Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav hypnotizing Suhani. He laughs and tells Suhani that he was staying in front of his eyes, I m staying as kunjumaa, I have kept Yuvraaj infront of your eyes, in this house. He laughs. Bhavna scolds Saiyyam and is about to tell him about his father. Sharad shouts to Bhavna and stops her. He thanks Saiyyam for offering help and sends him. Bhavna and Sharad go to Dadi and get shocked seeing Dadi and Rags fainted. They wake up Dadi and Rags, and find out that green tea has some tablets.

Saiyyam thinks and asks Yuvaan and Yuvani why is Suhani worried, she was panicking about Krishna. Yuvani says I don’t know. Saiyyam argues with her. Krishna comes and asks Saiyyam to stop it, you have no right to trouble them, Suhani’s problem is you, since you came, nothing

is fine, if you really want to help Suhani, then leave from here. Saiyyam reminds Krishna how Yuvaan left her in mandap and refused for marriage. He goes. Krishna sees Yuvaan.

Sharad says Sambhav took Suhani, we have to find her. Yuvaan stops Krishna. He says Saiyyam has no right to judge me. Krishna says yes, you are right, we are unfortunate, its none’s mistake, Suhani cheated me and then I got a devil as husband, I got cheated in friendship. Dadi and everyone come. Krishna says Saiyyam is in his room. Dadi asks about Baby and kunjumaa. Baby hides and thinks what to do now. Dadi asks Yuvaan to call Baby. Baby switches off the phone. Bhavna asks Dadi not to worry and sends the children. Saiyyam looks on and thinks to ask Suhani whats the problem. Sharad and Rags see the cars and find out that Sambhav did not leave from home. They go to check rooms. Sambhav asks Suhani will you meet Yuvraaj, come give me your hand, its show time. Saiyyam goes to Suhani’s room and checks around. He gets a camera in that room and thinks who kept it here. He hears someone coming and hides. Dadi comes and thinks how can Suhani disappear. She goes.

Saiyyam says Suhani is missing, where can she go. Saiyyam asks Sharad whats happening here. Sambhav hears them and hides. Saiyyam says I got camera from Suhani’s room, tell me what’s going on. Rags says shut up, better stay out of it. Saiyyam argues. Sharad says we don’t have time to fight now, let us go. Saiyyam goes to ask Dadi. Sambhav takes Suhani. Saiyyam does not find Dadi in room. He sees the CCTV cameras in Dadi’s room. Sambhav sees the camera in corridor. Sambhav hides. Saiyyam sees Suhani and thinks why is she walking like this. Sambhav asks Suhani to remove camera. Suhani removes camera. Sambhav takes Suhani to her room. Saiyyam thinks to ask Suhani whats this tom and jerry game, I want answer now.

Sambhav says that’s Yuvraaj, Suhani if you see him, you will not find him, see him from my sight, he is across that mirror, in this house. Yuvraaj sees them. Saiyyam walks to Suhani’s room. Yuvraaj looks on. Dadi, Rags, Sharad and Bhavna come to Dadi’s room. Bhavna cries and says where can Suhani go, how can we be so careless. Dadi says Sambhav can’t get saved, we have fixed cameras. They check the camera feeds. Sambhav holds Suhani and says see our jodi looks so good. Yuvraaj sees them. Sambhav says I wish you came in my arms with peace, it would be do good, anyways I get fun in hurting you, see there, Yuvraaj is in front of you, and you don’t know, its so much fun. I got fun in hypnotizing you, you know why, you are standing silent and not saying anything, not fighting with me, I don’t like fighter Suhani. Yuvraaj gets angry. Sambhav asks Suhani to accept him, say something, I don’t like this.

Dadi and everyone see the camera feeds. Sharad says Suhani disappeared. Bhavna says we will go to room and see. Saiyyam comes to Suhani’s room. Yuvani stops him. She asks why were you going to my mumma’s room. He says whatever, you did not show interest in answering me, whats going on. She says there is nothing, ain’t you fed up, I m sick of this drama. He says I m not doing drama, I just want to know everything, you don’t find things odd, you are not foolish. She says about my Papa leaving, but I don’t want to think, I don’t want any tension and drama. He says exactly, just your mom can answer us. He takes Yuvani. Dadi stops Yuvani and says you will not go inside. Yuvani asks why. Rags says don’t argue Yuvani, agree to Dadi. Saiyyam says I will not agree to anyone. Dadi stopss him. Bhavna says let him go and see himself, it will be good. Sambhav asks Suhani to look into his eyes. He says you will not remember anything I tell you, say you will forget it. She says yes, I will forget everything. Sambhav smiles.

Suhani requests doctor to tell why did Sambhav come back. Saiyyam asks Suhani is my Papa alive, tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. krishna is acting like idiot.why can’t u try to understand saiyyam?plz anyone try to explain to saiyyam about what happened to suhani in 20 yaers ago…

  2. Mystery

    Krishna I wanna beat u…u scold saiyyam…how dare u.. He make tea for u n u stupid….

    1. Ha I agree Mystery, I am married for 8 years and my husband has never made tea! Stupid Krishna:)

      1. You should make your husband to make tea for you. Only joking.
        But you are right.

  3. All were saying Krishna is orphan but actually she had a family where is Rakhi n Radhe…??
    Writers must bring Krishna (Krishna’s father) ankur Verma… Coz he gives back answer to dadi…

    1. Mystery

      But he was died na…

      1. I know he will not come but when writers can bring dead sambhav they can do anything….???

        But future storyline will b yuvan krishna saiyaam love triangle like…. Yuvani n rohan track…..

