Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani getting and seeing the mail with Soumya’s pic. Rags asks her to open her eyes and walk as she bumps into her. Suhani walks out and the mad trio smiles. Soumya tells Ramesh that she will say what to make in dinner. Ramesh says Suhani already told me. She gets angry and says Yuvraaj told me to manage it, why did you ask Suhani, and scolds him. She asks Yuvraaj what will he have in dinner and talks to him. Suhani thinks why did Yuvraaj send Soumya’s pic to Dadi and recalls his words. She sees them happily talking and recalls them.

Suhani slips and falls. Sharad asks her to be careful, and asks is she fine. He also sees Yuvraaj and Soumya together and understands. He says get up first. She says she has to talk to Yuvraaj. He asks her to rest and talk

later, and says first calm your mind and then talk. He takes her. Rags tells Dadi that she did a good plan, Suhani’s face was to be seen and they laugh. Soumya says what will she think about this. Menka says she will feel bad if her friend became her Sautan. Rags asks her not to think much. Soumya says Yuvraaj and I love each other, but I feel bad to snatch Yuvraaj from Suhani.

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Dadi says no, Suhani has snatched Yuvraaj from you, don’t think much, fine if you don’t want to do anything, why should we try. Soumya says nothing like that. Menka says she is not completely negative like us, so she gets some feelings for Suhani. Dadi asks her to shut up. Soumya says I like Yuvraaj and I want him. Dadi asks her to start preparing for face of the year shooting.

Sharad asks Suhani to say whats the problem, else he will call Pratima. She says no, don’t call him. She says about Yuvraaj sending Soumya’s pic for marriage. He says what. She says yes, tell me truly, do you really not know about this. He says he has sent it by mistake. He reminds her that he has sent wrong pic so Dadi could not identify you. She says so Dadi feels he wants to marry Soumya.

He says he would have married Soumya, not you if he wanted, but why all this now. She says don’t know, I feel incomplete and seeing the mail, Dadi…. He says leave it. She says if Dadi does not like me, it does not mean she will create rift between me and Yuvraaj. Pratima comes and says yes, Dadi will not do such as she loves Yuvraaj a lot, she may talk bitter but she respects marriage, you are our bahu, he loves you, and no one can deny this. Suhani says yes.

Pratima says Lata called and she want you to come, I think I should send you, you will feel better. They make her smile. Lata says go there and spend time, Yuvraaj will come in evening to take you. Suhani hugs her. Sharad and Pratima worry. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to come as food is ready. Pratima says stop Yuvraaj, I need to talk, come. Soumya says we can sit and talk here, hot food looks good. Pratima leaves.

Yuvraaj says Soumya you go, I will come. Dadi looks on and says its my biggest mistake to make Pratima my bahu. Pratima puts water in glass and overpours it. He asks what is she doing. She explains him about relations, and how it breaks then doubt fills in and he is playing with his marriage, by focusing on Radha. He says not Radha, Soumya, I m helping her in handling divorce, she is having mood swings. She says divorce…. He says yes, Krishna signed on divorce papers.

She says fine, even then think about Suhani, there are many people to take care of Soumya, and shows him Dadi. She says its just you for Suhani, she is going to her Maayka, go to pick her up in evening. He says fine, no need to become Suhani’s messenger. She says fine. He leaves. She says I wish he understands. Sharad says it will be good.

Suhani meets Lata and Bhavna and they have a talk. They find Suhani upset. Dadi and everyone talk to Yuvraaj and Soumya and try to bring them closer. Soumya asks about food. Dadi says its good. Pratima reminds him to get Suhani and also get sount laddoos. He says fine. Suhani starts crying as Bhavna jokes on Yuvraaj liking someone else. They get worried.

Krishna tells Suhani that Soumya is ruining her, and one day she will snatch her husband and home. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Update fast!!!!!!

  2. Good advice Krishna, for how long we have to wait for Suhani to know the truth? sometimes i kind hate Yuvraj for what he does, men be gentle to your wife

  3. Yuvraj cant u see how happily she is talking with that three monkey’s cant u understand that she is acting in frnt of u pls come into ur sence
    precap is good grt job krishna.

