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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying she knows Yuvraaj since a year, he can’t do this, and asks the girl about it. The girl calls Yuvraaj as Bhaiya as he is her brother’s friend. She leaves. Rohan taunts Yuvraaj for getting the girl here. Yuvraaj scolds him. Lata says I can’t bear this. Suhani says if Yuvraaj had to stay with her, he would have not got her here, I trust him, he can never do such thing. He gets shocked by her total trust on him. She cries and he leaves.

Pratima meets Yuvraaj at the temple and asks why is he worried. He tells how Rohan called the girl and tried framing him, but Suhani showed much trust on him. She says this is glad. He recalls old times and says he did not trust Suhani ever, and today when blame was on me, she supported me without saying anything,

she always took evidence help to prove herself and did not ask me about any proof, why.

She says as she loves you a lot. He says what she told them, why I could not trust her. She says maybe women are more mature and don’t trust anyone easily, when they trust anyone, the trust does not break easily, you are feeling her love depth, its good you are taking a stand for her and stopping her from marrying Rohan. He says yes, Rohan is not right for her. She says I m glad seeing this.

Yuvraaj comes to Rohan and argues with him for sending the girl and doing this cheap thing. Rohan says his work is to make stories and lies a truth. Yuvraaj scolds him and says you will not pass now, as now I will turn your lie into truth, and smiles. He says that girl is ready to confess who and why someone has sent her. Rohan says so what, you can’t reach me even if she says. Yuvraaj says I will give my friend the phone number to trace, and your name will come out, pack your bag, get ready. Rohan calls that girl and says where am I stuck, why is this girl’s number switched off.

Radhe and Rakhi talk to the producer and he says they can’t become hero and heroine. The man says I got my hero here and shows Krishna. He praises Krishna for his personality. Lalita smiles and blesses him. Soumya gets glad. Menka tells Dadi that you kicked Suhani out, did you think Yuvraaj will leave home and stay with Suhani. Dadi says we have to do something to crack Yuvraaj and Suhani’s relation. Rags says this will affect Yuvraaj’s image. Dadi says even then we have to do this, we have to make Yuvraaj get insulted, I will be hurt, but I have to do this for coming happiness. She calls Rohan.

Suhani cries seeing her bridal dress and recalls her marriage with Yuvraaj. She says what happened to me, why do I see Yuvraaj all the time. He says because I m really here. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came to tell you I don’t this lahenga, Rohan is really a cheap guy. Rohan hears this. Lata, Pankaj and Bhavna talk about Yuvraaj staying here. Pankaj says he can’t ask Yuvraaj to go, he was the one who united him and Suhani. Lata says Yuvraaj has sent fake officers to get you arrested. Bhavna says his actions are so confusing, sometimes he supports Suhani and sometimes he makes her leave the house.

Lata says yes, I m scared for Suhani if Yuvraaj is here. Rohan comes there and says he is also worries for Suhani. He asks them to come along and see this. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Rohan is not right guy, he is a fraud and she should be away. She says you mean my parents can’t judge anyone. He says I can’t tell you without proof, he is a cheap man. She asks what if I break his marriage, what will happen after it, tell me. He gets silent, She asks him to say what after that and gets annoyed. She shows the box and asks shall I sit and cry with your memories, tell me. She cries and he holds her hand, asking her to stop. She says she is tired of waiting.

Lata comes there and says Suhani. She says its your marriage after 4 days, it will be good if people stay in limits. He says Suhani is my wife till 4 days and I m sorry, but I know my limits. Lata says she feels suffocated here and takes Suhani. Bhavna asks Rohan to come. Yuvraaj gets the details of number and says I will come. He says once I get this proof, everything will be fine, Suhani will break relation with Rohan after knowing his truth.

Rohan shows the goons with Yuvraaj. Pankaj, Lata and Bhavna are shocked seeing Yuvraaj with them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rohan u r really disgusting.

  2. Too boring..

  3. Yaar iss yuvraj me thoda dimag dalo aur rohan ko iss serial se hatao

  4. tell us writers… tell us… will yuraj confess his love to suhani in this century???? how long you try our patience… its more than too much.. we are getting annoyed of this show… And want to beat you writers..

  5. tell us writers… tell us… will yuraj confess his love to suhani in this century???? how long you’ll try our patience… its more than too much.. we are getting annoyed of this show… And want to beat you writers..

  6. When is Rohan going to get caught-its too much already. One lie after the other and Yuvraaj is innocent in all of this.

  7. rohan you so BORING!!!!!!

  8. I guess this will go on until the 7 days is up

  9. Wat is rohan trying to do it wont get far n he will still loose suhani

  10. This is being dragged a lot. Now show some progress in the story. Really getting bored of this.

  11. This is such a DRAG, who the hell is sponsering this to continue.. the original Raggs left at the right time this is going off my to see list…… Rohan is just a side character and time pass + he despirately needs a HAIRCUT… he is soo obnoxious uff

  12. s its too boring rohan …oh god till when we have to see his face and that stupid lata she doesnt have any work and also bhavna she is disgusting first we should say this lata to look after bhavna jab dekho maike mein padi rahti hai voh tho apni sasural ko jati hi nahi and how can bhavna forget that yuvraj saved her for her shameless devar

  13. suhani……… !!!! Wake UP My dear

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