        They r showing same drama.. Forced mrg like yuvani, then hatred towards each other, then developing friendship which will b coming episode…. N care then jealous track…
        When they start to realize their love…. This writers will bring villain…

      2. Mystery

        Yah actually u r right….but I just want yuvaan to reunite along with yuvaan…yuvani …saiyyam

        It will be nice to see saiyyam jealous but plzz writers don’t repeat anything plzzz

      3. Mystery

        Yah actually u r right….but I just want yuvaan to reunite along with yuvaan…yuvani …saiyyam

        It will be nice to see saiyyam jealous but plzz writers don’t repeat anything plzzz….

        Yrr y this show have no repeat telecast?

  4. pleasw tell me kya saiyam sambnav ki sachai jaan payega kya suhani use bata degi ki sambhav jinda hain or yadi haa to saiyam kiski taraf bolega suhani ya sambhav mujhe lagta hain ki suhani ki taraf bolega

  5. hello kushi

  6. i agree with kushi and mystery

  7. i think krishna aisa behavior isliye kar rahi hogi kyoki wo saiyam ko like karne lagi hogi

    1. Mystery

      Yrr this Krishna is really stupid….in some scene she look as if she cares for saiyyam…but in today’s epi she totally do opposite…..too much what’s is going on….so less kriyyam n in that also they r fighting …..

  8. Crazy people always scolding for sayyam for nothing ?

    1. I know, that is why they deserve Baby.

      This show belongs to saiyyam. Not suhani. The character suhani like to get abused by the birla’s.

      As long it is the Birla’s suhani won’t mide.
      I just hope that Krishna eyes well open soon.

      1. I agree with both of you.
        The reason that they do this, is because saiyyam is Not a Birla!

        It saiyyam was a Birla, Suhani would have loved him.

        I wish that this show was about Saiyyam, instead of suhani.
        Suhani character is more of evil mother. Not an innocent woman.

        For suhani it is yuvraj. For yuvraj, it always be Dadi.

        Suhani is pathetic really, she divorced yuvraj, and stay there.
        I hope saiyyam stay as a strong character. The one thing suhani did right by him. Is that suhani abandoned him.
        By doing this, saiyyam is strong.

  9. krishna ? Sayyam

    Exactly they always be rude to sayyam like wtf . And Krishna is such a idiot . I think she still cares for Yuvaan. Dumbf*ck.

    1. It not just Krishna, it is everyone. Including suhani, is the problem.
      Krishna still has feelings for yuvaan, the fire has gone yet.

      Suhani is his mother, every mother protect their children. Suhani is a bad mum.
      If your mother in law, keep saying that this son is bad and that son is good.
      You are married to that bad son.
      You well say that son is bad.

      Remember Krishna loved yuvaan, since childhood.
      I hope that Krishna eyes well open soon.
      It doesn’t help her being in that birla house. Seeing the man that she loved, with another woman. It doesn’t help matter, that suhani keep saying that yuvaan is a wonderful son. Saiyyam is the bad son.
      Suhani is the real problem here. I am so glad that I don’t have a mother like her.

      The only way for Krishna to get over yuvaan.
      Is that yuvaan to tell Krishna that he is happy that he didn’t marry her.
      Krishna needs to see this, and of saiyyam, well be there to defend her .

      Suhani, even if yuvaan slapped her on the face. She well blame baby.

  10. Right @Somi

  11. Suhani should now tell saiyyam and the kids everything. Saiyyam deserves this at least.


    I sense that suhani will definitely tell everything to saiyyam tomorrow… i dont know why but i have a feeling and often these gut feelings i get are right ? lets see.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I agree Shreya, is she doesn’t i give up.

  13. ha ha ha it is just a stupid serial,why say things like ‘i wish i do not have a mother like suhani’ get real people what wrong did suhani do when a woman gets raped her life is meaningless she lose all reason to live and most of you the women that is commenting is bad mouthing suhani put yourselves in her place and see how you will feel if you were raped and left with a child too and suddenly sambhav has become a hypnotist wow from being a rapist to a hypnotist i mean i do not approve of the way she is treating saiyam if she did not want him there is something call abortion she should have aborted him i can understand his bitterness this is my opinion and omg people do not ever compare rohan with sambhav cuz sambhav is evil

  14. @mystery… Agree with u… I too want yuvan to unite Kriyam n also baby to b change good…. She is greedy but she can b good if people treat with love….

    Hope we will get mother son bonding now… Saiyaam n suhani n also side b side kriyam n yuvaby love story to b shown…..

  15. God!! end this devil sambhav. For him the show is becoming stupid.Krishna shud understand sayam.Today sayam will know the truth.But whom will he support??????? What do u think guys??????

  16. krishna yuvaan ki himaat le rahi hain uske liye saiyam ko jane ko kaha saiyam ne yuvaan ko sahi jodge kiya saiyam ne sahi kaha krishna se ki yeh bahi yuvaan hain jo tumhe mandap main chod gaya tha sab ke samne uska sath nahi diya tha what wrong with you krishna tum saiyam ke sath aisa kese kar sakti ho

  17. you are right friends saiyam krishna ke liye tea laya tha aur aaj ke episode main krishna ne kaisa rood behave kiya saiyam ke sath saiyam ko kitna bura laga hoga

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