Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj talking about Krishna’s bad behavior against Dadi. She asks him to promise they will not do anything like him and control his anger. He says he can’t. She explains him to control, he has seen Dadi supporting them, did he not feel her behavior odd. He says yes. She asks him to act with senses, not anger. He says fine, I will be careful. She says we have to talk to Dadi. He says no, I will talk to her, else she will scold you and not tell anything. She says fine and he goes.

She sees Soumya and goes to her. Soumya wipes her tears and turns. Suhani asks how can she do this with Dadi. Soumya says I did not know about this. Suhani asks what. Soumya sees Krishna and stays quiet. Yuvraaj rests in Dadi’s lap. Dadi says Dada ji and she has worked

hard for this. He asks will she hear anything from Krishna, its not about formula, its something else, what was Krishna threatening about, and what was Soumya saying. Dadi says its Suhani…. He says its not about Suhani, but something else, swear on me and tell me the truth.

Dadi says don’t give me any oath, I will tell you the truth. Soumya says she does not want to give any explanation and keep Yuvraaj in control, this time Krishna got light wound, else if he hurts our family, we will not lave you. Krishna says he is not doing anything wrong. Suhani asks him not to come in between, she is talking to Soumya. He says Soumya is my wife. Suhani says she was my sister before, she turned cheap being with you. She leaves.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she is helpless, Krishna is powerful and took my sign by keeping any paper in my documents. Yuvraaj asks what was written on it. She says that I can’t kick him out, he cheated me. Yuvraaj asks what cheat. Dadi says Suhani got him here in this house before, I thought if I bring Krishna here, I can kick out Suhani and get formula. Yuvraaj says for your personal rivalry against Suhani, you got him home. He asks we have bear so much, mum had to leave, all because of your revenge to Suhani. Dadi says why are you favoring her, its all because of her. He says no, its because of you. She says she has bear a lot. He says you got Krishna here, so bear it now, its all your mistake Dadi. All this turns out to be an imagination in Dadi’s mind.

Yuvraaj asks what papers you signed, its not your mistake, why did you get Krishna here. Dadi says it was written that we have to bear Krishna and whatever he does, he took my sign by cheat and I did not know. Yuvraaj asks why did she not tell him. She says she is scared, he can do anything, and this is happening because of Suhani, I had to beg to my servants because of Suhani. He asks her to take rest, he will find some way to kick Krishna. She says Suhani has been a eclipse for us, I think she is with Krishna, and says against her. He defends Suhani and asks her not to worry. He comes out and sees Suhani. She gets sad and leaves.

Later in evening, Yuvraaj asks about Suhani. Ramesh tells about Krishna’s family troubling them and says Suhani was leaving crying. He gets her poetry lines and worries. Yuvraaj rushes to see her. He takes Snoopi to find her and leaves. He sees Suhani sitting sad somewhere and sits by her side. She cries and says she has trusted Soumya and Krishna, and this all happened, Soumya broke my trust. She says Dadi and I don’t get along well, but I respect Dadi a lot, trust me. He says running is not a solution. She says she is not running. He teases her and makes her smile. She smells the samosas and smiles. He says now he knows she finds peace in samosa cooking place. He says he likes the place and her life is incomplete with samosa. She says your life is incomplete with rudeness. He says lets go home and fight. They walk and leave. She asks what will we do. He asks do you trust me. She says so I m with you. He says then do as I say. Menka and Anuj fight and Sharad looks on. He holds her and she acts romantic. Sharad laughs and leaves. Yuvraaj and Suhani come home. Sharad gives Menka’s expensive suit and Yuvraaj gives mum’s costly saree. He says you can do it, you know what to do. She nods and leaves. Yuvraaj looks on.

Lalita asks Soumya what problem she has and now she wants to go her home. Krishna tries to explain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Yes I too agree with u r the serial writer ? us mad stop this stupid serial

  2. Plz stop tiz serial f u dnt hav a story..evrytym beating abt a sounya krishna..what d hell z tiz..f u dnt hav a story end damn iritatg

  3. When last I commented I said this drama is going to be the most boring drama of star plus and it is SSEL in TRP chart was in last five.

  4. Most Boring Serial in Star Plus. Please stop the serial. Ek dam Bekar. Chhi

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