su to the core

    3. Ohh that will be very interesting to watch, she should also teach a lifetime lesson fr all the 4 devils in the Birla house.

  2. Dadi in double role.. Other one will b dadis’s twin sister.. Her twin sister will be exactly opposite to wat dadi is nw.. She will like suhani n support her..

  3. Who is the person m y menka want a baby

  4. Plss bring a twist to suhani si ek ladki,like let sambav marry soumya and yuvaraj marry suhani by mistake or by the plan by the yuvan and yuvani.

  5. You r right subha .dadi’s twin sis is just opposite chandra dadi and she will like suhani and support her.I read that twin dadi will bring twist ……let’s see ….i hope it will turn track in positive.wahi ladai ,wahi gussa,dekh dekh kar bore ho gai hu …..yuvraj bahut pyar karta hai suhani se sab jante hai but kabhi dikhana bhi chahiye…..

  6. i think dadi will try to snach yuvaan from suhani.Bt new dadi will help her.

  7. BTW, where is Dadi? I don’t see her now. is she sick? or went away? someone pls tell me why she is not showing these days.

    1. Nithu

      Actually her husband met with acci so she dint cm for shooting fr few days…

  8. Good acting in the role play by Yuvaan and Yuvani

  9. Why does it need play acting and degrading another man for the dumraj to realise that his beloved witch of a dadi has caused all this mess and he so called happy married life with Soumya and gave her place in his bedroom so isn’t this his MESS…than why is he angry and rude to Suhani..grow up man..face up to your responsibilties. Why can’t everyone speak the truth..AND Suhani please stop protecting Shameless Soumya and stop this weakness of yours.Go home with your self respect still intact.Birla’s are useless and fake rich spoil brats.

    1. Very well said Uaha. …..

  10. Sambhav was absolutely right today, how can he stay in the ex-husband’s house? ? And Pratima saying that was more ridiculous. …….I just hope they don’t turn Sambhav in a negative character.
    In the precap menka said she had got the child from the orphanage then how did she change the DNA samples which proved to be right ?

  11. S were z dadi wer she went

  12. kids drama acting was amazing…
    . i ill appreciating them [[F9.clap]]

    1. S they r so adorable. … .

  13. Hi Sushma,,,,!!!seeing ur comments after a long tym 😀 ,,u r rite and we will get to see twin Dadi in new getup,may be widout make up,,…

    1. S, due to network problems ??
      Twin dadi without makeup ? ? ? just can’t imagine…..don’t know what the writers r upto.

      1. I missed your comments,, 😀 and I thought that u stopped watching the show due to current track,,,and rite don’t knw wat the writers are upto,,,,I never ever thought that they will bring such a twist…..there were spoliers early lyk Dadi will unite yuvANI,,I thnk it’s about this twin Dadi

      2. Aww, so sweet of u. ……The day when Yuvraj &Soumya gets married will be the last day me watching the show.
        U r right, never thought of such a twist may be it’s for gaining the trp ratings but hope they don’t further mess up the things which r already messed up frm the barbie track.

  14. This drama will not end this month. Wow so happy?

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