Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj convincing Dadi to come in Bhavna’s baby’s naming ceremony. She agrees for his happiness. He smiles and hugs her. Suhani smiles seeing them. Lata and Pankaj greet Dadi and Pratima. Suhani says Bhavna wants a singing toy for Golu, Sharad has gone to get it. Sudha says Amit also went to find that toy, where is Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj talks to Bhavna and says you took right decision, Amit should know about Rishi, we will inform police if needed.

Bhavna says I m scared. Yuvraaj says we will tell this to Suhani, uncle and aunty. Bhavna says no, I don’t want anything to happen, I will tell Amit first. He says fine, but remember I m with you, if Amit does not believe you, tell me, you are my sister too, if anyone does wrong, I will not leave him. She thanks

him. Rishi comes there and says Bhabhi….. Bhavna gets tensed. Yuvraaj stares angrily.

Suhani says I will go and call Bhavna. Yuvraaj comes between and scolds Rishi. Rishi argues and asks Yuvraaj to leave. Yuvraaj says fine, I will tell Amit about you first. Rishi asks will he say Amit, fine, Amit won’t believe. Yuvraaj says yes, but what about that message which you have sent to Bhavna, that will prove it. Suhani says Yuvraaj…. They all look at her. She asks whats happening, why is Amit calling me, did Bhavna scold him. Bhavna says nothing, ask him what did he say. Suhani says come, its puja time. Yuvraaj goes with them.

Suhani talks to Anuj. Dadi can’t manage Golu and asks Bhavna to take him. Lata asks Dadi to bless him. Suhani asks where is Amit. Amit says I got singing toy, I m coming in 10mins. He hears her hear the music and crosses road. He gets hit by a car and falls. Suhani gets shocked by the sound. Amit falls over the footpath railing and faints. Suhani hears people saying call ambulance, else he will die. She gets tensed and calls back. Bhavna goes to Suhani and asks where is Amit, call him fast. Yuvraaj says Bhavna go, aunty is calling. He asks Suhani what did Amit say. Suhani says maybe he met with an accident. Yuvraaj asks what and gets worried.

Sudha says Golu looks like Amit. Suhani cries and says Amit is not taking call. Yuvraaj says we can’t tell without confirming, maybe its someone else’s accident. She gets Amit’s call. Yuvraaj asks her to talk. Suhani asks Amit where is he. The man asks is Amit Gupta your relative. She says yes, who are you. The man says I m calling from city hospital. Amit met with an accident and he is no more. Suhani falls on Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj holds her and talks to the man. He gets shocked. Suhani and Yuvraaj hear pandit naming the child Anant. Suhani cries seeing Bhavna so happy. Bhavna asks Suhani what happened, why are you crying. Suhani hugs her and says Amit met with an accident. They all get shocked, as Suhani sayd Amit is no more. The family mourns for Amit’s death. Sudha is unable to accept Amit’s death. Lata asks Pankaj to make Bhavna cry, else she will not do good. Suhani asks Bhavna to have water. Suhani cries and goes.

Yuvraaj consoles Suhani and asks her to think how tough it is for Bhavna. He pacifies her. Rishi asks Bhavna to have water and says he is with her, he will take care of her and Anant. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to support Bhavna and keep her away from all problems, we will go to her, don’t leave her alone in any situation. Suhani nods. Rishi tries to hold Bhavna. Yuvraaj holds Rishi’s hand and gets angry. He says Suhani will make Bhavna drink water.

Golu cries. Lata says I will take Anant. Sudha says no, Amit will be with me. Pratima tries consoling Sudha. Pratima says Anant is hungry, I will give him back after Bhavna feeds him. Pratima gives Golu to Bhavna. Rishi tells Sudha that Anant is their Amit now, Bhavna is not caring for him now. Bhavna sits in shock.

Sudha asks Suhani why did she take Amit from her and runs with Anant. She shuts the door. Everyone ask Sudha to open the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god what a sad episode ??

  2. sandra s thannickal

    Ooo..poor bhavna and anant.plz sharad bhayya marry Bhavana

  3. Oru good newskku ivlo periya bad news ah end ipadi koduma pandraru director

    1. Hai I’m also Tamil neenga entha oru

  4. Oru good news kku ivlo periya bad news ah en intha director ipadi pandraru

  5. Nice epi!
    I think they will all say Bhavna and Rishi should marry but some how Yuvraj will manage.Bhavna will marry Sharad or someone else.

  6. This episode was very sad and what about bhavna all are know the truth about rishi.

  7. Very sad episode. serial Voda vaikradka yella panaranga. I think bhavana should marry Sharad. Love yuvani. love Rajashri Rani

    1. Hey neenga Ella Tamil naanum thaan guys?

  8. i m also tamil fan of suhani

  9. lot of tamil fans in ssel. i am also tamil.iam from thirunelveli.

  10. sandra s thannickal

    not only tamil fan but a malayalam fan also.i’m from kerala.

  11. Where is today’s episode?????

    Is there any Telugu viewers here?????

  12. I am also tamil fan of SSEL

  13. why are the directors and yuvraj trying to hide the bad nature and intentions of the creep Rishi He should be named and shamed and put behind the bars. You are giving a wrong message to girls undergoing s*xual assault. Please correct your serial. Teach a really difficult lesson to Dadi, the most irritating Rags and Menka. Enough

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