Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Yuvraaj that they are cheap people, who did not touch her feet. Yuvraaj says they will not touch your feet. Dadi asks why, will their waist break or nose gets rubbed. Lata says we have greeted you with love, which is same as touching feet. Dadi scolds her and goes. Pankaj asks Lata why did she say such. Lata asys did you not see what she said, I did right. Yuvraaj apologizes to them from Dadi’s side. Suhani and Yuvraaj tell about Dadi’s condition to Pankaj and Lata.

Pankaj says he missed them so came to meet. Sharad says great. Lata tells Bhavna and Suhani that Aditya is coming. They get glad. Yuvraaj asks who is he. Suhani says my Mausi’s son. Yuvraaj teases Suhani and Gauri for cheating. Gauri sweetly fights with Yuvraaj. Lata asks is she

Yuvraaj’s cousin sister. Suhani says no, I told you in birthday party, we met her in Suhagi. Rags tells them that Mili is going tomorrow permanently, and asks Mili to do packing. Lata says we will leave. She hugs Bhavna and Suhani.

Yuvraaj goes to Gauri and asks why is she packing. She says I have to go. He throws the bag and says we will play today. She says fine, only masti, no packing. Suhani keeps an eye on Dadi. Dadi talks to someone and says I will open the door. Suhani asks Bhavna to go out. Bhavna sees Dadi paying the man and taking something. Bhavna asks who is it. The man says he met to meet Chandrakala and give this injection, it has effect till 2 years. Dadi goes to rest. Bhavna tells Suhani that she is Dadi right now, not Sunanda. Suhani says I also feel same. Yuvraaj and Gauri play carom. Gauri wins and is glad. He asks her to give queen. She cheats. He says you cheated. She calls him Vyu… He pulls her ears and tickles her. She beats him. They laugh. Pratima sees them and cries, wishing Lord to do some magic, Lord give my daughter back.

Dadi takes injection, and Suhani stops her. Dadi scolds her. Suhani says you can’t use this injection. Dadi asks her who is she to stop her, don’t forget her status. Everyone come there. Dadi asks Pratima to take Suhani out. Anuj asks did Dadi get fine. Saurabh says I feel the same. Pratima asks Suhani what is the matter. Suhani says Dadi is taking botox injection. Rags says so what, you told about her wrinkles. Suhani reminds what happened when Dadi mixed her and Mili’s medicines, it won’t be fine if Dadi takes injection. Dadi says you are not doctor. Suhani says even you aren’t doctor. Dadi shouts don’t answer me. Suhani says I mean we can ask doctor about taking botox. Saurabh agrees and asks Anuj to call doctor.

Anuj calls doctor and asks him can Dadi take botox along medication. He puts it on speaker. The doctor says botox will be harmful for her health. Anuj thanks him and ends call. Saurabh says sorry Dadi. Suhani says she will remove all these things from here, else Dadi can take botox. Dadi asks does she know about it. Suhani says sorry, I m not a doctor, I have to do what doctor says. Dadi angrily throws injection. Suhani takes the box and leaves. Everyone leave from Dadi’s room.

Dadi confronts Suhani. Suhani says you were acting to lose memory and this illness to hide Gauri’s truth. Dadi says I m Chandrakala Birla, I can’t lose so soon, I have ruined your DNA report. Suhani says I m sure you are behind the wrong report. Dadi says I want to save my home, why do you want Mili our daughter, did she promise you to give share of her property, we are not related to her. Suhani says I will prove it, I will tell Yuvraaj to do another test. Yuvraaj comes and says no need for test.

Mili cries. Rags asks Ramesh to take her bag, Mili has to leave. Pratima cries. Rags says Yuvraaj told to send Mili. Mili says I don’t want to go, and holds Pratima’s saree. Rags drags Mili. Pratima cries taking Mili’s teddy. Suhani says Yuvraaj, don’t be in hurry, give Mili another chance. Dadi says stop nonsense Suhani, Yuvraaj and Mili are not related. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she doing this, what is her benefit. Dadi says she has some benefit, ask her. Rags says Suhani just wants to dominate. Yuvraaj says fine, we will solve everything today. Rags says we are sending Mili to ashram, I m sure everything will be fine after she goes, this is our house, not any ashram, that Suhani brings anyone, now Mili has to go, Yuvraaj move from the way…. Everyone look on. Yuvraaj does not move. Rags asks why is he going against his own words, move now. Dadi stops Rags. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed and says Dadi, if you don’t want anything now, I will really break. You did not leave any option for me Dadi. He sees Mili and cries. Dadi gets puzzled.

Yuvraaj tells Gauri that he won’t let her become weak, we all are with you. Saurabh asks what are you saying Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says she is not Mili, she is Gauri. Suhani smiles happily. Pratima cries and sees Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for tmrw episode

  2. I am really happy 4 today epi………the truth is out now…… devil dadi hahahaha…..i hate this old lady 4 the first day i have seen her in the show………….hate her really hate her as chandrakala birla….

  3. I wish it should cme true.

  4. After a long time yuvraj came to know the truth of dadi…wow super

  5. Thnk gd. Finally d truth revealed

  6. Ausumn

  7. Idiot dadis truth is revealed finally evil

  8. they really need to bring back the old sarubh!!

  9. Where is menka guys?? I haven’t seen her for such a long time??

  10. Dadi is traped…….Wow what a smart move by yuvraj. ……

  11. Gud epi.I think aditya become pair to gauri.

  12. Loveddddd it

  13. Nice episode

  14. If they make everyone forgive Dadi, they need a whack in their head…she destroyed their family and not amount of BS excuse she come up with should validate what she did for be forgiven…Rags need to be taught a lesson by the daughter of the house now..she should make her serve her lol

  15. Yes finally he sees

  16. finally truth is coming out so excited and a good episode:-)

  17. better now yuvraaj took guari and his hair sample for dna test

  18. pratiksha vishwas

    nice episode………..dadi gets punished for this.

  19. Sprb episode atlast gouri saved youraj u r grt

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