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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj being annoyed with Suhani. She stands far and is upset. Spumya joins them. Dadi smiles. Menka compliments Soumya and everyone. Anuj jokes on her. Suhani comes to her room and cries. Snoopi comes and plays around. She talks to Snoopi and tells her that she did not change the medicines. She says she gave right medicine to mum, and don’t know how did this happen. Yuvraaj comes to the room. She tells him she did not have food and he does not need to go. She asks him to be here and she will go. She takes her pillow. He stops her and says no need to go anywhere, don’t increase the scene. She says she will sleep on sofa and not trouble him. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Suhani comes to see Pratima and cries. She sits near her bed. Pratima wakes up and

blesses her. She says she is not annoyed with her. She says she can’t see her mistake. Suhani says no, I should have given you medicine by my hand. Pratima asks why did she trust Menka in this. Suhani thinks about Dadi’s words and doubts on her. Suhani goes. Radhe meets Rakhi and flirts with her. Krishna sees them together and gets angry. Krishna scolds Radhe and asks Rakhi to come with him. Radhe comes in between and Krishna pushes him. Rakhi gets angry on Krishna and taunts him on Soumya leaving him. Krishna gets upset and thinks.

Suhani comes to the dinner table and sees Menka going. Menka smiles and acts sweet. Dadi comes with Rags as Suhani arranges the food. Dadi asks Suhani to make up to Yuvraaj. Menka and Rags gets puzzled hearing this. Suhani says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Dadi says its part of her plan and just watch. Yuvraaj comes and greets everyone good morning. Suhani sees him ad tries to talk. Dadi signs her. Suhani nods yes and initiates a talk, asking Yuvraaj is he really annoyed now, and she did not know about the medicines. He says just shut up. Soumya says why are you talking to her like this, she did not do this purposely and she can never do this.

Yuvraaj says mum’s life was in risk because of her, thank God you were there, else….. He asks Ramesh to get food for him in room and leaves. Dadi smiles. Suhani cries and joins the gifts which Yuvraaj has broken. She gets Pratima’s medicine under the sofa and is shocked. She thinks she gave it to Dadi. She thinks did Menka do this for Dadi. She goes to Menka and hides the medicines. Menka asks her what is the matter. Suhani asks her about the medicines. Menka says we are best friends and how can you accuse me, its your mistake. Suhani says fine, police will find it now. Menka is scared and asks why. Suhani says how did the medicine come in my room, it means someone has kept it and police will find her. Menka gets tensed.

She thinks what to do, police and Dadi. Suhani asks does she have to say anything, and goes to call police. Menka stops her and says about Dadi’s plan and she kept the medicine on her saying. Suhani asks but why. Menka says she does not know. She says she is puppet for Dadi and don’t call police now. Suhani says if she is scared to go jail, then how did she risk Pratima’s life. Menka says sorry and pleads to forgive her. Suhani scolds her. She stops Yuvraaj and tells she knows who changed the medicines. Yuvraaj names everyone and says then Dadi. Suhani nods at Dadi and he is shocked.

Yuvraaj tells Dadi that Suhani is saying she gave wrong medicines to mum. Dadi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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