Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri saying I lied to everyone, Pankaj uncle did not do anything, I did everything, don’t take Aditya. Suhani asks why did you not tell that day. Gauri says I was scared, don’t take Aditya and hugs him. Everyone get shocked. Saurabh asks Gauri did you do all this, what are you saying. Suhani says don’t know, it seems Gauri is trying to save Aditya. Gauri cries and says no, I m saying truth, I framed Pankaj, I have scratched myself, don’t send Aditya to jail.

Bhavna asks Dadi to see, you have always blamed my
Papa and sister, but real culprit is your own grand daughter, my Papa is innocent. Yuvraaj fumes and takes Gauri. He says I will send this drama for once and all. He asks Suhani what did you say Gauri did all this. Gauri says yes, I did this,

don’t send Aditya to jail. Suhani says I m not saying, Gauri is saying everything. Yuvraaj says you are forcing her to say, she is trying to frame her husband. Suhani says I did not force her. He says you have gone mad seeing your dad in jail, you are crossing all limits, Gauri is victim, how can you blame her. Sharad says why will Suhani do this drama, Gauri accepted this.

Yuvraaj says Sharad, Gauri is your sister too, how can you say this. Sharad says calm down, think well, Pankaj tried to commit suicide and…. Yuvraaj says so will Suhani blame anyone. Suhani says Gauri accepted it. Dadi says we can’t believe Gauri, prove it that she did this. Suhani says if Gauri is accepting, what proof you want. Yuvraaj says you are mad, you got blind. Suhani shouts Yuvraaj. He says even I m angry, you blamed my sister. She says your sister did this. He says you forced her. Dadi scolds Suhani.

Dadi asks inspector why are you arresting Aditya, what proof you have. Rags says don’t talk about proof, else Suhani will say she has the video which got deleted. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to stop this. Dadi asks Suhani to leave from here and not come again.

Dadi says Bhavna, I did not say anything as you did not do any foolishness. Bhavna takes Suhani’s side. Dadi asks Bhavna to leave with Suhani and scolds Sharad as well. Suhani says the truth is you all don’t want to accept truth, I m not scared, for me, wrong is wrong, you all have to believe me, Maa tell them. Yuvraaj says enough, don’t involve Maa. Dadi says Pratima will not support you, you feel she will support you. Suhani asks Pratima to say. Pratima says Suhani is saying truth. They all get shocked.

Pratima says Gauri has done all this. Yuvraaj asks what. Dadi asks Pratima did she go mad. Pratima says I know truth, and want to hear truth from Gauri, tell me Gauri are you taking Aditya’s blame on you, or did you do all this. She says I did not raise you, but you are my daughter, I m sure you will not lie to me. Dadi says shut up Pratima. Pratima asks Gauri to say when did she get this wound. Dadi says 2 days ago, she told me. Pratima says then why did Gauri tell me its one week old wound. Gauri says it was one week old wound, why did you tell this to Suhani, when I asked you not to tell anyone. Yuvraaj asks did you scratch yourself. She says yes. Dadi says everyone knows Gauri can do this in anger, it does not mean Yuvraaj will support Suhani.

Pratima says I have seen the video about which Suhani is saying. She says I told you Suhani to let me talk to everyone, but Suhani stopped me, see no one is believing Suhani today. Saurabh asks Pratima what are you saying. Pratima says Suhani came to me with proof, she wanted to solve this maturely, she did not wish to make Gauri’s life an issue.

FB shows Suhani and Bhavna talking about doctor’s words about Gauri’s wound. Pratima hears them. FB ends. Pratima says I asked Gauri and she told me that she lied to everyone.

Yuvraaj asks Gauri is this true. Pratima says Gauri did this as she wanted to hide truth, which Suhani showed me. FB shows Suhani asking Pratima to help her and hugging her. She cries and says everyone will break knowing the truth, especially truth. She asks Gauri to check the video, which has the truth. Pratima sees Gauri saying I will not leave Pankaj and get him punished. She breaks the vase and shouts for help. FB ends.

Rags asks Pratima what are you saying, that Gauri did this drama. Anuj says Gauri is kid and can’t do this. Pratima says Gauri did this. Dadi says I don’t believe this nonsense, Suhani made Pratima mad. Pratima says I m not trapping anyone, I m saying truth. Dadi asks them to say something, Suhani is lying, Gauri can’t do this. Saurabh says Gauri can do this. Dadi asks you too Saurabh. Saurabh says yes. Rags asks are you mad Saurabh. Saurabh says just shut up Rags, don’t talk if you don’t know, Yuvraaj Gauri is my sister too but I know that Suhani never lies, Gauri changed her statements, I was not understanding it before, everyone heard something breaking and Gauri never accepted this, when I asked her, she said I did not hear anything. He asks Gauri to say did she break vase and hidden it. Gauri says yes and cries.

