Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya going back and not meeting Suhani. Suhani asks lady for mobile charger and goes. Yuvani asks Yuvaan not to hold her mumma’s hand. The lady asks Soumya for mobile charger, for Yuvaan’s mother. Soumya says fine, I will meet her. Yuvani says you won’t go anywhere. Soumya says fine and gives charger. Yuvani asks Soumya to show her and Yuvraaj’s pic and says my mumma and Papa are best.

Suhani reads Sharad’s message that he is coming to summer camp to talk to her. She replies to Yuvraaj’s message and writes I have come to summer camp and going to meet your wife. Menka scolds Krishna and says I agree Soumya has position in this house, but I have given a male child to this house, my son is the heir of this family. She laughs. Pratima comes there. Menka

worries and thinks if Pratima sees me making Krishna work, she will scold me. She stops Pratima and says Dadi was finding you. Pratima goes. Menka asks Krishna to clean her phone. Krishna says I won’t, I did not make milk fall on it. Menka gets angry and says I will teach you a lesson.

Saurabh meets Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is upset and says we did not get contract. Saurabh says its fine, we will try later. Yuvraaj says I wanted to do this for Yuvani and Krishna. Saurabh asks him not to worry. Yuvraaj says I don’t know how to face everyone. Saurabh asks him to meet children, when I feel low, I talk to Krishna and Yuvani, I get glad, I have tension in office, when I hugged Krishna, all tension disappeared. Sharad looks at them. Saurabh says I wish….. its okay, when you meet Yuvani, tension will go away. Sharad leaves.

Yuvraaj calls home and talks to Dadi. He asks about Krishna. She tells him that she is upset with Krishna, she made milk fall and broke a vase, be strict to her. He asks what, she is a kid, its fine, I will get new things, promise me, you won’t punish Krishna. She says fine. He says I will meet Yuvani and come home. She says fine and ends call. Menka heard conversation and goes annoyed.

Suhani compliments Yuvani and says your mumma is best. Yuvani thanks her and asks her to explain Yuvaan too. Suhani says Yuvaan will have his mumma best, everyone’s mumma is best. She gives her a rose. She says I will meet your best mumma, where is she. Yuvani says she is there, my mumma name is Soumya. Suhani says I know, I read in form. She goes to Soumya. She sees some other lady, who wears similar saree like Soumya. The lady asks Suhani to come for the evening game, Yuvani’s dad is coming, will Yuvaan’s dad come. Suhani says I m Yuvaan’s mum and dad.

Sharad is on the way and recalls Yuvraaj. Krishna talks to Yuvraaj and asks him to come home soon. She gets sad. Pratima cheers up Krishna and asks did Menka say her something. Krishna says I m alone, everything went leaving me. Pratima says I m with you. Maid brings food for Krishna. Pratima feeds Krishna.

Yuvraaj meets Soumya at camp and says I did not get contract, I wanted to do this for Yuvani and Krishna. She says its fine, come with me, there is a game of children and parents, you participate with Yuvani, when she smiles seeing you, you will forget everything, Yuvani fought with a guy saying I m best mom. He says she said right, you are really great mom. Yuvani comes and hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvaan asks Suhani to win the game. Suhani says someone loses and someone wins. She gets blindfolded. Yuvaan meets Yuvraaj. He says I m fine, I want to meet your mom. Yuvani asks him to play game and gives the rose Suhani gave her. She blindfolds Yuvraaj. Lady says game begins, parents will identify children now. Soumya gets blindfolded too. Yuvraaj and Suhani collide and stop realizing each other’s presence. Saware…..plays………….. Sharad comes and takes Suhani from there. Yuvraaj removes blindfold. Lady says Yuvani’s dad lost.

Soumya asks him why did he remove blindfold. Yuvani says I hate you Papa. Yuvraaj says I felt as if Suhani is here. She says how can Suhani be here, this is children’s camp, I m sorry, I did not mean it, talk to Yuvani, she got upset. Suhani asks Sharad whats the matter. Yuvaan asks Sharad why did he bring Suhani like this. Sharad says I have imp thing to talk, you go and play. Yuvaan goes. Suhani says I know there is some solid reason, what happened. He says I got to know our competitor name… she asks who is it. Soumya says Yuvraaj could not forget Suhani, even I could not forget Krishna, its not easy to forget past. Sharad tells Suhani about Yuvraaj. She gets shocked.

