Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh telling Yuvaan about their family trophy which the winner gets. Yuvaan goes happily. Sharad tells Saurabh that I m sure Yuvaan will convince everyone for the game, afterall he is Suhani’s son. Yuvaan goes to Krishna and Yuvani to convince them for the game. Yuvani refuses. Yuvaan says we both will talk to you if you play with us. Yuvani agrees and says I will talk to Papa. Suhani comes to them. The kids ask her to play Kho Kho. Suhani agrees and says we will make everyone and make two teams, Soumya is master in that game. The girls ask how does she know. Suhani says it looks so by seeing her. Yuvraaj comes and kids ask him to play. Yuvraaj refuses. The girls call him stubborn. Suhani smiles. He asks why is she smiling, teach kids. She says I can’t teach them

to lie, come kids.

Yuvaan says I want trophy. Sharad says I have an idea….. Rags asks Leela how did she get parlor’s 1500rs receipt. Leela says it was not mine, it was of Menka. Rags asks what was it doing in your purse, its okay, I thought I will give you tip if you had any info for me. Leela smiles seeing notes and says Menka got parlor appointment for me and gave money. Rags asks why will Menka do this. Leela says I did her work. Rags asks what work, first give all info and then you will get money.

Yuvani and Krishna ask Suhani to make Chinese lantern. Suhani looks at them and the girls tell her that Yuvraaj gets Chinese lantern when they are sad. Suhani thinks does Yuvraaj still remember it. She cries recalling him Yuvraaj comes there. Suhani makes excuse that something went in her eyes. Krishna and Yuvani ask Yuvraaj to open the gum bottle. Suhani says I will manage, I don’t want to trouble anyone. Yuvani says Papa is strong. Suhani says I m strong too and tries. Yuvraaj smiles and calls her stubborn. She tries and could not open. Yuvraaj sits to try then and opens the box. She asks him to leave the box. The glue gets on their hands and their hands stick. She says my hand stuck, gum is very strong. They argue. Yuvani goes and calls Soumya. Soumya comes with warm water. She asks them to put hands in it, glue will get removed. Suhani and Yuvraaj dip hands in water. Saware…..plays………… The glue gets removed. He leaves.

Soumya says I told you Suhani to keep a teacher. Suhani says it was because of gum, I will be careful. Yuvraaj goes to Yuvaan and asks what happened. Sharad and Saurabh hide. Yuvaan says I had dream to spend summer vacation with big family, but my dream did not get fulfill, I also want to win family trophy. Yuvraaj agrees to play kho kho with him. Yuvaan hugs him. Yuvraaj says come, we will go and get everyone. Saurabh asks Sharad did you teach this to Yuvaan. Sharad says a bit, Yuvaan always wanted a big family, I want he has also such memories and stories which he can tell his friends, this is because of you, thanks. Saurabh says whats there to thank, I also want Yuvraaj and Suhani to get together, lets see what happens by this game.

Everyone sit to make teams. Rags and Dadi suggest Yuvraaj and Suhani to be captains. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj and Suhani to choose their teams. Yuvraaj chooses Yuvaan. Suhani chooses Yuvani. The teams are made. Menka says I m in Suhani’s team, Suhani always wins. Yuvraaj says no Menka, this won’t happen. Suhani says we will see.

The teams get ready. Dadi says I don’t have to do anything with this and goes away. Pratima asks the captains to come for toss. She tosses and Yuvraaj wins the toss. Yuvraaj says we will chase first. Suhani says fine. Pratima smiles. Saurabh and Rags argue. Sharad suggests to keep some boundary for children’s safety. Yuvaan is sad and tells Yuvraaj that he has to win this game. Yuvraaj says I don’t know this game. Yuvaan says don’t lie, you are hero and hero always win, we will lose if you don’t end well. Yuvraaj says I promise you won’t lose, you will have trophy in your hand. Yuvaan thanks him and hugs. Suhani looks on. Yuvaan says I love you uncle.

Dadi makes Yuvani wear a cap and gives her sunscreen. Sharad goes from Suhani’s team. Baaton me ho khubsurti…… plays…. Yuvaan says Guru I will catch you. Sharad stops. Yuvaan catches him. Yuvraaj asks what did Yuvaan say. Sharad says he heard me talking to Suhani about you, so he likes the word Guru and calls me. Yuvaan says Sharad is my friend and Mama, so I call him Guru. Rags and Menka fight during the same. Everyone smile.

Suhani sees Yuvraaj slipping and tries to hold him. Saware….. plays…………She falls over him. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Speedy update amena di..

  2. Waiting for the saawre.. :* :*

  3. This is boring :-[

  4. Tanq for d quick update

  5. I think soumya should leave them alone now. If she is a true friend than she should let suhani live her life. If u want krishna’s life to be settled tha go to ur moms home. She’s rich right?? And she will surely find a good guy for soumya. I think u should leave yuvani and their kids alone now!!!! BYEBYE SOUMYA

    1. You are still right!!!!!!

  6. krishna vl b the reason who vl take YuvAni closer… and that must be the great lesson to soumya..


  8. krishnai aka ww

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    I had created a poll for favourite jodi and serial in star plus. Pls do vote for ur favourite

    Link for it:

  9. yuvi and suhani nokjok was really awsome.. the glue was patch up their hands …. on that tym somwya ill came.. ha..ha..ha..
    sowmya its all fate u didnt change anything fr suhani and yuvi…
    and one more thing if sambhav is there na.. defintly yuvi ill jealous to seeing subhav together
    if it happens na. am happy with that

    1. I would love to see that..
      Like subhav dancing in a party, and yuvi standing at a distance, watching them and feeling jealous..
      Or subhav having dinner in a restaurant and yuvi sees them..