Dadi asks inspector not to arrest Gauri, her mental state is not fine. Suhani says Dadi, this police is fake, forgive me, I could not call real police, as I can’t send anyone innocent to jail. I had to bring truth out. She asks the fake police to go and thanks them. Suhani asks Gauri why did she do this with her dad. She says you ruined my Papa’s life, did you not think once before blaming him, I regarded you younger sister, I loved you and did everything for you. Gauri says you never loved me, you did not wish me to hide my stain, Dadi told me that you did not wish me to marry Aditya, you always came between me and Aditya, you shouted on Aditya when he asked for tv, I told this to Dadi, you always wanted to spoil my life. Suhani says I wanted your life to get better. Gauri says no, you told your dad to fire Pankaj from job, Aditya told me. Yuvraaj says Aditya was fired from job, because he did theft in the bank. Gauri says no, Aditya did not do anything, Suhani did this, so I did all this to take revenge from Suhani, as she insulted Aditya. They all cry. Suhani asks did you delete that video. Gauri says yes, I did not wish anyone to see that video. FB shows Gauri deleted the video.

Gauri says Dadi said your dad is everything for you, so I did this to teach lesson to Suhani. Yuvraaj says tell us the truth what happened that night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gauri was supposed to be mentally weak, howcome she much ideas

  2. What the helll gauri need a hard slap plz anyone slap her hardly and guys anyone agree with can she do like this with suhani bcoz suhani took her to home godd she is such a bullshit I just hate her

  3. What the heck is this.. Everyone blame Suhani again.. Poor suhani.. good atleast pratima is there to support her. I hate this dadi. She always plan against suhani

  4. What the helll gauri need a hard slap plz anyone slap her hardly and guys anyone agree with can she do like this with suhani bcoz suhani took her to home godd she is such a bullshit I just hate her and stop doing all this

    1. Yea U r ritee,,,,,

    2. ya gauri deserves a big slap from everyone

  5. Frankly speaking i will prefer suhani moving on away from yuvraaj n his family!Such a lack of trust from Yuvraaj is totally insane…Suhani is just awesome n deserves love’

  6. Aparna I agree with u
    I didn’t like the mistrust shown by yuraj either. Sourabh, Anuj ,Sharadh were far better than yuv they supported Suhani whenever it was required. Bhavana was good today. Really appreciate the relation btw Pratima & Suhani.

    1. Thanks and plz take this gauri out of this serial for godsake

  7. Am sure..dadi have involvement dis also…she plan all n done via gauri…let us wait for upvoming episodes

  8. In the precap wen Yuvraj came near Gauri i thought he z going to slap her…bt naa,,,hez asking her to tell the truth…Wot truth does he wants to knw now,,,Don’t he believe his mother even if not Suhani,,,I loved Prathima’s portion today now she should slap Gauri and scold DadiAadi duo: the main reason for Gauri’s hatred towards Suhani,,

  9. I don’t know why directors show Suhani and Dadi as Tom and Jerry. Why don’t they come up with new story between Suhani and Yuvraaj, Sowmya and Krishna..

  10. Bhavna answered Dadi nw,,,Expecting more frm her 2mrw,,,bcoz I don’t hv any hope frm Suhani,,,She will say “I’m the culprit coz I ws nt able to make Gauri realize my luv ” bla bla,,,Bhavna should answer each and evryone well….Dadi ,Rags,..evryone

  11. Plz Give a hard slap on Guari face on next epi

  12. Suhani is stupid to go back to that house. Yuvraaj is two face when it suits him…he should have trusted Suhani frpm the time she said she saw the video…he forgot when all of them didn’t believe Gauri was their sister she is the only one that stood up for her. Gauri need one good kick, her mental balance will be straight then.

  13. To add to my above comment, once again after they hear about the lies Dadi and Aditya told Gauri, they will forgive and forget, which is so dumb. They need to teach Dadi, Aditya and Rags a good lesson. I know Menka is a pain but for some reason she is harmless pain!!!!

  14. Gauri so intelligent who would say n hope she repeats everything that was said about suhan by rags.dadi n megnai

  15. S guari deserves a hard slap along with her Dadi, Adi rags &menka also deserve the same for instigating guari &using her as a puppet taking advantage of her immaturity.

  16. Happy independence day to all from shamim. south africa

  17. Nothing much expected..everyone forgive gauri as she is innocent . nobody sa anything to dadi for filling gauria ears against suhani. Added to it suhani will be blamed for interfering in gauria life, which has forced gauri to take this step.I SERIOUSLY FEEL ROHAN SHUD HAVE MARRIED SUHANI. He is the one who truly loves n believes suhani n also respect Srivastavs. He is much better than birlas who always make auhani and her family lose their self respect

  18. Stopwatchingtv

    Omg. Everyone is mad. Just bcoz gauri is their daughter they don’t want to admit that she is not mentally stable. N what bias towards daughter-in-laws. Even when gauri tried to hurt menaka twice, nobody said anything to gauri n instead they scolded menaka. N how come dadi started loving gauri so much.. suhani should leave Birla house with or without yuvraaj.

  19. Wat the hell is wrong with yuvraj gauri admit she did this m lied to everyone n yer he is standing there n doing nothing well atleast his mom knows the truth

  20. I hate gauri gauri the girl who didn’t know anything now did this unbelievable gauri doesn’t know how to use a phone how can she delete the video I think the directors have gone mad

  21. I expect that Gauri will do it because she must prove that she is chandakala’s grand daughter ,insane could in burla family they get a insane girl married to someone and irritating .

  22. pamela suppanee

    i think dadi should get a lesson she cant act like a devil everytime and suhani is always to be blamed. Suhani should leave yuvraj as he easily believed dadi although dadi is wrong.

  23. Gauri is nothing but another dadi but little immature

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