Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima saying Suhani can’t do this. Dadi asks Pratima not to defend Suhani. Dadi says Suhani did this to take revenge from her and get her insulted. Suhani says I m not that bad to insult the girls, I did not do anything. Dadi says I know why you did this and does not believe Suhani. She goes. Suhani tells Pratima that she did not do this. Pratima asks Suhani to think of the big thing. The lady says Chandrakala has asked right question according to the generation, and she did not hesitate to ask this to her own granddaughter. Saiyyam gets some metal block and takes it. Rags starts the next round, that’s talent round.

A girl sings Tinka tinka…. Everyone clap. Krishna goes to washroom. Yuvani goes to Krishna’s room and says I won’t let you snatch my dream,

I will win this competition today, as I m practicing since years. She cuts the back zip of Krishna’s dress and damages it. Krishna comes. Yuvani hides the scissor. She asks do you have wet tissues, my packet got over. Krishna says yes, and gives her. Yuvani asks her to get ready soon, else it will be late. She goes.

Rags says next performance will be of Yuvani and Krishna, they will have dance jugalbandi. Yuvani and Krishna come on the stage. Everyone clap. Yuvani gets shocked seeing Krishna wearing another dress. She asks Krishna about her dress. Krishna says yes, but I got to know you are wearing saree, so I have worn lehenga choli. Rags says Krishna will perform first. Yuvani has a blade and smiles.

Krishna and Yuvani begin the dance face off round. Yuvani opens/cuts Krishna’s dress back string while dancing. Krishna overshadows Yuvani by her dancing talent. Saiyyam looks at the stage as he has done something t make stage fall. Everyone clap. Saiyyam looks under the stage. Pratima says Suhani, this was really needed for Krishna. Yuvaan says we will take 5mins break and come back. Everyone leave from there. Saiyyam checks the stage.

Krishna looks for her ring. Saiyyam steps ahead and steps on the broken stage. He falls down over Krishna and holds her. Krishna’s back string chain breaks and Saiyyam holds her to help and string it back. Suhani comes and shouts Saiyyam. The power comes. Saiyyam says you are mistaken, its nothing like that. Suhani slaps him hard. Yuvaan and everyone come. Yuvaan covers Krishna by his jacket. Suhani stops Yuvaan from beating Saiyyam. She scolds Saiyyam and says I knew you have anger and you are ill mannered, I did not think you can fall so low, your mum did not teach you to respect women, get out of here. Saiyyam goes. He gets angry and hits the punching bag.

He says Suhani said right, my mum did not teach me anything, upbringing, love, respect, people, relations, she left me in an orphanage, so I have become an orphan, but I know where is my mum and family. He gets angry and says yes Suhani Birla, you gave birth to me and left me in orphanage to die, but I knew everything about me, you did not worry for me ever, why are you saying me about upbringing and values, you did not do duty of becoming a mother. He says this is not my mistake and beats punching bag.

Saiyyam drives somewhere. He gets angry and stops his bike. He says you ruined my life, you did not wish to see my face, now I m infront of you always, I will make that stranger man out of your life for whom you rejected my Papa. He angrily throws mirrors and breaks, and talks to the little boy selling mirrors at the road side. He takes water and drinks. He pays the money to the boy. He asks the boy to go school and study, no need to do labor work, you don’t need anyone, I was raised alone, without parents, you will also be raised same way.

Krishna tells Suhani that Saiyyam was helping her. Suhani asks what. Yuvaan says Krishna would be lying as she did not take a stand for herself. Krishna says no, he was really helping me when my dress chain broke out, why will I defend that devil if he was wrong, trust me I m saying truth. She holds his hand. Dadi comes and gets angry seeing them. She asks them to stop it, people are talking about it. Suhani tells about Krishna’s dress. Yuvani says thank God, nothing bad happened with Krishna, come we will go, result will be announced, if you lose, then blame the chain that it broke. Dadi asks Yuvaan to come with her. Suhani feels bad to slap Saiyyam and saying bad about his mum. Pratima says anyone would have thought so, apologize to him when he comes.

Rags asks all judges to come on stage. Dadi sees the winner and is about to declare.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So saiyyam is Suhani and sambhav’s son. But obviously, Suhani again doesn’t know. Is this track going to go same way as sambhav’s track? Once again dadi hid this and blaming Suhani.

  2. I wonder if the winner is Krishna or someone else. That would serve yuvani right for trying to embarrass Krishna by damaging her dress.

  3. This is the end of yuvani for me today’s
    episode confirmed that saiyyam is subhav son
    From today onwards I will never watch this serial

  4. It’ll be the worst… If they will show saiyyam as Subhav son…. He should be son of yuvani…. Y they r showing all nonsense…. First rape was the worst part in the serial… According to the CVS, if yuvraj comes then saiyyam will make problems according to the way today’s episode …. Stupid writer…. Don’t know what 2 write,how 2 write… All nonsense

  5. How can saiyyam be suhanis son????

    Even if he is, then he should be 15yrs old as the leap was 15yrs. He is ment to be 6yrs younger than krishna. Yuvaani and yuvaan but looks the same age.