    2. And the best one will be Sambhav proposing Suhani infront of Birlas or at least Yuvi, and she accepts it..

  10. Not at all interesting. Same old track. Getting bored

  11. Boring since yuvraj came back

  12. It all back to square one again, oh how boring. Let me see the writers going to get them back together again, because all Indian women like to be mental abuse, or should be abused. This is what is going to happen. Suhani is going to be weak again, and all of you are fine with that. This what you are teaching your children. Brilliant!

    1. I totally agree with you, I have many shows that show women been mentally abused by her inlaws or husband. How can any decent woman tolerate such abuse is beyond my comprehension but I hope the director of the show to atleast make the women strong, brave and bold who can stand for themselves.

  13. Who likes this searial

  14. Guys m not watching this show from the very beginning, like how yuvani met and all.. Is there any site from where i can DOWNLOAD THE OLD EPIS??

  15. Now the Yuvraj has returned surely he should blast Dadi…but no..he wants his cake and eat it self centred and disgusting..would he like it if Suhani was with another man he would have a fit.Bring in Sambhav to prove to Birlas that Suhani can be another man…Suhani if you know Soumya well than can’t you tell from her face that she doesn’t like yoh and Yuvraj can’t be for her dtr sake cos Birkas leave her dtr out many times..why she can stand that..its all about life..and you people are saying oh she is dojng for her dtr sake..what rubbish..plenty of single parent go out to earn a respectable living.Shame on the name of friendship.Egoist Yuvraj stop be me me and me and love others and for once blame yourself.Saurabh come on and bring on some sense…kick Rags out..banish Dadi and show Soumya her place..away from Birla house.

  16. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Somebody from the CVS give me that glue please….i want to stick Dadi, Menka, Rags and Soumya together and also want to stick their mouths!!! LOL … wonder which glue is it????

    The writers do not know what they want to show….one episode they are angry and break all relations in other they do nokjok and then now they want to get close….really?????? They are just showing Yuvani scenes forcefully to regain their audience and TRP…..story line has no importance for them???? Please think logically and do what the story demands and not what will get you TRPs easily….a good story will get the TRP in real sense!!!

    1. Well said # unite subhav. …….

  17. I think it’s getting boring now.They should have ended the programme. It is dragging on for too long.And I hope you are not going to drag it till next year!
    It is like we are going around in circle,Soumya has always being a gold digger and Yuvraaj makes harsh decision when he is angry,if he has sworn in front of God to severe ties with Suhaani then can she go back to him again?
    This is getting childish now.Please the producer or writer should do their homework very well.

  18. How can every thing be ok after 7 long years…and now they are playing happy families..kho kho..what crap..for the sake of the children…you rich people don’t know that you are born..what crap.Tell me if you were poor would you be playing kho kho..or be going earning a living and with self respect try to amend 7 years of broken relationship.Rich Birla..brainless twits and now writers are turning Shuhani into a weak helpless woman..Why???? Stop running this useless serial.

  19. You are absolutely RIGHT about the glue. LOL 😀
    What I don’t understand is, Yuvraj had told Suhani that she no longer a Birla. He has mocked her father name, she still has feelings for him. He made it sounds that not being a Birla is a bad thing. Where did the writers gave her father respect. I thought being Indians is all about respecting families value. There is the Birla family value, but where is Suhani father name value. If it was me, my ex husband did mock my father once and only once, I slap him across his fat ugly face, and told him that I am proud to carry my father name and left him for good. There is Suhani shameless staying at the Birla family house.

  20. bilkul besharam hai yeh Suhani. itna sun ke bhi uthar hi reh gayi. hotel mein jaa ke rehti ya wapas ghar jaati aur woh yuvraj Lucknow jaa ke yuvan ko milta, par nahi. air aise behave kar rahi hai jaise much hua hi nahi. jisse khud ki respect nahi to aur kon respect dega usse. kya yuvraj-suhani ki ratt lagatein hai sab. yeh ek dusre ke liye bilkul galat hai. yuvraj ko rehne do USS soumya ke saath, jiski usse itni kadar aur respect hai. suhani akeli rahe ya kissi aur ke saath. iss ghar mein kabhi bhi usse koi samman nahi milega. aur yeh pratima kitni khudgarz aur bewakuf aurat hai. ek to soumya ko protsahit karti hai, kehti hai koi shaq nahi ke woh kitni achhi hai, kitna kiya hai, ghar ki bahu hai, phir suhani ko bachon ka vaasta de ke iss daldal mein phasati hai.

  21. i don’t understand this story…. after the leap they showed Suhani as a strong independent women with her own business. now shes getting sucked into this ungrateful family again.
    what happening with her company now?
    Are they going to leave Sharad’s wife and kid at the other house?
    Is Suhani going to stay at the Brial house forever now?
    we can all see that Yuvraaj loves Suhani … but is he ever going to accept it? and forget the past, start over? and if he does what will happen to Somu… what will they tell the kids…
    Its all a mess….

  22. Yes it is all well said, but what about Dadi, is she not getting punishment. I hate Yuvraj for this, but I blame the writers more. The all Indian TV company like to make good woman weak, and bad women strong. Why is that? I am a divorce woman, who is getting married again. Is that a bad thing, I have a daughter with my first ex husband. Is it all right for Yuvraj to have 3 wife’s. Why can’t the writers make it all right to move on. Is it the writers or the actor’s.

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