Soumya sees Sharad and Suhani. She shouts Suhani and runs to stop Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think soumya will become bad again

    1. I am also thinking that kahi soumya krishna ke future ke liye yuvraj ko force na kare marriage ke oiye i hope so ki aisa nahi ho i will pray to god

  2. wow! Thank god atleast one of Soumya and Yuvraj has seen Suhani!!

  3. Noooo I want that yuvi and suhani meet first and than somu and suhani.
    But I hope they will meet soon.

  4. What a super episode I am very wage to know when they will meet

  5. I dont know what do director wants? Why has Soumya saw Suhani not Yivraj? I think, she won’t tell Yuvtaj about it bcoz of jealousy. I hate these type of drama. Now, lets see what will happen next?

  6. I totally hate Yuvraj.,.he said lyk “Yuvani can’t get any better mom than u” to Soumya…I dnt thnk dat Soumya will reveal abt Suhani to Yuvraj .,may be she will rethink and hide the matter frm Yuvi for Krishna..else she will tell this to dadi else she won’t get chance to tell to Yuvi and Yuvi will meet Suhani by himself ,well that’s better and if it’s so YuvAni meeting will happen soon

  7. I hope soumya creams yuvraj and family out. You all might say it’s dadi fault, this fault doesn’t lies with Dadi alone. This is all Yuvraj fault and no one else. There no such things as ture love. But the is pure love. My friend suffered from postnatal depression, she left her 1 day old baby, and do know what her husband did. He went out and looked for her, even when his family said marry again. Because his love is so pure, he got the right treatment for her, and they are still together today. Pure love can be for anyone, I.e. mum, dad, sister, brother, friend ect. Pure love means no matter WHAT! Yuvraj replaced suhani not once, but twice. Yuvraj pure love is dadi, no matter WHAT she does, yuvraj won’t care. So ask yourself do you want a husband like yuvraj or my friend?

    1. Sorry to say but i agree you also and disagree with you also bcoz yuvraj and soumya are not married they are doing acting for their children if something is between them so they sleep in 1 bed but they dont and yuvraj is sleeping in sofa he really love suhani never forget him and i am 101% sure that they will reunite soon and sorry if i hurt you by my words we both have different thinking and opinion

      1. Hope dey unit…yuvi kase bhul sakta he …she was eager to became mother..jab menka aur rags ne mana kar diya tha she wanted a baby….how…???? Main culprit is Dadi…….suhani n yuvi are equally responsible….why suhani leaves home with dere baby..kya yuvi ko hak nhi he bacho par….n somu is very hppy….

    2. You are totally right Lucy, yuvraj loves for Suhani is not true and pure love
      If they get together again, what kind of message the writters will give?
      Yuvraj have never fought for Suhani, it´s always Suhani that fought for him, yuvraj didn ´t trust Suhani before and will never! And a mariage without trust is meaningless, i think that Saumya is better for someone like yuvraj and that Suhani should find someone else, someone who will trust her and understand her, two things that Yuvraj had never done

    3. I totally agree with you lucy. If the writers did some research they would know about baby blues. And yuvraj would know about it as a loving husband and would be father. They are so into Internet in this movie, how come yuvraj don’t know about baby blues and go after suhani. He just said I will never forgive her for leaving the baby. He is a jerk of a husband, unsupportive and never trusting in the one person who is the most sincere in his life. Suhani deserve better. As for someya, they don’t have a role for her and her acting sucks. She decreases the quality of this series.

  8. i think sowmya ill nt stop suhani cz of her baby care.. if suhani came yuvraj’s life… she ill get away frm birla house
    so she wont tell about to yuvraj….

  9. and yuvraj ws not self mind to think and do .. alwayd what him dadi said he ill did it till nw… aaaaahhh .. disgusting yuvrajj

  10. how can he told him sowmya lyks mom he never replace anyone.
    in this episode how suhani is yuvani convinence kiya…

  11. @Lucy your friend. Right U are.

  12. Yuvraj was better before he realised his love for Suhani. He used to protect, care for her and support her in front of Dadi..

    1. I do t u der stand why u care if suhani is alone or not and yuvraj turned bad. Suhani deserves this. Who told her to trust sahan and not yuvraj. I agree it was krishna’s fault he brought the bomb but it was equally suhani’s fault too for trusting so stranger. All the time she acts same and tries finding out a reason to something but when all those incidents were happening with her when she was pregnant she ignored it and didn’t even try to find out whose doing it. IT’S ALL SUHANI’S FAULT. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ALL ARE BLAMING YUVRAAJ. HE IS RIGHT IN HIS PLACE. SUHANI WAS WRONG!!!