    What have the writers done to this drama. X

    1. Exactly! He’s supposed to be a kid. How in the hell is he so old?

      1. I think…. Saiyyam mind is filled against suhani…. To take revenge from her…. Coz he must b young than other kids….. Something is der…. He may not b suhani son….

  6. So saiyyam is sambhav son

  7. If Siyyam is Sambav son, What should be his age, how come they show his age similar to Yuvaan, Yuvaani and krishna.. Hope writers show some sense in the matter

    1. I sooo agree with you. Its stupid, I thought I was the only one banging my head on this story line. So stupid.

  8. Awww krishna and saiyamm???aur dikhao aur dikhao??

  9. I guess she is not molested that day…instead of dat he took DNA samples from her and opted for surrogacy…he just pretended like molestation happened….so even she is unaware of that child….somrone made saiyyam against suhani and raising him for revenge….i know THIS wont happen for sure?

    1. How u know…??? But I wish ur words come true…. no one wish to watch that crap…. if he his subhav nishani

      1. Its just a guess?

    2. If that’s the case then Saiyyam should be 15yrs old as that incident took place before she killed sambhav. But their showing him as the same age as yuvaan, yuvaani and Krishna.

  10. Guys I have not seen for 2months what happened where is yuvraj sambhav Sowmya menka bhavna golu sharad

    1. Yuvraaj is in jail (dont know why, they haven’t showed his face as of yet).
      Soumya dead. Sambhav shot soumya (he was gona shoot suhani, but soumya came in the way)
      Suhani burnt Sambhav alive as he raped her. The 15yr leap happened in the same episode.
      Now suhanis child has popped up, who is the same age as the other kids.
      Which is impossible.

  11. I can’t believe is saiyam is syhani’s son. From tomorrow onwards i won’t watch this show.

  12. Guys no doubt writers lost their sense.first rape on suhani n now saiyyam subhav son making ssel a worst show.old ssel episodes of yuvani love n romance r life of ssel.theonly good news is sahils re entry will be soon.and we are going to see our yuvani/saraj moments back whatever happens to suhani yuvraj will be with her forever.and devil dadi rags n saiyyam plans against yuvani they get close that much i think u remember sowmya barbies time so guys just chill n enjoy up coming track of our yuvani .how many of u agree to this answer me

    1. I definitely agree with you. They’ve turned this serial into a joke. Doesn’t make any sense.

      Just glad saahil is back.

      1. Is sahil coming back to ssel?How do you know?Please reply me.

  13. how can a mum give birth and not knowing about it, how please tell me was she dead when she gave birth what nonsense

    1. rekha vaghela

      May b dadi hide saiyam from Suhani like she did during yuvani. This is ssel anything can happen here

  14. Also, in today’s episode saiyyam states that suhani left his dad for a strange man, how would he know this if he was in orphanage all this time.

    The writers seriously need to sort this out.

  15. @bhargavi and Geeta I agree, maybe someone is raising him if he’s not suhani’s son, maybe Barbie is. Maybe he’s been told all bad things just for revenge. Guess we’ll only know once the precap before leap is shown. But yes yuvraj will be with Suhani whatever dadi or rags etc do. How can yuvani do what she did, at the end of the day it’s a competition. Hope Suhani punishes her if she finds out.

  16. Omg saiyyam is suhani son n like always she doesn’t remember him i think they should look into his background

  17. rekha vaghela

    OK so the writers r bit lost. Saiyam grew full fledged being and orphan. Dadi hide another baby of Suhani from her. From nowhere it seems like yuvani is suhani’s daughter. She is like soumya and Krishna is like Suhani. May b soumya had changed the babies so that her daughter get more love than suhani’s daughter and Krishna is really suhani’s daughter. She is much more like Suhani than that yuvani. And yuvan god knows wat is his role. Yuvraj is in jail and none of his children knows about him. And from where did saiyam came to know that his mother is Suhani and became rich at 15yrs of age?? Didnt he search how his dad died and wat were police records said about him?? Murdering soumya!! Kidnapiing yuvan and raping Suhani. Did rape matter against smbhav was never mentiond in his list of crimes. Stupid writer. I used to love this serial when it began but right now it is the shittiest serial ever know. Thank good I stopped watching it since Krishna died

  18. I will comment that my news came correct as I told you earlier that Saiyyam is Sambhav son born out of Rape and I think yuvraj has left the show.He was in jail cause he took the blame of Suhani who killed sambhav by Fire out of guilt since he was not able to save his wife on time

  19. This is really crappy.. This show has really gone down. They better make some sense out of this. The writers have no vision for this show. Why show yuvani as a replica of rags. How come they don’t remember their dad. Sambhav and suhani son is as old as yuvani and yuvan.. Where did sharad , golu and bhavna go along with suhanis parents.. Who is in the Rocking chair? This show needs to start making sense..

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