Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani taking snoopi out for a walk. She meets Yuvraaj and tells him that their plan worked. He apologizes to her as she got hurt. She says its fine, Sambhav got convinced I love him and agreed to remove Yuvaan’s watch. He gets happy and hugs her. She says I m fed up of lies and playing games. He says I can understand, I have no option. She says yes, if I did not meet Sambhav, today my son would have not been in danger. Sambhav looks at them. He thinks whats Yuvraaj doing here, what are they talking. He comes home and is angry. He drinks the milk kept at bedside table. He says what is Suhani doing with Yuvraaj at this time, is she cheating me.

Suhani comes home and sees Sambhav. He asks is snoopi’s walk over. She says no, Yuvraaj met me there. She hides

the sleeping pills box in cupboard. She says Yuvraaj got to know I got hurt in magic show and he came to show concern, he never cared for me, now you are with me and he is showing concern, I told him you care for me and my son, and we don’t need him. He feels drowsy and falls asleep. She says I don’t like giving you sleeping medicines to you every night, you just hurt me, your mind runs to hurt others, I have to end this, I have to do this to make a bad person like you right. She messages Yuvraaj that its good you have seen Sambhav there. He replies asking is everything fine. She replies yes.

Soumya comes to outhouse and asks whats happening to Krishna, why is she getting scared. Krishna says mumma, come, I have to go, I have seen skeleton, and runs from there. Soumya tries to explain. She picks Krishna’s books. She gets the skeleton masks and says so Rags and Menka have done this, I will tell them, I have to stop them forever. She leaves.

Sambhav asks Suhani to give headache medicine. Suhani says I have such medicine that your headache will go away. She shows the honeymoon destination planning. He gets surprised and says I can’t believe this, I will see what did you plan. Yuvaan comes and tells Suhani that Yuvani is coming. Yuvani comes with Yuvraaj, and meets Yuvaan. Lata says I made hot parathas, Yuvraaj came on right time. He says of course. Suhani asks him not to stay back, go home, I will send Yuvani. He says no, I want to have parathas made by aunty. Lata asks Yuvraaj to sit. Yuvani asks Yuvaan will he come in clay modelling class, you have to remove this watch, else it will be damaged. Sambhav says its okay, I will remove it. He tells the same to Suhani, and removes the watch.

Lata gets parathas. Yuvaan says first I will eat parathas. Suhani asks him to first remove watch. Sambhav says its okay, I will do that later, I will remove it anyhow.

Door bell rings. Menka goes to see. The man says Rags ordered something and here is bill. Menka says go from here, she is not here. The man says I have to give money. Soumya calls Dadi and shows her. Menka says I m Ragini Birla and takes money. He asks how did you like our dress. Menka says I liked it, I looked a good ghost, I scared a girl and she left studies. Dadi shouts Menka. Soumya signs the man to leave. Dadi asks Menka whats all this. Soumya says Rags and Menka scared Krishna as ghosts so that she leaves outhouse, and Yuvani is also scared hearing of ghosts. Dadi gets angry on Menka. Menka says this was Rags plan. Dadi says fine, tell Rags that her parlor is cancelled, just study room will be built there.

Sambhav goes. Suhani thinks will Sambhav remove watch now or not. Yuvraaj says I will leave, I will drop kids, Suhani you pick them. He asks kids to take care. Yuvani asks him to remove Yuvaan’s watch. Sambhav says its fine, you guys go, I will remove watch in evening. He asks the man to make tattoo, Suhani and I have to get tattoos made, with alphabet S. Yuvraaj says Sambhav, Suhani is scared of needles, this needle can be infected too. Suhani asks him not to say between them, I m ready Sambhav. She thinks sorry Yuvraaj, I have to do this so that Sambhav removes Yuvaan’s watch. Yuvraaj asks the kids to finish breakfast and come outside, I m waiting.

Later, Suhani takes snoopi for a walk. She gets pain in the tattooed skin. Yuvraaj sees her and asks her to sit. He applies antiseptic to her hand. She says I m fine. She says no, you aren’t, Sambhav is a psycho, he is mentally sick and his treatment should happen first. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to sit, your watch got clay, we will remove this and clean it. Sambhav goes to get the remote. Yuvaan opens cupboard to take tissues, and sleeping pills bottle falls. Sambhav gets that and thinks.

Suhani says I have to go home, Sambhav is at home, I have to make him remove watch. Yuvraaj says fine, I will wait. She says no, I will message you. She leaves with snoopi. Yuvaan hugs Sambhav. Suhani comes and says Sambhav you did not remove the watch. Sambhav says locker is not opening. Yuvaan says we will remove it tomorrow and goes. She asks why is locker not opening. He says don’t worry, I will break it tomorrow. She sees the milk glass empty and says you had milk early today. He says no, Yuvaan had it, he wanted to drink milk. Suhani gets shocked and thinks the milk had two sleeping pills.

Rags tells about Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love triangle along with Sambhav. Dadi hears her and thinks to find out whats Yuvraaj doing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will sambhav’s track end? Has he fallen in the plan?

  2. Soumya once scared yuvani by becoming ghost and now she shameless talks about good and bad

  3. More than sambhav I hate soumya to the core iam extremely happy that neha is quitting. Wish her character will end in the serial.and no one should play the character of soumya that soumya character is very much disgusting

  4. So sambhav will come to know abt sihani adding pills in milk… if yuvraaj is going to die..thousands and millions of ??

  5. Nithu

    Even debu is leaving the show in fact she already left

  6. I think sahil should quit.. agar story itni bakwaas chal rahi he, den he should come in lead role with another romantic project… he is really good actor…

    Ssel pahle sachme bahot achha tha yaar .. lekin abhi kuchh bhi sesible nahi he.. kuchh bhi bakwass chal raha he…

    I think ssel ko leap ki nahi arshad khan ki jaroorat he.. ssel’s old director.. aur naye writer ki jaroorat hai…

  7. Yes guys if the news is real of yuvraj death in ssel i bet u cv no one watch it.plssssss end sam track n unite yuvanin make a nice family drama.we love to see yuvani with their kids.and dont bring sowmya in yuvani life.plss if leap happens sahil n rajshri should be in ssel.they r cute couple n soul of ssel.if renion of yuvani happens after leap we r ready to accept but plsss only saraj as yuvani no other actors or not to end yuvraj track do see our requests starplus. u agree with me guys

  8. I hope sambhav doesn’t do anything with yuvaan regarding the sleeping pills. Hope he doesn’t give nod out about the plan and yuvraj doesn’t die.

  9. Atleast not end yuvrajs begging u.plz.

  10. Great.. whats going on……. This serial can be never entertained

  11. I hate when I have to delete my shows before watching them. But after reading up on some of the updates, its not worth watching. I can’t take the story line with Sambhav having so much control. why can’t the other characters outsmart him…too stupid!!

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