      1. Aamal i agree wid u… Bt suhani dint belive in yuvraj as he judges a persob by their complexions

      2. But he changed. If he still judges ppl by complexion than why would go love suhani. Even she was dark…

      3. @ Aamal, its not Suhanis fault at all, has Yuvraaj never trust someone blindly before? he has almost all the time. his even doing it now. He need to put on his thinking cap, how can a wife that bring your lost sister abandon her own daughter, he didn’t even know Suhani at all.

        Then the writer has lost it, they need to show some behavior in Suhani’s daughter dt will make them to remember her all the time she does that, also when she meet Suhani there should be a connection but nothing we all know blood is thicker than water.

        I will keep saying it, in life one should pay against a friend like Somuya, she is a devil in human clothing.

  13. I want yuvraj and suhani to be together hope he sees her

  14. Sonna maathriye sharad vanthu sothapittaanga yenakkum athe thaan Rani naanum athe thaan ninaikkren yuvrajum suhaniyum thaan first meet pannanum innaikku episode super yeppoluthum pola innaikkum rendu perum meet pannala yeppo meet pannuvaanganu wait pandren yena ah athaana panna mudiyum

  15. @Lucy. …..ur friend is really very lucky to hv such a husband. ……
    @Ruby. …I agree with u. …..May be it’s the writers mistake, they hv ruined the tracks after confession. ……
    Nice episode. ……but I don’t wish to see soumya atall may be bcoz I am a very selfish, possessive fan of yuvani. ……don’t know why she is been given so much of screen space .

    1. I agree with you. Someya ruins the show. Her acting is so shallow. They should find matching actors with rajshree level. Someya is a waste of time, I don’t watch the part where she is in.

  16. I don’t think somiya yuvarj ko khuch bole gi she will become selfish for the shake of her daughter aur suhani deal yuvj ko dey dengi aur bad meh yuvarj ko pata chale ga..

  17. I wanted yuvraj to meet suhani 1st and not saumya…………y r tey dragging ??? plzz make yuvani meet each other………..Lucy ur friend is very very lucky to have such a sweet and caring husband……………

  18. Yuvraj had to protect suhani because of pratma. Pratma was the one who kept on begging yuvraj to stand up for suhani. Pratma did this because she wanted to prove to dadi that inside that counts. But at the end of the day pratma is an mother in law, she wanted suhani to do the most fighting for her marriage. While Yuvraj sit back and do whatever he wants.

  19. U r right Sushma… I think that at the end Yuvani will be together and may be Sambhav marry soumya. ……… I have a weak feeling that Sambhav will fall for Suhani

  20. Nice episode ……
    Excited for 2marows episode

  21. I think yuvani n yuvaan will make yuvraj n suhani meet

  22. I cannot understand why Suhani is at fault.Firstly the whole Birla family is lazy.Trusting Sajan is a was Dadi who bought in his sister to replace Suhani and he took revenge.Why trust yuvraj as he only likes clean, white and beautiful things.Gauri was hidden all these years and was Dadi punished..No..even Pratima didn’t.Krishna bought in the bomb and his wife is given shelter by Yuvraj but is not ready to find Suhani and apologise for his nasty hurtful words still..why because she left the baby??? Well Birla family treatment of Suhani was far tell me whose the biggest yor eyes.

  23. Suhani has no fault at all, its totally Yuraj fault who trust on evil dadi and cheater friend like Soumya. Lucky’s friend is very very good and nobody wanta a husband like Foolish Yuvraj. How can he asked that Soumya is best mother? She is worst mother at all and I hate her. She is spoiling Suhani’s daughter. I hope Yuvani will meet her real mother very soon.

  24. Agree to whatever de reasons..we want yuvani to be together….we have to tweet to CVS for yuvani reunion

  25. Why can’t sowmya get back to her parents in order to secure krishna’s future after all she is the only doughter of her parents.

  26. Pls suhanisi ek ladki ka repete telecast 9am dekhye.

  27. Please update today’s episode

  28. where is the episode summary for the 28th…. honestly if you want to do this then be consistent!!!

  29. now days bh sucks……full of dullness……..smya acting…….too much………..i wants first truth came out….ie……all of dis shit all bh are responsible……..somu is selfish.den whn yuraaj sees he done…..wht he loss….actually…..n seing suhani is move on her life…..that de better punishment to dadi n yuvraaj……..cvs are dng injustice showing hppy life of bh,,,,,,,why somu has right to living a hppy life …….idf suhani is in guilt,,,,,,she should also suffer………..

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