  4. this episode…aur precap toh aur v achha tha..ab jab sharad v sab kuch bata suhani ka reation dekhna hai..ab bas ush soumya ki pitaai honi chahiye..woh v achhese… 🙂 🙂
    <3 u yuvani.. 🙂

  5. huh! atleast if not sharad krishna did it.. hope yuvraj will get some brain!

  6. But this dadi is really idiot, why she want secondhand wife for her grandson and yuvraaj can’t u see dt sushani is not really happy

  7. Nice Krishna tell suhani all the truth wow today episode was awesome

  8. I think soumyua don’t have home manner at all d way she talk to pratima in today episode and warn dadi 2 day ago,even she don’t know how cook,pls writer let dt witches dadi realized is wrong about sushani and let her realized her mistake and want forgiveness from sushani

  9. gud krishna u have done great job by telling suhani about soumya

  10. yuvraj u hell… suhani pls speed up ur mind nd kick out creep soumya

  11. Why can’t Pratimaji tell Yuvraj about dadi and Soumya’s plan. Why is she beating around the bush. He will definitely understand if she tells him. If Soumya is really depressed and suicidal, he should take her to a mental hospital. If he really cares abt her, that is what he should have done. Suhani, please tell him that.

  12. At least my prayers were heard, although I hate to see Suhani crying, but at least she is suspecting that there is something wrong compared to the previous one who was dumb. I like this brainy Suhani.

  13. Yuvraj is bothered abt Soumya but he doesn’t see his wife is also upset bcoz of they both

  14. In the next episode Krishna will get to know abt Dadi’s cheque from Suhani and Suhani will know abt the burned love letters from Krishna. Krishna will question his mom/sis and Suhani will convey abt the burned letter box to Soumya. Soumya slowly is going to realise that she is being used by Dadi after a couple of episodes. Now she is delusional that Yuvi loves her

  15. nice amena…i liked how you referred them as MAD TRIO.

  16. crap..she bought that story..

  17. atleast they cansay yuvaraj dat suhani know abt photo sent to dadi
    he would hav questioned old dadi b*t*h

  18. Sorry to say I will not be watching this serial anymore. …..simply it has lost ny interest. Story is not moving at all.

  19. Soumya is too selfish to commit suicide, at least the writers should make Yuvraaj look so dumb in thinking she is suicidal…for his past experience with her, they can at least give his character some brains to figure it out

  20. Nonsense …right from first Yuv knows that soumya is a big liar and howcome suddenly he starts beleiving soumya so strongly. Do the directors think that viewers are fools.Added to it if Ankit just holds suhanis hands or speaks to her very friendly Yuv feels very jealous.
    But Yuv can comfortably share soumyas problems go alone with her , and yuv also behaves with soumya as if she is his best friend ..nonsense all double standards…and senseless serail..becoming routine like other daily soaps…

  21. I hate soumya sooo much that I loose my apetite… and yuv u a foolish man on a planet.. everytime your mother is advising you on the same thing..

  22. Not watching this nonsense anymore!

  23. End this very painful BORING STAGNANT serial.

  24. I agree with Sam please Star TV pull the plug on this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Producers terminate Neha Yadav’s contact as she cannot be considered as a true actress…….please replace with another villain who can act!

  26. Krishna i respect u for ur gr8 work

  27. Yuvraj lgta hy ab b somya se love krta hy . Tbhi to se care for her.. but soumya to usay dhokaa de rahi hy ..

  28. Today episode was bit excited compared to the previous ones..but this tv show is totally bullishit…day by day its getting bored..unnecessarily dragging..the plot is nice..but its ruining the writers and the director..;(

  29. High time Yuvraj uses his brains and see the truth. Soumya is a liar and everyone knows that. Why can’t that forgetful mother of Yuvraj tell the truth about the conspiracy by dadi ,Rags and Mena instead of beating around the bush. Story should be more gripping …….dragging it forever makes viewers lose interest. Expose Soumya asap.

  30. Today episode.. not posted yet.

  31. Pls update fast

  32. Now cut the crap. Either make yuvraj realise what’s going on around him or pull down the curtains of this show. After a point of time the plans of the 3 idiots irritates everyone.

  33. krishna has given right advice. and yuvraj should understand suhani

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